The Best Way to Sell Your Premium Domains 

To this date, over 365 million domains have been registered on the web, but most of them remain undeveloped, meaning they don’t do anything but collect dust. If you’re one of the lucky domain owners, who registered a domain in hopes to one day build a project or even worked on it but ultimately got bored, you can sell it and even make good money. But how do you sell it effectively and, most importantly, fast? Not only is it possible, but it has already occurred for dozens of clients that used Odys Global’s “Sell Your Domains” feature.

What Is ‘Sell Your Domains with Odys?’

With Sell Your Domains, domain owners can list their domains and websites for sale on the Odys Marketplace, based on the same due diligence criteria as the currently available inventory. As such, they should be brandable and have good SEO metrics, i.e. mentions on authority websites among other things. Moreover, the domain should be trademark-free and have a clean history, it should have no abuse history or signs of malicious SEO activity. Although this rigorous due diligence might seem too strict, it actually is the secret sauce for the quick turnaround time, as Odys members know that the platform offers them only the very best of domains.

When Should You Sell Your Domains: 3 Scenarios

In most cases, people owning premium domains fall into one of the three categories: those who registered a domain, those who bought it, and those who built a website but became disinterested in it. 

People that registered domains and used them to build things have a distinct advantage over others, since they are the only owners and know what’s been done with the domain over time, making setting a price for it more realistic. 

Likewise, those that bought a domain either at an auction or privately can set a premium price. Odys members understand the value of premium aged domains and are willing to pay for it. 

The last category representatives, the builders, have great chances, too, since not only can they sell domain names, but full-fledged websites, which are in great demand. Regardless of the scenario, you’re likely to not just recover your domain investment costs, but also make a good profit.

Preparing to List Your Domains for Sale: Tips and Tricks

Your first step in getting your domain name in front of an audience is to understand, who might be your target market. Depending on the name, SEO metrics, and niche, decide what platform you want to list it on. There are broad-type marketplaces such as Flippa, brandable domain marketplaces such as Brandbucket or Squadhelp, or premium aged domain marketplaces such as Odys. You should think about where your potential buyer spends their time searching for a potential domain and what the terms for selling your domain are on that platform.

Secondly, when you’ve chosen the right marketplace to list your domain, think about setting up a realistic price on it. As for determining a domain’s value, there are various tools you may use, including as Godaddy Appraisal, domain valuation tools, similar domains sold at Namebio, or you might want to ask a brokerage team directly to help you define the best price. Make sure you take into account the commission rate of the selected platform when deciding on the price as well as the possibility of a promotional campaign, which will affect your final earnings.

Last but not least, don’t just rely on the marketplace to sell it, but rather promote the sales landing page within your network. Coordinating listing and promotional efforts with the brokerage team is key since no marketplace can guarantee a certain sell-through rate. In terms of promotion, Odys goes an extra mile to showcase your domain via email, social media, PPC campaigns, and partners, which results in a better listing visibility.

You Sold a Domain. What’s Next?

First off, congrats on a successful deal. Now, based on your agreement with the marketplace, you’ll get your commission, and this is where you should really pay attention to what’s been agreed in terms of pricing and what you get in the end. Moreso, you will be responsible for ensuring the domain transfer and answering any questions that may occur. One last tip: after selling the domain, ask for a review from either the buyer or the platform, since this will help you increase the trust in your assets and establish your credibility.

Master the Skills of Selling and Make Profit from Your Assets

Selling premium domains can indeed be profitable, which is proven by the great demand for them. Even if it’s your first sale and you’re not making a living from it, you will increase the likelihood of selling your assets and even making a profit on it by following the abovementioned tips. The thing about domains is that they are truly unique assets, so the best names are really hunted for by potential buyers: entrepreneurs, SEO experts, and affiliate marketers among others. There might already be someone looking for your domain name, so if you own a premium domain (maybe more than one) and want to earn money, it’s time for you to consider listing it on the Odys Marketplace via the Sell Your Domains feature.

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