Press and Media Assets

The guidelines below will help you to properly use Odys’ brand assets, including the logo and other visual assets.

Media Contact

For media related inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

Brand Name

Odys Global – when referring to Odys as a company/team – when referring to our website (with an embedded link to it)

Odys – when referring to a specific product of the company, for example, “Odys” domains, etc.


“Domains that mean business.”

Company Description

Odys Global is the world’s leading marketplace for brandable/premium aged domains with built-in SEO. Odys’ mission is to provide entrepreneurs and ventures across the globe with digital assets to kickstart their businesses and get an upper hand in SEO.

The Odys logo

The Odys logotype and logomark are available in five versions. Use default, navy, or black on light backgrounds and white or gray on dark backgrounds.


Using the Odys badge, you can display what kind of partnership you have with Odys Global.

Odys Badge - 1
Odys Badge - 2
Odys Badge - 3
Odys Badge - 4

Why us?

In the news

We have been showcased by a number of cool tech and SEO resources in the domain industry. Here’s what they’ve got to say about us.