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Google-Proof Your Website with
an In-Depth EEAT Audit

Help search engines understand you have experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness
so you can withstand major algorithm updates and bypass manual reviewers.

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Why an EEAT SEO Audit from Odys?

Our EEAT SEO Audit will help uncover over 30 trust related factors your website is missing and help you avoid the very common author transparency penalty which occurs when a manual reviewer visits your website.

  • Author transparency
  • Brand/author SERP
  • 5+ policy pages
  • 12+ technical pages
  • Accreditations/awards
  • Social reputation
  • Extra: link toxicity score
  • +25 Google EEAT trust factors

Odys EEAT Audit

Author transparency

Brand/author SERP

5+ policy pages

12+ technical pages


Social reputation

Extra: link toxicity score

+25 Google EEAT trust factors

Your Website

Author transparency

Brand/author SERP

5+ policy pages

12+ technical pages


Social reputation

Extra: link toxicity score

+25 Google EEAT trust factors

EEAT Audit


How Does it Work?

Making your website Google-proof is as easy as purchasing the audit and then implementing the required changes, or hiring us to do it in order to save time.


Order the EEAT Audit

Invest in THE most important audit your website will ever get and Google-proof it against future algo updates and manual reviews.

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We Review Your Website

Have us review your website’s EEAT based on the continually updated Google guidelines.

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We Deliver the Report

Receive a comprehensive 30+ pages pdf report and personalized video talking about all the improvements your website needs to be immune to EEAT related penalties.

What are the Options?

If just starting out, we recommend getting the EEAT audit so you have a clear understanding of what your website is missing.
If you already had the audit done, we can help implement all the required improvements.

EEAT Audit
What’s included:
  • In-depth website review
  • Comprehensive report
  • Personalized video
  • 20+ pages report
  • Expert assistance
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EEAT Implementation

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What’s included:
  • Turn-key solution
  • Focus on EEAT gaps
  • Personalized strategy
  • Results oriented
  • Ongoing assistance
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Why Odys

Unbeatable service level

Our EEAT SEO Audit is so good you won’t ever need to hire anyone else to do it. Guaranteed.

Friendly & Responsive Staff

Attention to detail and response times are part of the Odys culture. And we’re sharing that with all our members.

Dedicated Mentors

Once approved, you get a dedicated mentor by your side, available via email, chat, or phone.

Technical SEO Expertise

301 redirects, WordPress setup, DB migrations, speed optimization, website audits - we speak that language.

Discovery/Strategy Calls

Always eager to provide a virtual tour of the marketplace or validate your website idea during a strategy call.

24/7 Assistance

Most inquiries are replied in under 10 minutes. We do perceive time as the most valuable asset you have.

Private Discord Community

Once approved, you get access to our private Discord server - #YourNetworkIsYourNetWorth

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Craig T

I had been wanting to buy from ODYS for a long time. I was just used to using old, outdated methods. This was so much easier. The customer service I got was next level. And the ease of getting my sites was shocking. I kept waiting for something to go wrong or to catch a snag on one of the steps. But I never did. I will be using ODYS more in the future without question.

Chris Puglisi

I recently purchased two premium aged domains from Odys and could not be happier with the level of service I've received from the Odys team. They have been incredible responsive and helpful throughout the entire process so far, and continue to help me with both strategic and technical questions from initial transfer and setup to strategy on building the websites out. It's been clear since Day 1 with Odys that they are not just in the business of selling premium aged domains, they are there to help you succeed with your new domain even after the purchase. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with such a great, professional & knowledgeable team.

Jeremy Williams

Odys is my marketplace of choice for aged domains. I have built several successful sites using these domains. Better still, for sites that did not work as well as I had hoped, the founder reached out for a strategy session to help improve the sites performance and make some recommendations. The support is excellent, the interface easy to use and navigate. 5*


Very responsive to my questions pre-purchase. After the domain purchase they worked very quickly to orchestrate the transfer from the seller to me. Overall, happy with my experience and would purchase again through Odys

John Elder

Exceptional customer service from the team at Odys. They emplor and support their customers to make the best decisions.

Camille Leveque

Excellent experience. I bought my first aged domain from odys and have absolutely no regrets. When I do it again, it will be with them. The team is comprehensive, with good advice and responds very quickly, we feel accompanied and followed, it is a real pleasure. A call is even offered to review the project and receive their expertise and advice, a service with high added value.

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