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Renowned affiliate marketer, Carl, is conducting a public case study with Odys domains, including the successful He highly recommends Odys domains for their strong SEO value, clean history, and powerful backlinks. In March, he picked four domains in the Travel, News, and Parenting niches. Don’t miss his detailed recommendations below.

With over 109 backlinks with 4 of them being high authority links this 18 year old website which used to be targeted towards local businesses in south Florida is perfect to start and expand into general travel in the Miami/Florida area.

The travel industry in general is booming right now and I’m personally seeing amazing growth on a new website. Miami and Florida as a destination is seeing year on year growth.

Targeting one smaller area will give you the relevancy to rank for lots of different keywords and topics in those regions. Having an aged domain which has been focused and recognized in that area for 18 years would give me more confidence of ranking well straight out of the box.

What I would do:

  • Restructure the website with a new theme and menus to target local points of interest.
  • Test the niche and authority of the site to see what keywords Google picks up on quickly. This would give me more information to build a keyword strategy. 
  • Ensure the main powerful links associated with this domain are still live and active.
  • Recreate the pages if the content or product is no longer available or redirect to more relevant pages. 4 authority links are attached to this domain which is amazing.
  • See what historical data you can find and see what work best before. How did the last few pieces of content on the site do. 
  • Look at any attached or old social media accounts.

This 10 year old website which focused on local news in the Missouri area has a bunch on backlinks and 10 very strong links attached. You have a couple of options which this website. Take it back to its original purpose of reporting about local events and monetizing with adverts from local shops, businesses etc which by the way could still be done remotely and from home. You don’t have to live in Missouri to do that. You could also create a directory style listings and homes for sale, etc.

Secondly, turn it into a blog style website packed with helpful information for global search. I know 2 website that do something similar. One in New York and one in a small area of the UK. Both do really well, and find it easier to get guest post and contributions from local residents because they only target that local area.

Targeting Google news and Google discovery gives you the change for huge traffic numbers for very small wordcount articles.

What I would do:

  • I would decide which route you’d like to take the website and look at the types of links and traffic the site used to get.
  • Would it still be possible to get local interest? Or would you need to change direction altogether?
  • Ensure the 10 strong links are still live or redirected to where you need them to go.
  • Look to start outreach asap with this website.
  • Contact local businesses and see if there’s any interest in it still
  • Write a mix of evergreen content and local news. Maybe create a self-listing section on the site for residents to submit local news. 
  • You could look to hire a local journalist who lives nearby to write content that locals would like. This would start to build a repour with the people in the area.

Israel is a country that is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. From the ancient city of Jerusalem to the modern metropolis of Tel Aviv, there is no shortage of unique experiences to share with your audience. 

By starting a travel website about Israel, you’ll be able to connect with like-minded travellers, share your tips and recommendations, and inspire others to explore this fascinating country. 

Having some knowledge of the country would be an advantage. However, anyone could hire writers who live there. That’s what I do. I hire writers who live in the local area to ensure the content is accurate and original. They also can help with original images.

Israel has seen a few spikes in search traffic over the past 5 years but has also been very constant with search volumes. You’ll also have the opportunity to collaborate with tourism boards, hotels, and travel companies, which can provide you with valuable insights and experiences to share with your readers.

According to the ministry for tourism in 2021 the interest in travel grew by over 7% taking it to 6.8 million visitors. These numbers are just for general tourism and not local or business travel. Amazing growth which doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

What I would do:

  • A lot of the old content of the site can be reused so take a look at the archive and see what’s still relevant and where the powerful links are pointing to. 
  • Turn the site into a full blown travel blog focusing on popular search queries. 
  • Look into the news category and ensure all the on site SEO criteria for ranking in Google news is met. Then hire a local writer and start to produce local news that would appeal to the wider audience. 
  • I would stay away from political news and just stick to tourism.
  • Ensure all powerful backlinks are still active by updating old URLs and redirecting them to more current information. 
  • Make sure all images and schema for news and information blogs are in place which is so important to help rank on Google News search and discovery.

A few years ago, I would tell you to stay away from mom blogs and YMYL niches. However, I think times might be changing in these niches due to AI content and the way Google evaluates content using language-based search software.

Think about it. If you read and article about an issue a parent was having with their child and they go into great detail what happened and how the solved it. You can tell from the written language used that it’s coming from a place of experience and first-hand knowledge. That cannot be replicated by AI. I believe that Google will start to reward content like this and will class that type of content as meeting E.E.A.T even without any formal qualification. 

Trust… is a word google is using more and more and by providing really helpful and often life changing content with original images and videos google will reward you with good ranking positions. 

My wife is a child minder and I know that the knowledge she has is ultra-valuable to parents and that’s what google has always looked to promote. So, I’ll stick my neck out now and say many YMYL niches that we once avoided might to a good place to start. As long as the information you can provide is original, accurate and helpful and you can be TRUSTED! 

What I would do:

  • Many of the old articles can be repurposed.
  • See what as working before and see if you should follow that path of topics.
  • Turn the website into a modern blog style website that also empowers social media to its fullest. Platforms like Pinterest and FB are perfect places to gain quick traction for mom blogs.
  • Write a mixture of evergreen content for search but also stories and helpful articles that you can share on social media.
  • These may not attract global search but will help to start building up trust and authority in this niche.
  • Outreach and guest posting again in this niche is vital and easier to obtain.
  • Test keywords in different topics and see which works best and is picked up quickly in search.
  • If you’re confident to put your face on camera. A YouTube channel could focus on product reviews. Prams, cots etc are big value ticket items and looking at the sale numbers on Amazon. It’s a huge market. 

Choose, Scale, and Succeed

The start of a new endeavor is full of boundless opportunities. While it can be exciting and daunting at the same time, it’s important to keep in mind that every great journey commences with a single step. Having access to an expert who can offer helpful insights, ideas, experiences, and knowledge can be invaluable as you begin your journey. With a little bit of effort and inspiration, you can expect to see results in no time.

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