Shawna’s Choice – Marketing, Tech, Instruments, and Arts Niches

Shawna’s Choice

When a domaining expert is a person that does everything, everywhere, all at once and is successful in all of their endeavors, it’s a bright indication that you should listen to that person’s advice. Shawna Newman selected 4 domains in the Marketing, Tech, Instruments, and Arts niches for her first Expert Picks of 2023.

Take your time to look through the blueprints and get some of the best ideas for building out sites on Odys domains.

The musical instruments niche is one of my favorites because it’s one of those hobbies that people tend to spend a lot of money on and they are really passionate about it. With this domain, you’ll do best by focusing on pianos (including keyboards).

I think the easiest way to get started with this domain is by doing both informational content and affiliate content on pianos and keyboards. This gives you the ability to monetize with both display ads and affiliate links. 

As you grow the site into an authority on all things piano-related, you’ll be able to add on info products as a new revenue stream. Courses will likely be the best option here. If you cannot create your own courses, and if you don’t want to hire someone to create them for you, then you do have the option of finding some piano courses that you can promote via affiliate links.

Once you start exhausting all the topics on pianos and keyboards, you can branch out into new topic clusters for related instruments like organs and accordions. Another option for expanding your content is to branch out into home recording to target people who record their own piano or keyboard music in a home studio. This opens you up to new info products that you can create and sell.

This domain has a history related to things like abstract and geometric art prints. While you could use this to start a site focused on art or even selling art prints, I think the smarter option is to focus your content around AI-generated art.

With the explosion of things like DALL-E and Midjourney, I think we’re only seeing the start of AI-generated art’s popularity. With that in mind, I think there are a few different ways you could use this domain to start an AI art site.

You could really lean into the history of this domain and sell AI-generated art prints using a POD service. I think for this to be a huge success though, you’d really need to have an interest in creating a huge brand similar to something like Red Bubble. In essence, you would be an AI-art-generated marketplace. That means you’d have to source that AI artwork and deal with onboarding new creators and making sure they get their royalties each month. While it would be a lot of work at first, I think this could grow into something really big. 

Another option would be to build an informative blog on all things AI art. Think of it as AI art generators for noobs. Your target audience would be people who don’t really know anything about AI art but want to learn how to use things like Midjourney to create their own artwork. Initially, you’d need to monetize with display ads, but I think courses would grow to be your main revenue stream as more and more people learn about AI art and want to learn how to use these tools and create their own artwork.

If you have any interest in starting a stock photo site, then you could use this domain for that as well. You could focus on being the Pixabay of AI-generated art. Much like the first idea, your challenge will be sourcing all of that art and making sure that it is worth putting on a stock photo site. While challenging at first, I think you could grow this into THE stock photo site for AI-generated art. For monetization, you can just follow what sites like Pixabay do, by promoting affiliate offers like Canva and running ads.

This site has a strong history in apps and games content, which makes it a great candidate for a gaming and technology site. Though historically the app’s content was focused on apps for Windows, I think you’ll be fine expanding it beyond that.

Though the display advertising for gaming is known to be low, that audience makes up for it by being quite large. So while you should expect display ads to have a low RPM, as long as you’re creating content on popular games the sheer amount of traffic you get will make it worth your time.

One of the things that I really like about the gaming niche is that you can easily rank and bring in lots of traffic with really short content. If you’re new to this niche, Reddit is a great place to discover which games are hot right now so that you know what to cover with your site’s content.

Affiliate programs, such as the Amazon affiliate program, is another easy revenue stream you can add to this site. And if you’re actually into some of these games, then you can create a YouTube channel to go with the site. While this niche isn’t great in terms of using YouTube to drive traffic to your site, it can offer another revenue stream as well as helping to build authority for your brand in the niche.

With the growing success of online video, this domain is an amazing chance at entering a niche with a lot of authority. Previously, this domain was focused on short, promotional videos, but there are a few different things you can do with it while maintaining niche relevance.

If you’re interested in starting a service-based business in the video niche, then this is a great domain for it. You can offer things like video editing, video creation, voiceovers, and related services. Or, on a similar note, you could focus on being THE resource for people who want to be successful on YouTube. For this idea, you can offer courses and ebooks that teach people how to create and grow YouTube channels. Coaching and consulting is other revenue stream that you can have with this business plan. You could even have a paid membership group. For the blog content, you can do something similar to what the team at is doing on their blog.

For someone not interested in offering video-related services, you can instead build a traditional affiliate/content site on this domain and focus on all things video creation. You’ll be able to recommend gear and other people’s courses and info products to bring in affiliate money. Display ads will also work on this type of site for your informational content.

Of the three options, I like the first one the best as it will likely bring in the most revenue, however it will also be the most difficult to get started. You’ll need to hire people who can fulfill the various services and then manage all of them. If this business plan idea interests you, I recommend starting with just one service and perfecting that offering before adding additional services.

The Advantage Is Obvious, but You’ve Still Got to Work

Looks and sounds good, right? First off, make sure you’ll be able to handle the niche. You don’t have to be a fan, but understanding how a niche works and its audience is key to your site’s success. All Odys domains have solid sets of high-quality backlinks, some of them you won’t even be able to get via conventional link building. So, being able to get around with a market or niche is a must.

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