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Tired of numerous link-building campaigns and not seeing any improvement in your rankings?
How does buying an expired domain from ODYS.global work?
Why is Odys.Global the best choice when It comes to expired domains for sale?

Looking for expired domains but only coming across spammy looking ones?

Let’s kickstart your website with a pre-vetted brandable expired domain with SEO value from ODYS Global.
Buying an expired domainBuying an expired domain might just be the best decision you make for your business. You get the power of an aged domain at a fraction of the cost and the time it would take to grow a fresh domain to that level. FatRank & Builder Society’s case studies using our domains have proven just that.
We give you the edgeFast movers in the industry have all the advantage and our domains help you do just that. We give you THE EDGE by offering a pre-owned niche relevant aged domain name with traffic that you can use as an unfair advantage over your competition. Save an enormous amount of time which you need to reach that authority level yourself and focus on what actually matters - scaling your business.

Search our exclusive list of expired ODYS Global domains with SEO Value

How does buying an expired domain from ODYS Global work?

Currently, ODYS is on an invite-only basis.
You can request access to the platform by filling a short form or receive an exclusive link from one of our ODYS partners.

Once you’re in, you can browse from our extensive collection of domains. All the information you need to make your purchase will be made available to you. This includes:
History of the domain
SEO metrics
(Ahref’s DR. Moz’s DA, Majestic’s TF, total number of referring domains and the best authority links money can’t buy)
Organic Traffic
Niche Potential
Monetization Angles
Market Insights
After you have made your decision, you can instantly checkout. You’re then all set to buy your expired domain.We also offer an additional 10% cashback for all purchases made via Transferwise and Wire Transfers. You can reach us on the support tab to avail the same.

Why is Odys.Global the Best Choice When It Comes to Expired Domains for Sale?

Carefully Curated Collection of Expired Domains
Finding a clean expired domain with strong relevant backlinks is tough. Finding one in a very specific niche is even tougher. We’ve tackled this problem for you.
With us, you get expired domains that:
Cater to varied industries, from pets, health, gaming, finance, beauty, law to even gambling/betting!
Have naturally gained (almost impossible to get) authoritative backlinks since they were actual businesses.
Tap into actively growing markets giving you room to scale
Are aged and out of the sandbox period by a mile.
Already have organic, referral & direct, type-in traffic
Are highly brandable - with one word & two-word domains as well.
Have graphics and branding concepts done for you.
If you have a specific niche in mind for which we do not have domains in stock, we also offer pre-order campaigns.
This ensures you have the first pick when we find recently expired domains or recent acquisitions that are a match for your needs!
Vetted Expired Domains for Sale With A Strong Link Profile
We look at quality over quantity when it comes to backlink profile.Niche relevancy is a key factor in Google’s books and it should be in yours too.Our domains contain strong links including but not limited to authoritative sites like Guardian, telegraph and established sites in their specific niches. Most of the links that our domains have are extremely rare and takes link building outreach, and an arm and a leg to get.
Exceptional domain stat scores.At the same time, our domain stats score exceptionally well across the board. Our portfolio has an average of 30 Moz DA & Ahrefs 20 with 100+ RDs.Our thumb rule is to sell domains that we would use ourselves. We perform a thorough check on the archive history for you and ensure that the domain is spam-free.
we make it simple
Easy Transition & Dedicated SupportYour aged domain with authoritative backlinks will be processed within 24 hours of you sending us your information. Then, we would initiate the transfer process to your preferred registrar. There might be associated locking period rules by the domain company.
Beyond The Expired Domain - Your Affiliate Business
You can request access to the platform by filling a short form or receive an exclusive link from one of our ODYS partners.
Setting you up for successWhen you buy expired domains from us, we set you up for success. We provide various monetization angles ranging from lead-gen, affiliate, e-commerce and so on to give you a fair idea about the niche scope.But what if you don’t have the time to do it all yourself? Don’t worry, we anticipated this. 9/10 website investors have come to us with this problem and therefore, we have designed a custom solution, specifically for our clients.
Done for you sitesWith our done-for-you sites, we tap into the extremely lucrative affiliate industry with our powerful domains with an end-goal of generating a passive income and flipping the site for 30-40x it’s monthly multiple.And we do this with the help of our affiliate website building team. Highly relevant category structure, keyword research and quality content are our key USPs. Don’t just take our word for it - we’ve had 100+ DFY sites with about 35% repeat customers.

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Search our exclusive list of expired ODYS Global domains with SEO Value