Mushfiq’s April Сhoice – Cameras, Food, Gaming and Arts Niches

Mushfiq Sarker is a prominent figure in the SEO industry, with a wealth of experience in building and flipping sites, growing businesses, and teaching SEO. By following his recommendations, you can save countless work hours and avoid potential failure based on his expertise.

With proven growth strategies, Mushfiq has analyzed four Odys domains in the Cameras, Food, Gaming, and Arts niches. Be sure to check them out and discover the untapped potential waiting to be unleashed.

This domain was used by a company that made video recording equipment like a shoulder mount for DSLR cameras, a DSLR cage rig, and a smartphone handheld stabilizer.

Their products were reviewed by multiple tech publications including Wired and Cult of Mac.

This domain’s history and relevant link profile provide a good opportunity to build an affiliate site in the video recording equipment niche. You could focus on the sub-niche of video recording tools and accessories for YouTubers.

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Publish buying guides for video recording equipment like green screens, camera stands, lighting equipment
  2. Publish buying guides for adventure cameras and drone cameras
  3. Answer questions about popular brands like GoPro
  4. Publish guides on how to use video recording tools to make better videos or achieve certain effects
  5. Publish guides for setting up a home YouTube recording studio

The best monetization opportunities are primarily in affiliate links from affiliate programs like Amazon, B&H Photo, GoPro, and DJI. Display ads could be a good source of supplemental revenue.

Previously, this domain hosted the site of a company that used to sell high-quality sauces and salsas. Currently, the salsa sauce market is growing at a CAGR of 5.56% and is projected to reach USD 5.6 billion by 2030. With versatile uses such as dip, marinade, and cooking sauce, salsa is becoming a popular, healthier alternative. This presents a good opportunity for creating a website dedicated to different sauces and recipes.

Here are the high-level stats:

– Niche: Food/Kitchen

– Age: 2011 (12 years old)

– Backlinks: GearPatrol, MentalFloss, Thrillist

Here is what I would do:

  1. Publish listicles like X hottest salsas or best dip recipes for X
  2. Publish buying guides for different types of seasonings, spices, sauces, marinades, and dips (e.g., “best seasonings for eggs” has a KD of 2 and volume of 200)
  3. Publish recipes for dishes that require spicy sauces
  4. Publish recipes for homemade sauces, salsas, and dips 
  5. Publish reviews of specific sauce or spice products with sharable photos
  6. Join food blogger Facebook Groups to network and exchange links with other food sites

There are a number of affiliate programs available to monetize the site, including SauceGoddess, SalsaQueen, Caribshopper, and WildlyOrganic. It may also be a good idea to add some display ads to diversify the website’s income.

This domain previously housed a blog that covered various gaming topics and featured game reviews, geek culture, and game-making content. The video game market is a massive and continually expanding industry, making it a highly appealing niche to explore for site creation. Therefore, revamping this domain into a gaming authority blog with its brandable name. Take advantage of its rich backlink profile as it presents a great opportunity to establish a strong presence in the gaming community.

Here are the high-level stats:

– Niche: Gaming

– Age: 2010 (13 years old)

– Backlinks: Vice, GeekDad, BuzzFeed

Here is what I would do:

  1. Find a new popular game and publish tutorials that haven’t been covered by larger sites (e.g., tutorials for Hogwarts Legacy) 
  2. Find gaming topics that are popular on YouTube but do not have a written version
  3. Cover games that have a large audience but lots of low competition keywords
  4. Find the top articles on successful gaming sites and check keyword volume and difficulty in AHREFs for similar topics but for different games 
  5. Publish listcles for best gifts or memorabilia for fans of specific games
  6. Publish listicles for best women streamers and YouTubers for different games (e.g., “best women Fortnite streamers on Twitch”)

The site can be monetized with display ads and affiliate links to such programs as Green Man Gaming, Kinguin, Fanatical, and many others. As well as accessories and gear, there are a lot of other things that can be advertised.

This domain was used as an online art and antique gallery where art dealers could list their art for sale. Art investing is a large and growing market and MasterWorks estimates that the total value of privately held art is $1.7 trillion. The popularity of digital art investing (NFTs) has also increased significantly in recent years. With a highly relevant domain history and memorable brand name, this domain provides a good opportunity to grow a niche site focused on art investing. 

Here’s what I would do: 

  • Publish guides about investing in art 
  • Find low-competition topics related to art investing to cover 
  • Publish listicles like the most expensive art sales, most successful NFT art projects 
  • Cover news about art investing such as notable art sales, interesting NFT art projects 
  • Create a newsletter about art investing news 

Monetization can include affiliate programs for fractional fine art investing services like MasterWorks ($20 per signup). Sotheby’s, an auctioneer of fine art, offers a commission of $250 per sale. Since the site would focus on investing, display ad RPMs could be higher than other niches.

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