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Domains age like wine – the older the more valuable.

What Is an Expired Domain?

The phrase “expired domain” may sound repulsive and bring up negative connotations about itself. You might’ve also come across such terms as “dropped” and “deleted” domains. All three of these adjectives make an impression that expired premium domains are somehow bad. Because, why would anyone “drop” or “delete” a good domain? An “expired” product can’t be any good and is subject to being disposed of. But in reality, expired domains are an opportunity rather than a loss.

Long story short, an expired domain is a domain name that has already been registered, but wasn’t renewed (paid by the last owner) after the initial registration period expired. Simple as that.

Bob, Alice, and a domain that aged well

Let’s say Bob registered a domain for a period of 5 years – During that time, he’s been using it for his own needs, whatever they were. Bob took proper care of his site, implementing effective SEO practices, filling it with quality content, and staying away from activities that might’ve gotten his website penalized by search engines. And, over time, his domain aged well.


As 5 years passed, he decided he no longer needed the site and went on to live on his yacht somewhere in the Caribbean. Naturally, as his registration period came to an end, he decided to not renew it and leave it for good.


While Bob went on to enjoy life on his yacht near the shores of Puerto Rico, Alice decided that the time had come to create a website for her Brains Over Brutes non-profit organization. She went online to look for a suitable domain name. She needed something concise and relevant to her cause. While sifting through myriads of options, she ran across that perfectly matched the name of her organization. And – oh what luck! – it was an expired domain that was readily available for acquisition!


Although it cost some serious money, Alice recognized the opportunities the domain would open for her and her organization. Domain names, like don’t sit unattended for too long – they’re concise, easy to read, and easy to remember. So, after having a short discussion with her colleagues, Alice decided to make this fate-sealing purchase for her NPO that boosted its visibility just based on the value behind the domain name.

The value of expired domains

With expired aged domains from Odys, you're set up for success.

Ranking Higher with Age

The thing about great and concise domain names is that all of them have already been registered. Some of them are almost 40 years old with all their history of use, indexation, backlinks, etc. The better they age, the more valuable they become.

Powerful Backlink Profile

When you buy an expired domain, you get all the backlinks from authority websites it had accumulated over the years. There’s no need to invest in link-building services because they’ve already been built by the domain’s former holder or holders.

Brandable Names

You can use an expired domain as your direct brand name or in any other way that you see fit for your needs. Add this to the first lines in search results and you get a winning, highly monetizable, and viable website.

Why is Odys Global your best source of expired domains?

One crucial thing we at Odys look to transform is how the world perceives expired domains. Moreso, we’ve created a marketplace that provides our customers with not just expired, but premium aged domains. This basically means that when you buy a domain from Odys, you get the whole set of features that make it fertile soil for your business or whatever else you need it for.

When buying from our marketplace, you get domains that:

How it works
How to buy an Expired Domain from Odys Global?

Request Access

Odys is essentially an invite-only marketplace. To get access to the platform, you should fill out a short form to request it or get an exclusive link from one of Odys’ partners. Make sure to provide relevant and actual information and your request will be approved shortly upon submission.

Swing Open the Doors

As soon as you get approved, you get access to our entire expired domain collection. You’ll be able to see all the crucial information about each of our premium aged domains to make an informed decision, such as domain history, SEO metrics, organic traffic and monetization ideas.

Shop, Shop, Shop

After choosing a domain and placing it in the cart, you can check out right away and pay for your aged domain. Also, if you’re paying via or Wire Transfer, you’ll get 10% cashback for any of your purchases. To get more information about the cashback, you can reach us via the Support tab.

Entrepreneurs and top SEO experts rely on us to find expired domains

Most frequent questions about Expired Domains

For Google, niche relevancy is a key factor and it should be the same for you. Our domains contain strong links, including but not limited to such authoritative sites as The Guardian, The Telegraph, and multiple established websites in their respective niches. Most of the links on our aged domains are extremely rare and you won’t get anything like this without a fair amount of link building and giving an arm and a leg with a newly registered domain.

Our domain stats score exceptionally well across the board. Odys portfolio has an average of 30 Moz DA & Ahrefs 20 with 100+ RDs. Our rule of thumb is to sell domains that we would use ourselves. We perform a thorough check on the archive history for you and make certain that each expired domain is spam-free.

Your aged domain with authoritative backlinks will be processed within 24 hours of you sending us your information. Next, we’ll initiate the transfer process to your preferred registrar. Note that there might be associated locking period rules by the domain company.

Odys is the best place to buy aged domains as we offer a range of monetization options including lead generation, affiliate marketing, e-commerce and so on to provide you with an understanding of the niche scope.