Shawna’s Picks – Security, Travel, Tech, and Job Niches

Shawna Newman is at it again with some fabulous domain picks and their respective growth. It’s hard to argue with an SEO pro, who’s also an expert writer, right?

Anyway, Shawna picked four Odys domains in the Security, Travel, Tech, and Job niches. She elaborated growth blueprints for each of them, taking into account their history, branding, and other factors. Give it a read below.

With the breach of LastPass in late 2022, online security and privacy is a hot topic. This has always been one of my favorite niches because it’s so lucrative. And with this domain, you can start a site on this topic with lots of great topically relevant backlinks to power you up the SERPs.

Since this site was previously centered around online passwords and strong passwords, then I would start this site out with content focused on all things passwords. This gives you the opportunity for informational/instructional content (for display ads) as well as product-centric content (for affiliate commissions) around the various password managers. I think I would also spin up a free online password generator for the site as well.

Once you’ve filled out the ‘passwords’ topic cluster, you can easily expand to other online security topics and target them in the same manner. I recommend starting with VPNs. Even though it is a very competitive niche, those recurring commissions are no joke and definitely worth the time it takes to compete.

A site that is doing really well covering the realm of online security is I would use this large site as a guide of what you can accomplish in this niche.

As an avid traveler, it’s a given that the travel niche is one of my favorites. But it’s not just due to the fact that I love to travel. What’s so great about this niche is that you can niche down and find a lot of success, even when competing with mega sites. And this domain offers the perfect opportunity for that if you want a Southern California focused travel blog.

As luck would have it, this domain was previously used as a travel blog for the Los Angeles area. During that time, it picked up some great niche relevant backlinks, as well as some hard to come by links from places like the New York Times and the Guardian.

I think you’d have the most success with this domain if you are a local or can visit the area to take your own photos. For monetization, display ads is the way to start initially. After traffic starts to grow, you can branch out into travel affiliate programs, such as Viator for tours and Booking for hotels. And if you do happen to be a SoCal local, then you could offer real-world walking tours for a fee to grow the business even more.

With so many people still working from home and engaging in virtual meetings, I think this domain is ripe for becoming a dominant brand in the industry. You can turn this into THE source for all things related to online meetings.

Informational and instructional content should be the bulk of what you’re building here, which you can monetize via display ads and possibly some affiliate links. Think along the lines of teaching people how to use software like Zoom for the first time, or helping people troubleshoot Google Meet problems. I think you will end up with enough content topics to keep you busy for quite a while. Eventually you can expand into related topics like how to hold your first virtual meeting, how to do a job interview in an online meeting, etc.

As the brand grows in the space, I recommend creating info info products for a new revenue stream. You can sell books, either on the site or via Amazon, that teach people how to use Zoom and other online meeting software. Other book ideas could cover topics like “Conducting your first virtual meeting” or “Presenting on a Virtual Meeting for the first time.” You can take the same book ideas and also sell courses to people who prefer learning via video instead of book.

Similar to, with this domain you can take advantage of all the people who are working from home or working remotely.  Since the history of this domain focused on helping people find a desk or co-working spot, that is the type of content that I would start with when building out topic clusters. This informational content can easily be monetized with display ads.

From there, it’s a natural transition to things like ergonomic workspaces and home office setups. This gives you the opportunity to add affiliate programs to your revenue mix as you create content on things like desks for your home office and ergonomic chairs.

One thing that you can add to set you apart from similar sites is a topic cluster addressing the mental part of working remotely. It can be a challenge for people who come from a traditional office environment to suddenly be riding solo. In addition to a content cluster on this, I recommend that you also create some info products on this. You can sell books and courses that cover the mental aspects of making this transition and succeeding in it. 

As the site grows, you may even have a large enough audience to create a membership program as an additional revenue stream.

It All Flows if You Let It Flow

Site growth is akin to setting a watermill – you put all the details in place and if you do everything correctly, it works for as long as the water flows. Building a successful site takes time and effort – sometimes it’s quick, sometimes not. But as long as you’re doing it right and keep everything in its place, adapting according to trends and search engine updates, it’s slated for success.

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