Odys Global Announces Domain Due-Diligence As A Service (DDAAS)

Odys Global
8th of March 2024

Tallinn, Estonia

In-depth, pragmatic, and strict due-diligence has been at the core of our competitive advantage as a domaining company from day one. We never invested in inventory that might have been abused historically, nor did we ever compromise on the quality of domains submitted by sellers via our Sell Your Domains (SYD) program. In fact, when we applied our due diligence criteria to the inventory owned and sold by competitors, we discovered only 0.14% would pass our rigorous vetting process.

Active trademarks, different forms of spam, defaced or repurposed websites, email abuse, previous search engine penalties are just a few of the red flags which we actively look for in domains (and as of recently – websites), to mitigate all possible risks for our buyers. This has ended up being a major contribution to our success for the past 10 years, even before Odys Global launched its first marketplace.

The core-algorithm update announced by Google on the 5th of March 2024 once again emphasizes the importance of avoiding compromises when it comes to vetting the quality of a domain or website. Investors seeking to launch new brands, kickstart or increase online visibility by acquiring existing websites or aged domains related to their industry need to understand that a domain is no longer just a name and that there are hidden threats, which the untrained eye cannot easily spot.

Given most quality and premium domains in existence belong to the aftermarket and taking into account Google is now considering certain domain and website repurposing as spam, there’s a big risk the market will soon be flooded with penalized inventory. Investors need to actively be on the lookout for these as buying affected domains can generate a lot of negative effects and harm a website’s reputation, both in the short and long run.

Aligned with the company’s mission and values is the objective of helping online entrepreneurs make better domain investment decisions by clearly separating quality aftermarket domains and websites from the ones with bad reputation. Having managed to perform this successfully throughout the years, we believe Odys, as a company, has one of the best due diligence processes for aged and aftermarket domains, as well as websites built on these.

Today, we’re announcing the launch of Domain Due Diligence As A Service (DDAAS) to help investors seeking to buy aftermarket domains or websites make better decisions, even if their purchase of choice is not listed for sale in the Odys marketplace. This service comes in need given the demand for a better quality assessment of aged domains and websites and Google’s emphasis on existing expired domain abuse.

For just $499 USD you can now have Odys rigorously vet any aftermarket, expired, aged, dropped, pre-owned domain name acquisition, so that you end up making a better decision as an investor and therefore mitigate 99.9% of the associated risks.

Click here to place your order today or contact us to get a quote for a bulk order.

If you’re a registrar, domaining company, or domain investor, please email us at [email protected] to discuss a potential partnership.

Odys Global Founder and CEO

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