What Makes Premium Domains So Expensive?

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Why are premium domains so expensive?

Are they any different from regular, relatively cheaper domain names?
Starting a website from scratch means that you’ll need to sort out a domain name in the process. This isn’t much of a problem because you can easily get one from the registrar. 

However, the real problem is coming up with a memorable domain name, only to find that it’s already been taken. You try a few other options you’re comfortable with, but they’re unavailable, too. So you have to settle for the only clunky name left.

On the other hand, premium domains present you the opportunity to acquire memorable names along with a host of other benefits.

It’s not just about building websites because premium domain names can also find uses in various ways. So naturally, you’d want to get one, except that they’re quite expensive.

But why? Why are premium domains so expensive? We’ll be driving into that, but first, what are premium domains?

What Are Premium Domain Names?

Not just any old domain name can be called a premium domain name.

Most people would describe premium domains as memorable. They are short, easy to remember names that can often be directly associated with a specific product or industry.

As such, they can help portray your website as an authority in that field. They also generally reduce marketing expenditure and improve search engine rankings.

But how do they come about?

Usually, domain owners have to pay a yearly or quarterly renewal fee to keep possession of their domain name. Failure to do this could result in the expiration of the domains. There are usually a series of messages to notify you before or even after the expiration date.

When these domains expire, they are referred to as expired domains.

However, if they are seen to have memorable one or two-word URLs and incorporate major keywords in a niche, they are tagged “premium.” They also tend to be “hot” commodities in domain marketplaces as individuals and industries alike want to have them.

Why Do Premium Domain Names Cost So Much?

It’s all about supply and demand.

When a premium domain name’s demand increases, its value and price follow suit, mainly because the supply is quite low. Premium domain names cost so much for various reasons such as:

1. Keywords

The word or words that make up a domain name play a key role in determining the domains’ value.

Keywords like “tech” or “fitness” are so popular that having them in a domain name can be a game-changer. They can command high visibility across major search engines and drive global traffic for businesses.

However, because of their popularity, finding a new and quality domain name that includes them, is almost impossible.

After all, there are over 300 million registered domain names, so someone might have claimed ownership of your desired domain name before you were even born.

Such domains are considered premium because of their keyword value, and you’ll have to pay a lot of money to acquire them.

2. Length

Shorter domain names are usually more memorable and appealing to a wider audience than longer ones. They are easy-to-remember one or two-word names, mostly ending in .com or even .net.

Some of these domain names may have been created ages ago. They sound very appealing, but there’s little to no chance for them to be available for affordable registration.

If the owner decides to sell such a domain, it will go for thousands of dollars.

3. Brandability

Premium domain names may be considered to be short one or two-word names, but it’s not always about the length.

Premium domains are also witty and unique names that immediately communicate their niche to your audience. They also create an image for your brand.

An example is a domain name like wannabebig.com. It’s obviously a health and fitness, and maybe even a sports website, but it also has a quirky ring to it.

A domain name like this is ideal for a brand whose identity is a combination of the seriousness of health and fitness with a tinge of fun. As such, acquiring it could cost a whole lot of money.

Premium domains may also have other advantages such as high traffic and SEO value, especially if they’re previously used names. However, these are highly variable factors.

Overall, even though there are many reasons why premium domains cost so much, there’s no “one size fits all” formula for calculating their value.

So, if you happen to encounter a premium domain name that you’d like to have, you have to weigh the pros and cons before making your purchase.

Why are Odys Domains Expensive?

Premium domains are expensive for many reasons. However, often, the owner’s perception of the domain’s worth influences the cost. For example, a domain name could be priced at thousands of dollars because the owner thinks it is worth that amount.

This is quite problematic because it creates a dilemma for the buyer. You may want to buy a domain name, but you can’t tell if it’s worth that amount.

Simply put, there’s no industry-wide yardstick for determining the price of a premium domain. It’s influenced by many factors, and owner bias is one of them.

At Odys, we have a valuation system for our domains. This allows you to compare and contrast between domains with ease. That way, you can tell if you’re getting value for money.

