The time-saving benefits of aged domains: Mo Mullah’s story

At Odys Global, we often talk about how premium aged domains have a potential of providing any business a competitive advantage based on a number of factors embedded in them. We won’t go rambling on about our due diligence, you can always read about it right here. But no matter how much we talk about it, it’s the stories told by our members.

Mo Mullah is a professional website operator with a wide range of skills to grow profitable businesses online. He has been involved in the digital asset space since 2010 and has turned full-time into managing, growing, and scaling niche sites. He manages his own portfolio and helps clients scale their websites for maximum growth and higher multiples in his agency Niche Website Management.

The story of discovering Odys Global and never looking back

I heard about Odys a few years ago when aged domains started to pique my interest. I jumped on a call with Alex Drew, who provided a world of knowledge into how and why aged domains were being utilized to achieve faster success in growing niche websites. 

The experience before aged domains

I have a wide variety of experience building and selling niche websites but had never purchased an aged domain before signing up with Odys. Initially, it was an experiment that I was happy to invest in to see the results. This led me down the pathway to acquiring several aged domains but one of my easiest and most scalable websites has been through the Odys marketplace. 

Aged domains over new ones for site building

Having my own portfolio and owning multiple websites (some in the same niche) allowed me to have data on growth strategies and scalability metrics. The main reason that an aged domain seemed interesting to me was it removed the lengthy (and annoying) problem of waiting for new domains to come out of the google sandbox. First-hand experience on this ranged from 6 months to 12 months, so buying the correct aged domain would save me time, which is the biggest upside to owning and building on an aged domain. 

I expected from aged domains that it would take half the time it usually took to scale my websites. I envisioned that building on an aged domain would allow me to see substantial traffic within a few months, instead of over a year. 

The Odys experience

I haven’t looked at other options for aged domains on the market. After my call with Alex Drew, I was completely sold on the idea. I was lucky enough to have a 1 on 1 call with him a few years ago when Odys was still very much in its early stages. After the strategy call, I picked up my first aged domain in the DIY niche to test the process out and it was through this rinse-and-repeat process I was able to see success with all my aged domains thereafter. 

With that said, I’ve looked at other marketplaces, but have never felt as secure as when I purchase from Odys. The level of trust and security that the domain you’re buying is legitimate (even for a portfolio owner with multiple websites) is always a plus sign. 

The actual process of buying the domain is straightforward. After you’ve picked and performed your due diligence it’s simply a case of adding it to the checkout and going through the order steps. When I purchased my first domain, I was given a discount code, which was a bonus. 

My only concern was what could happen after the actual purchase. This isn’t an instantaneous process, so I wanted to know that my payment had gone through and that the process had started. Within an hour I got an email to say everything had been processed and within 24 hours the domain transfer email had been sent to me to take the next steps. 

Odys benefits

Buying an aged domain isn’t the cheapest option, so having a sense of security pre-purchase and post-purchase is important. Also, whether this is your first time, or you have purchased several aged domains, you’ll always have a few questions. This means an experienced support team is needed to fast-track the entire process. I can happily say Odys has fulfilled this criterion!  

The Odys team is very adept and swift to return support emails. Also, they have been trained to an extremely high level as they offer support to all variations of your problem, not just the one you’ve encountered. This makes the transfer and migration process seamless. Although domain transfer can always have small hiccups, you must ask as many questions throughout the process to ensure everything is completed correctly. 

Odys domains are clean. As the marketplace has been pre-vetted you be sure that when you purchase a domain it’s already been analysed by a team of experts. This is one of the biggest reasons I buy from here as opposed to other marketplaces. It cuts down the research time, which for me is the best use of my money.

Mo Mullah

Steps to take after purchasing a domain: setting Up, adding content, and promoting your website

After purchasing the domain from Odys, I added content directly onto the website. I reached out to the support team to ask if I needed to rebuild posts or pages to preserve the backlink juice and status. They promptly sent back a CSV file with the post/pages they would recommend recreating along with the reason why. 

For this purchase, I wanted to be sure the domain would have the topical relevance I sort out, so I reached out to support Pre-purchase to confirm. After I got the confirmation, I knew I was heading in the right direction so wanted to get the website built out on WordPress ASAP. 

The next few weeks were a very fast process of content being created and formatted onto the new website along with site structure/theme changes, E.A.T. modifications, and checking all indexing to make sure the pages got indexed by google. 

Transforming perception: how becoming a customer altered my views on aged domains

Not all aged domains will deliver the results you may be after. This isn’t my only purchase with Odys and not all aged domains take off the way you envision them to. There are multiple reasons for this but going through the process several times with my websites and being a part of multiple aged domain merges with clients within the agency, one thing kept popping up as extremely important…


The content you are adding to the aged domain or the website you are redirecting it onto needs to be closely relevant. This, in my opinion, is the reason some aged domains don’t get much traction and take off like a rocket!

Results: website traffic growth over time

Month on month the traffic doubled and has continued to do so. My strategy was to build out the aged domain first and then redirect it into an authority website within a category page that was 100% relevant.

This has allowed me to continue this upward trajectory and benefit from the increased DR from the original website.


As mentioned earlier, aged domains aren’t cheap, but if you want to scale a website correctly and shortcut the growth process, then I’d recommend this approach. If I could put a figure on it how much I’d saved it would be in the high four figures. However, more important than that is time. I’ve saved at least 12 months by going down the aged domain route as opposed to building from scratch. 

I will definitely invest in aged domains. I don’t think I’ll build a website from scratch again! (Unless I choose a very unique niche that I wouldn’t be able to find an aged domain in!)

Mo Mullah

3 factors beginner entrepreneurs should consider when choosing a domain name

  • Backlinks: You should do your due diligence on the backlinks that the aged domain has and ensure they are relevant to the brand. 
  • Relevancy: You MUST ensure that the aged domain you are buying matches the brand or authority website you are redirecting to (the closer the better). If you are building out content from scratch, then this content MUST be directly relevant to the previous content or SILOs that the aged domain is mainly focused on. 
  • Price: Don’t fall for buying cheaper domains to save money. Usually, the more expensive domains are worth it in the years to come. Look for aged domains with backlinks from websites that you couldn’t get if you reached out to that brand directly. Also, calculate the amount it would cost to build an existing website up to that domain rating, and generally, you’ll find an aged domain will always be cheaper than starting from scratch.  

Wrapping up

No matter if you’re a solopreneur, agency owner, digital nomad, or a full-scale corporation mogul, aged domains always have something in store for you. And if you handle them right, you won’t ever want to go back to new domains and conventional link-building headaches. You will simply have all you need for starting an earning business from scratch using a properly vetted aged domain.

The Odys Marketplace is full of great domains, so make sure to log in and sweep through our inventory.

Social Media Manager, Odys Global

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