Announcing the Acquisition of and the Exciting New Beginnings for Odys Spotlight with Sean Markey

juicemarket acquisition

It is with great pleasure that we announce we have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire, strengthening Odys’ position in the market for premium aged domains.

Five years ago, our goal was to transform the way you think about aged domains and their value by combining rigorous due diligence with lots of opportunities in the domaining world. Our mission remains unchanged. With this acquisition, we will be able to create services that will delight our members even more.

This is also a chance for past customers of to join a powerful like-minded community of aged domain enthusiasts and list their assets for sale on the Odys Marketplace based on our quality criteria.

As well as the acquisition itself, we’re happy to announce that Sean Markey, founder of and a well-known SEO expert, will be curating one of Odys’ exclusive projects – Odys Spotlight. Sean will provide in-depth analysis of Odys domains with actionable tips and insights. We’ll be back with our second edition of Odys Spotlight (and the first one featuring Sean Markey) soon.

Stay tuned!

Odys Global Founder and CEO

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