Kasra Dash – “Odys Global truly do have the best inventory that I’ve seen”

What if you actually treat your website like a business? You end up building a successful one and gaining some impressive revenue. What do aged domains have to do with that? Well, they basically give you an upper hand and save you tons of time, money, and effort.

For several years, Kasra Dash has been assisting businesses in enhancing their online presence, making him a successful entrepreneur from Scotland. He’s also co-founded a rank-and-rent agency alongside James Dooley, and they currently manage over 650 rank-and-rent websites. Their sites have generated more than 2 million organic leads for businesses across Australia, Canada, and the UK.

Kasra Dash is also renowned for his substantial collection of test websites he uses to scrutinize Google’s algorithm and comprehend its intricacies. He is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to navigate algorithm updates, examining about 30 to 40 websites to evaluate their effects and the underlying causes. His impressive expertise and devotion to his work have made him a top-requested authority in the industry.

Kasra has provided lots of useful insights, discussing various topics related to the benefits of growing websites on premium aged domains, his site-building experience, and the results of using aged domains, including the revenue he was able to reach.

So, let’s dive into his success story.

What’s your profile and background as an individual and professional?

I run a content and link-building company. I also run a rank-and-rent agency. We own over 600 websites that we rent out to local businesses in the UK. Moreover, I run an affiliate marketing company, which we primarily focus on IGB affiliate marketing.

How did you first learn about Odys Global? 

I first heard about the company from James Dooley & Jason Karpouzis. They have previously bought a lot of domains from Odys and that’s how I got to know Alex Drew and the team at Odys Global.

Did you have experience with aged domains or building niche sites before?

I have purchased aged domains for my gambling affiliate websites and I have grown various websites over the past 4 years on aged domains. I also build websites on new domains, however if I can find an aged domain I would pick aged over new.

What exactly made you choose aged domains instead of new ones to build a website for your business?

So, when purchasing an aged domain, you don’t necessarily need to purchase a load of backlinks, as all the aged domains I pick typically do have some power and trust. It means I can rank a lot quicker and I don’t need to do hours of outreach trying to purchase links, essentially I’m not starting from scratch, which helps massively.

What expectations did you have before purchasing a domain from Odys?

The biggest expectation I had was a list of pre-vetted domains that already have got some form of checks, whether that’s been checked, if it was previously a PBN, spammed URL, penalized URL, and without a doubt I can say that Odys go above and beyond when they are vetting the domains. They truly do have the best inventory that I’ve seen.

Have you taken a look at other options on the market? If yes, which exactly?

I have used other providers, for example, Kallen & serp.domains. I feel the filtration process and the operations behind Odys is better, and I also prefer using Odys because it’s less stressful for my team.

What feature of our product was most appealing? Did our team provide you with any help or support?

The visual dashboard and marketplace is laid out and clear to see.  The support team is also amazingly super responsive and very knowledgeable. They did provide support when it came to swapping the registrar over to my account; again, the team was super friendly and helped me out loads when it came to changing ownership of the domain. It was a very quick and painless process.

What exactly have you done after you purchased the domain? What did you do to set up the site, add content, and promote it? 

I set up a gambling affiliate website on the domain. The domain I purchased has a lot of Wikipedia URLs. This made a lot of sense to buy the expired domain because naturally acquiring Wikipedia links in gambling is super difficult.

When we initially purchased the domain, we started on one topic and built it out, then moved onto the next one. So, my content agency was given a very strict content roadmap and spoke about one subject prior to moving onto the next subject, which I feel is super important.

If I could, I would build all my websites on aged domains, as it’s a lot easier to rank in the first 6 months of the site going live. Also, I am always on the look-out for more domains!

Kasra Dash

How was the website growing over time in terms of traffic? How much money have you made with this website?

I purchased one domain from Odys 3 years ago, and we have gone from 0 traffic value on Ahrefs up to $250,000+ traffic value and it now earns £25,000 per month. Also, the second website that I purchased one year ago now earns £8,000 per month.

Metrics of the domain Kasra acquired

How much did you save by having an aged domain compared to brand new domains?

On backlinks alone, my team has done a rough estimation that it would have cost us £23,000-£28,000 to acquire all the links for one of the domains we’ve purchased from Odys, so it saved a lot of money when it came to link building.

When choosing a domain, what would you recommend beginner entrepreneurs to consider?

First is the domain relevant to the industry you want to rank in, and second is you getting the most bang when it comes to looking at the pre-existing backlink profile? If both those answers are a ‘yes,’ then I recommend you purchase the domain.

What did you like about Odys domains and would you recommend us? To whom and why?

I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to build out an affiliate website OR a rank and rent website as there’s obviously less cost involved. To anyone that has a slightly lower SEO budget, I recommend going down the expired domain route, but I would say that if you are looking for a domain to match a pre-existing brand that you have, that might be slightly difficult to acquire.

What are your future plans considering this domain and business in general?

Current organic traffic

I want to get the traffic value to $1M, which would be amazing. However, I know that it’s going to take another 1-2 years to hit that goal.

Proper Launchpad – Successful Launch

In a nutshell, Odys domains are secure, well-prepared, and strategically located launchpads for businesses. Just like a SpaceX Falcon 9 launching off Cape Canaveral, your business can skyrocket off our domains just like Kasra’s did.

The Odys Marketplace has hundreds of domains that cater to pretty much any requirements our members might have. Make sure to check our full inventory.

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