Odys has acquired AgileDomainSearch.com

agile domain search acquisition

Odys has acquired AgileDomainSearch.com – one of the most notable aged domains related to domain name search. The site that was previously hosted on this domain provided its users with a unique service of searching for unique domain names and verifying their availability for registration. This direction perfectly goes in line with Odys’ mission of providing clients from all over the world with highly valuable and unique domain names with a clear monetization potential.

The How and Why of AgileDomainSearch.com

AgileDomainSearch.com was registered in 2015 by JLCO Group – a global network for creative communications and idea realization based in Denmark. The site had one purpose – to look for domain names that could further be used mostly by startups that were looking for strong brandability opportunities. AgileDomainSearch.com was a rather interesting product in and of itself – it worked by combining search terms with popular suffixes and prefixes. The system also tested the availability of every combination against the database of domains that were already registered at the time.


AgileDomainSearch.com gets a new life in the talented and knowledgeable hands of Odys professionals. This is one of multiple premium aged domains that Odys has got a hold of over the years of dedicated work.

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