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Shawna's choice

Having a mind open to ideas, opportunities, and spontaneous decisions is something any site builder or even entrepreneur should have today, considering the ever-changing market environment. Especially when it comes to doing business on the web.

Shawna Newman of Skipblast is an exemplary expert, who’s been doing business online for over 14 years. And she can tell you a whole lot about site building, SEO, affiliate marketing, and aged domains, of course. This month, she selected four Odys domains in the Home, Tech, Marketing, and Software niches and took a deep dive into the dark but fruitful waters of their growth potential.

One of my favorite niches to enter is the broader Home niche because most topics under that umbrella are evergreen. And evergreen content means no crazy income or traffic dips during the year. I really like this domain as an entry point into the home niche because it has some great backlinks and established authority in the home decor niche.

For an initial monetization strategy, I would focus on display ads and affiliate links. As you gain traffic and get content up, you’ll be able to expand to other revenue streams. For an initial content strategy, I’d focus on informational titles related to home decor.

In my experience, listicle-style articles that are heavy with images do well in this niche. An example of such an article is “32 Living Rooms With Grey Couches.” Another article that tends to do well on sites like this is “How To Decorate Your Living Room in X Style.” And for X, that could be anything from ‘rustic cabin’ to ‘Italian.’ 

If you happen to have real-life experience as a decorator or interior designer, then a site like this would be a great place to offer consulting or sell info products (like a course) for additional revenue streams. Another option for a future revenue stream is selling home decor products via dropshipping.

If you want to start a site in the broader tech niche, then you likely already know that the competition is pretty intense for some of those sub-niches. That’s why this domain is so great for someone who wants to start a tech site.

With a strong history in the mobile devices niche, this domain is perfect for someone who wants to start a site around smartphones and other mobile devices. For quick and easy wins when starting, I’d focus my content strategy around troubleshooting topics for various smartphones. 

You can monetize the content with display ads, which often have high RPMs in this niche, and use affiliate links for product recommendations. This type of site is also the perfect candidate for having a complimentary YouTube channel as an additional traffic and revenue stream.

I think the best additional revenue stream for this site is physical products, with cell phone accessories being the obvious choice. However, I don’t really see the need to branch out into this since the display ad RPMs are good and you should never run out of topics to write about for the site. With enough published content, I think this domain could easily result in a five-figure monthly income just from display ads.

With programmatic SEO being the hot new thing in site building, this domain offers the perfect entry point for someone. The domain was owned by MasterCard and has many high-authority backlinks pointed at it. As the name lends to it naturally, I would focus my content strategy on the opening hours for stores all over the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. 

With a primarily informational content play, display ads are the natural option for monetization. However, I’d try to get into the affiliate programs for each store so that every single page includes a call-to-action like “If your local Walmart is already closed, you can shop online here.” And for stores where you cannot get into the affiliate program, or they just don’t offer one, then you can use an Amazon affiliate link.

You can also build out a mini-topic cluster for each major store (like Walmart) answering common customer questions.

While I think you’d have difficulty successfully implementing other revenue streams here, the sheer amount of content opportunities for this domain means you’d still likely do very well with display ads and some affiliate links.

This domain used to be a browser for macOS, which makes it an excellent choice for someone who wants to start a site on the Mac operating system. Tech blogs like this tend to have good display ad RPMs, and you never really run out of things to write about on the site.

While I would focus on display ads for monetization, you’ve also got the opportunity to use affiliate links for products and software. I’d try to prioritize using the software affiliate link since the payout will likely be better than for recommending related products.

This site and content strategy also naturally lends to a related YouTube channel, which can bring in more revenue and traffic to the site. Videos with a “how-to” slant are likely going to be the best option for quick growth here.

If you are an app or software developer or want to hire one, then you can make this a new revenue stream. Additionally, informational products (like courses) are another potential revenue stream that you can work on for this site.

The options for complimentary physical products you can sell from this site are going to be a bit limited. Still, you may be able to get away with something like Mac accessories or even POD apparel for Mac enthusiasts. 

Building on the Edge

The niche of a particular aged domain is your way of defining the direction of your business (that is, if you want to start something new), but it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. As you can see from Shawna’s blueprints, there are multiple paths to get around seemingly settled concepts in well-reclaimed niches. Be flexible, be smart, stay abreast of your own ideas and make notice of the things happening in the industry to be on the forefront of innovative trends.

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