For starters, here’s why our premium domains are expensive:

1. Age

Most of Odys’ domains are quite old, some up to 3 or 7 years, or more. 

Google considers a domain’s age in it’s ranking algorithms. After all, if you’ve been there for a long time, that must probably mean you’re uploading quality content, which makes sense.

A spam site could go up for a few months and then disappear from the radar. It might not be a colossal SEO factor, but it’s still a useful filter to separate the chaff from the grain.

Despite this, Odys only calculates how much it would have cost you to renew the domain since it was created.

2. Number of Referring Domains

More often than not, Odys domains are SEO powerhouses due to the number of high-quality backlinks they possess. Backlinking has been a significant part of the core of Google’s ranking algorithms for years.

If sites link to pages on your website, you are most likely uploading highly relevant and useful content. And the higher the authority of the referring domain, the greater the link juice passed to your site.

This also comes in as part of the cost of Odys domains, valuing each RD at a rather low $10.

3. High Authority Links

As already mentioned, backlinks from high authority sites count much more than those from low-quality sites.

Domain authority takes a long time to build. So, owners of high ranking sites have more at stake and are less likely to jeopardize their reputation by linking to low-quality pages.

Hence, we also calculate the values of these high authority links as part of the domain costs.

What Do Odys Domains Offer You?

Premium domains are mainly known for their brandability. They are commonly described as witty one or two-word domain names that easily tell your audience the niche of your website. But they could offer more.

At Odys, crucial metrics like domain history, organic traffic, niche potential, monetization angles, and SEO data like Ahrefs DR, Moz’s DA, number of referring domains, and high authority backlinks form the backbone of our domain selection process.

Because of this careful and data-driven process, we offer you brandable premium domains with:

1. High Traffic

Many of our domains are acquired from hand-picked domain auctions for their high traffic. This is great for many reasons. If you wanted to use the domain name for a website, the traffic would increase your chances of driving sales from the start.

Parking the domain is also an option. You could park it with display ads, converting the traffic to generate some income.

2. SEO Value

Most Odys premium domain names tend to have strong link profiles, boasting decent numbers in referring domains and high authority backlinks.

Add the age, and you have a domain name with a pretty strong SEO value. Creating a website with it would give you a serious leg over the competition. Referring to your money making site is an option, too.

3. An Awesome Experience

In addition to all the qualities of Odys premium domain names, the Odys platform displays various crucial metrics in your dashboard and on the domains’ pages, allowing you to project your chances of succeeding in your next business idea.

We also offer easy transition and dedicated support throughout the process of acquiring your premium domain. We also work around the clock to transfer ownership of your premium domain within 24 hours of receiving your details.

So, request access to the Odys platform to get the perfect premium domain name for your next endeavor.

When Should You Buy an Odys Premium Domain?

Odys premium domain names have a lot of benefits. However, like other premium domains, they cost a significant amount of money.

So, you should buy an Odys domain if:

1. You plan to Monetize It

If you intend to build a money-making site on top of a premium domain, this is probably the strongest reason for you to get one.

The SEO value of our memorable domain names is highly likely to bring in more visitors to your site and increase your chances of driving sales.

2. You Want a Hassle-free Process

Domains can be acquired in many ways and from different sources. However, more often than not, you either have to deal with individual domain owners, or you’re forced to do various background research to get the site’s metrics.

These can be a real hassle because, with individual domain owners, you could get scammed. Even if you choose to get an auctioned domain, you still have to check for crucial metrics.

Odys saves you all that trouble by providing relevant data in your dashboard and the domains’ pages. Plus, the transfer duration is relatively short, at 24 hours after we receive your details.

3. It Fits Into Your Budget

Even if your answer is a yes to the above, if your budget can’t support the cost of a premium domain name, there isn’t much you can do. It would be counter-intuitive to bankrupt yourself or your business in the process of acquiring a domain name that ought to do the opposite.

Eventually, the decision comes down to whether or not the domain name is worth the cost for you and/or your business. If it is, don’t hesitate to request access to the Odys platform to start browsing our collection of domain names for sale. Sign up to our waitlist below!

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