Tauras Sinkus: “Aged domains definitely work”

Tauras Sinkus

In this day and age, you can’t run a successful business without a proper online presence. Tauras Sinkus is one of the entrepreneurs that came to this realization, while working in the online space. He ultimately stumbled upon Odys Global and ended up getting a domain. Here’s his story.

Tauras was born and raised in Lithuania but has lived in 5 countries up to this day. As for his professional experience, it lies in digital marketing, which ultimately led him to running a digital marketing agency Sinkus Studio.

Tauras first learned about Odys Global while listening to the Niche Pursuits podcasts. Having had the experience of building niche sites on new domains, he decided to give aged domains a try. The thing is that he expected that using an aged domain would give his website a push and it would rank faster than if it was built out on a fresh domain.

I wanted to try and see whether building a site on an aged domain affects the speed of ranking and the amount of traffic.” 

The Odys Experience

Was Odys Global the only place Tauras looked for aged domains? Apparently, not. He actually looked through several or, to be precise, through an aggregator of multiple brokers, trying to find a domain that would meet his needs and be a solid foundation for the ideas that were brewing in his mind at the time.

So, he ultimately decided to go with Odys Global. A few of the things that led Tauras to this decision was the clean listing that included all the necessary information as well as the premade branding assets. As he puts it, these things give you a step ahead.

The domain purchase went smooth, quick, and straightforward. So, Tauras had ultimately got a glistening Odys domain into his hands.

After the domain was transferred to his registrar, he built a WordPress site via generatePress. Tauras filled it with new content in the app, CRMs, and cloud product niche. His team focuses its SEO efforts on generating organic traffic and the site currently has 95 published posts.

In other words, Tauras spent quite some time working on this site built out on an aged domain. How did his aged domain perception changed since he’s become an Odys member?

“I only have 1 case to base this on, but it has worked for me to use an aged domain as my site started ranking instantly and it definitely worked. So I will definitely keep looking at purchasing more. 

Tackling the Results 

The site was essentially launched on September 9, 2021, when Tauras’ team published its first post. The traffic has since grown from 0 to about 10,000 users a month.

The site is monetized via Ezoic Ads. Probably, everyone knows that Ezoic takes time to take off. At the moment, Tauras’ site makes about $150 a month. This figure will keep on climbing up as the traffic grows.

Now, aged domains are widely regarded as a means of cutting the costs when it comes to growing a site until it starts generating substantial earnings. While Tauras wasn’t able to calculate how much he’s saved by building out on an aged domain, he emphasized that it would be impossible to get DR 30 if it was a fresh domain without investing untold amount of money and time in link building. The Odys domain he’s acquired has already had mentions on authority websites, so Tauras only needed to set them up properly.

He now plans to grow the site further and add more monetization channels, so it generates more revenue. At some point, he wants to sell it for a profit, when it’s going to be a steadily earning, well set-up, and recognizable business. 

Tauras is also thinking about getting more sites and another aged domain to build a new site, but he’s not yet sure what niche it’s going to be.

Odys difference

The digital marketing expert and entrepreneur in Tauras led him to dealing with Odys Global for a reason. Actually, there are a few of them. All of them are the things he was looking for in a domain, so if you’re a beginner entrepreneur or simply thinking about getting an aged domain, these are the things Tauras was considering when browsing the Odys Marketplace and ultimately getting a domain:

  • “Clean and strong backlink profile
  • Clean, not spammy or shady content previously
  • Niche relevancy – I think it’s really important to stay in a similar niche as the previous content was about.”

Hit and Keep on Hitting

Tauras’ story is one of the many success stories on our hands and much more out there in the wild. Odys domains provide a solid foundation for any online venture and if you take your project seriously and do it justice, you’ll end up growing and expanding your business. 

Social Media Manager, Odys Global

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