Jamie’s April Choice – Home Decor, Farming and Tech  Niches

Unlock the full potential of aged domains with the help of a seasoned professional with a proven track record of generating seven-figure revenues from niche sites. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to gain valuable insights and expert advice on building websites.

This month, Jamie I.F. has handpicked four Odys domains in the Home Decor, Farming, and Tech niches, each with unique growth potential waiting to be harnessed. Follow the expert’s recommendations to discover a world of possibilities for your online ventures.

Explore the expert’s advice and let it inspire you to reach new heights. You never know what valuable information or fresh ideas may be waiting for you. With the expert’s guidance, your journey toward online success is just a step away.


This low-cost domain has powerful links from PC Mag, Brit & Co, and more, and was previously a blog showcasing beautiful crafts and designs on appliances, notebooks, clothing, and many other DIY projects.

A good start at DR 14, it’s ideal for quickly targeting and ranking for DIY craft niche keywords to earn your first dollars far faster than on a fresh domain. But, because of the hyphen in the domain name, I suspect your CTR may be slightly lower, and you may choose instead to redirect this into a more branded domain name and keep the links.

The crafts and DIY niches have so many low-competition keywords with good traffic with lots of opportunities, so consider this domain a cheap booster pick.


This is a powerful DR27 domain with links from Observer, Huffington Post, Fast Company, and many more, with the domain previously being an accidental digital PR campaign that livestreamed whether speaking to plants made them grow faster – which perfectly sets it up to be a fast-growing niche site.

Epic Gardening showed the power of building gardening niche sites into brands, and if I had this domain, I’d build up content silos on growing certain plants, discuss the best equipment, and build a gardening newsletter to earn from ads, affiliates, and if you can grow the newsletter and brand, direct sponsorship deals.


Forget the links, this cool one-word domain already holds value and in my opinion is a bargain – the NY Times, Wired, Macrumors, and Arstechnica links are just a bonus. 

The domain was previously an iOS consulting company but also blogged about cybersecurity and general tech, so it’s ideal for a tech-focused blog that I would personally gear towards cutting-edge tech and software. 

These are very competitive, especially ranking for software terms that have recurring commissions, but picking and choosing your spots, and covering brand-new emerging tech before everyone has saturated it opens up opportunities to make good affiliate commissions in the mean time, and these powerful links will help you grow and take these spots quickly.


I would build this domain into a general internet and tech security site, but anyone buying this should be prepared to invest heavily to be able to compete here – it is very competitive. 

Combine clever digital PR moves to pick up big links, and create an extensive range of trusted content on data, privacy and security to set the bedrock for the big win: VPN and other security affiliates.

VPNs are some of the most profitable affiliate products to promote around, with 30-60% commissions – but it’s super competitive, so you’ll need this DR37 premium domain to get you started, as well as a lot of extra link building, to be able to compete. 

As far as aged domains for this niche go, there are few more powerful domains ready to be turned into authority sites. Start with very long-tail VPN keywords and try to use the wins here to fund the larger investments needed to compete on a larger scale here – but there are very few more lucrative niches around.

Expert Tips for Elevating Your Online Business Beyond Traditional SEO Tactics

To succeed in building a business, it’s essential to maintain both persistence and consistency. While it’s important to approach your work with passion, it’s equally important to remain focused on your goals. While traditional search engine optimization tactics remain critical, there are many other ways to elevate your online business. Jamie offers expert guidance, and even if none of the domains mentioned above meet your specific needs, you can still glean valuable insights and apply them to your own projects.

In addition, Odys Marketplace boasts over 900 domains across more than 50 industries, providing options for businesses of all kinds. Take some time to explore the marketplace and find the perfect domain to suit your needs.

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