Yusuke’s Story: How An Odys Domain Increased His Profits

The Essentials of Running A Business Online

My name is Yusuke Kohara, from Japan. I work at an SEO agency in Osaka and have been doing SEO for around 7 years. 

I work full-time and run a couple of niche websites on the side, think of it as a side hustle.

How did I Get into online marketing?

It all started when I first ran into OMG online after searching for ways to make money online. 

I started learning about SEO through OMG; then, I subscribed to the Income School, Affiliate Lab, and Jon Dykstra’s courses.

Now I have multiple niche sites that bring me decent income every month.

Exploring Affiliate Marketing And Traffic Generation

As I said above, I ran into OMG, which started my SEO career; then, I learned how to make money with ads from Income School & Jon Dykstra. I then learned affiliate marketing from Affiliate Lab. 

Nowadays, I watch lots of Free SEO videos from YouTube.

Getting to know Odys Global

I think I discovered Odys last Oct or Nov when I watched one of Craig Campbell SEO’s YouTube videos.

Using the power of aged domains to build a website

The Black Friday deal offered by Odys was an excellent opportunity, and I took advantage of it.

I bought 2 domains from them, and they recommended using one of the domains for the 301 Acquisition method to power up the main site since these 2 domains are in the same niche (I am sorry the niche is confidential, so don’t ask).

I never knew about the 301 Acquisition method; I was told about it during the consultation from Odys via their Emails. 

And they told me to recreate old pages using the Wayback Machine. I think I built around 50 pages from it.

Oh, let me tell you. The company’s support was very helpful, and they always got back to me when I asked them questions and put me on the right path to success.

I felt so grateful to have Odys’s team as part of my business because, as I mentioned earlier, but not enough times that, they were so helpful and never left me behind!

A successful adventure with a positive return on investment

I followed their advice for monetization too. Their advice was to build an authority site that promotes products from Amazon.  

So, what I did was to publish the first post of the product review on December 24 in 2020, then I had kept publishing product reviews articles up to 120 posts until May 2021.

Then I started focusing on publishing informational articles to balance out product review articles & informational ‘s articles. 

Now my site has 255 posts, and I think product reviews makeup 185 posts and 70 informational posts.

By the way, I outsourced all my article writing. Since English is not my first language, I hired a writer who writes all my articles for this site. 

Did I ever build a link? No, I did not. I just used the power of Odys’s domain with high quality, high authority, and niche relevant backlinks profiles to outrank my competitors!

For keyword research, I used Ahrefs and found very easy rankable keywords with low competition. 

For the commercial keywords, I went for the “best ABC for XYZ” type of keyword for my product reviews. 

It turned out they worked very well for me, and most of the keywords are now ranking page 1 on Google.

Today my site now gets around 2,000 daily visitors.

How much did I make money with that site? 

(Amazon: October)

(Ezoic: October)

(Amazon: November)

(Ezoic: November)

(Amazon: This Year)


Within the first two months, I made $38 from Amazon, then last month (October), my site made $5,269, and this November, I made $3,065.

For the ads revenue, I am using Ezoic with the Premium option. This site made $2,789 last month (October), and this November, in 17 days, I made $1,745.

So in total, I made $8,058 last month and $4,810 in 17 days in November.

You can check my Amazon and Ezoic Screenshots earning below:

I plan to publish lots of informational content for a couple of low-difficulty keywords with decent traffic. 

I think it’s time for me to balance out 50/50 transactional keywords and informational keywords to decrease the risk of getting hit with a penalty from Google in the future.

I will also try to improve the sales of Amazon products. It shows only 5% to 6% for the conversion. I think there’s room for me to earn more revenue from Amazon with the same traffic. I better learn CRO now!

It’s not only about profits, but also a learning path

I have managed to learn, to trust the work I do, and stick to the blueprint outlined by the courses mentioned above. 

Having the right vehicle, i.e., good courses/mentors, and having a super-powerful domain from Odys was a shortcut to achieving a goal that gave me success within a year.

An honest review of the services provided by Odys Global

I still remember about a year ago when I bought domains from Odys. I was very nervous about spending a couple of thousand dollars on the domains. And it was a significant investment.

But I decided that even if I don’t see any results within a year, I will still keep publishing content and follow the advice Odys gave me.

And I will never give up!

After 10 months, my site now makes over $8,000 a month.

I could not achieve all of this without Odys’s support coupled with my determination.

I continued to work on my site during my commute to work, during the lunch break, and even the weekend. I continued to publish content.

These 2 elements of Odys’s domain and the hard work that I put together gave me this kind of success within such a short time frame.

After I bought the first 2 domains from Odys, I bought another domain in March or April, an SEO niche-related aged domain from Odys again for my SEO company. The intention was to create a marketing blog site. 

I used the 301 Acquisition technique that Odys suggested for that domain.

After six months, now our blog generates around 3,000 visitors a day, and I am shocked by that result because I have never seen results so quickly!

With that, if you want to change your life, I highly recommend you work with Odys.

You get a super-powerful aged domain from Odys, and you can get a free consultation with their Team.

Success is all up to your determination and how hard you work, I guess.

Lastly, I would like to thank Odys for helping me to build a successful website, and you guys gave me the confidence needed to replicate the same level of success with a new domain. I will purchase from you again!

Odys Global Founder and CEO

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