Shawna’s April Choice – Education, Marketing, Decor and Logistics Niches

Looking for a domain with a strong set of high-authority backlinks, impressive SEO statistics, and a clean history? You’ll be happy to hear that Shawna Newman is back with a fresh selection of top-tier aftermarket domains that are perfect for building a thriving business. 

This month, she identified four Odys domains in the Education, Marketing, Decor, and Logistics niches that are especially promising. She has created detailed growth plans for each of these domains, factoring in their unique history, branding, and other critical considerations. Be sure to check them out now!

Some of the best niches to go into are the ones with a passionate online community, like the homeschooling niche. And this domain gives you the perfect entry point for a site targeting the homeschooling community.

One of my favorite things about this niche is that there is no limit in terms of how big you can grow your site. In addition to content targeting people who want to get started with homeschooling, you can have lessons and other resources for people who are actively homeschooling their children.

The obvious monetization options here are display ads and affiliate links, like Amazon Associates links, but that’s just the beginning. All you have to do is look at Etsy’s homeschool hubpage to get an idea of all the ways you can make money in this niche.

From printables to novelty t-shirts to homeschool planners, there are lots of different options for revenue streams in this niche. I think you could also create and sell a course targeting parents who aren’t yet homeschooling but want to know how to get started.

And if you’re really passionate about this niche, you could even create a membership program to grow a real community around the site.

Though I’m not crazy about this domain name from a branding perspective, I do really like its strong backlink profile as a starting point for an affiliate and/or content site. Historically the site had content focused around natural building resources, so I think that leaves you with a few different options when you’re ready to build out a site on this domain.

You could really lean into that whole sustainability angle and focus on content creation and topic clusters on sustainable building and sustainable home products. 

I also think you could use this domain to do a home decor website focused on farmhouse chic or cottage-core decor. Of the two, cottage-core currently shows more interest in Google Trends, so that’s what I’d go with.

Regardless of which angle you go with, affiliate links and display ads are the obvious initial monetization options. You could probably also do well with a Shopify store selling POD products to this audience. But I think the big play here is working up to an e-commerce store selling either cottage-core home goods or sustainable home goods.

If you’re into the travel niche, then this regional airport domain is a great option for any aviation geeks or travel enthusiasts looking for their next project. Though you could build out a site on this domain targeting aviation geeks, I think the better play is to think bigger and try to build out something similar to instead.

Display ads are the easy monetization option here since you’ll end up with lots of informational content on airports around the world. But the great thing about starting a site focused on airports is that travelers need more than just a flight.

You can create content on car rentals, hotels, and anything else related to travel. And that content gives you the perfect opportunity to sprinkle in some affiliate links.

While I don’t think you’ll have an easy time selling info products to people searching for airport information, I do think you could easily get that audience to download an app that helps them with trip planning or getting around the airport. You could make this a freemium app so that you still earn via ads from the free users.

I also think you could have a YouTube channel for this site that gives you another traffic stream and another monetization stream, once you reach the YouTube monetization requirements.

With awesome backlinks from high DR sites like Variety and Kokatu, I think it’s a no-brainer to pick up this domain if you want to create a pop culture website around gaming and movies.

Though pop culture sites tend to have limited monetization options and low-display ad RPMs, the monthly traffic you can get with a site like this more than makes up for those limitations. Plus, you can often get away with shorter content on a site like this, which makes content creation a bit easier.

I think the easiest way to level up your revenue for a site like this is to create a YouTube channel that goes with the site. Again, the YouTube ads RPM isn’t going to be great, but you’ll end up with loads of views on the videos to make up for it.

On both the website and the YouTube channel, you also have the ability to sprinkle in affiliate links, which gives you an additional revenue stream. 

For other monetization ideas, I think you may be able to do well with some POD products, like t-shirts, if you have the design skills or have someone you can outsource it to. Though the margins on something like this typically aren’t that favorable, if you tap into a passionate fanbase you just might be able to make a decent amount from it.

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