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This review explores Trustiu and how you can use it to make money flipping a range of digital properties in various niches.

What Is Trustiu?

Trustiu is a website dedicated to helping people buy and sell digital property in a safe environment, facilitating sales in a way that lets both parties benefit.

No matter if you own a large company or just want to buy a profitable website, Trustiu guides you each step of the way.

What Does Trustiu Do?

Whether you want to buy or sell a digital property, Trustiu acts as a middleman to remove all stress from the process. Their expert team evaluates all properties before listing them on the marketplace and they ensure that each side of the transaction gets a fair deal. The seller gets a fair price for the digital property they sell and the buyer knows what they’re going to get for their money.

History of Trustiu

Trustiu began with a simple but powerful goal in mind. The company wants to empower online businesses and new entrepreneurs to buy and sell digital properties with confidence and peace of mind. It started small but then grew into a much larger business and its strong desire to help others is what let them reach that goal.

The No.1 goal of Trustiu is to enable people from all walks of life to make digital transactions in a secure and transparent way.

Why Trustiu Stands Above the Rest

Before placing a property on the market, the Trustiu team embarks on a vetting process to ensure everything is how it appears. It’s only after a digital property passes this vetting and screening process that the property goes on the market. In other words, you see what you get when buying or selling on Trustiu.

How to Buy Digital Properties on Trustiu?

First, you have to select the property you would like to buy from the marketplace. When you find a digital property that fits your needs and budget, you can click on it to request more information or contact the Trustiu team.

The Trustiu team ensures that the property you are buying will meet your expectations, and the team offers their kind support from start to finish. You will then submit your payment and begin the transaction. The seller gets the funds after you gain access to the digital property you are buying and the transaction is complete.

Trustiu Search Filters

Trustiu makes searching for digital properties easy and you will know you are at the right place when you see the search filters. You can filter digital properties by type, deciding whether you want a website, YouTube channel or something else. This filter speeds the buying process up and simplifies the process of finding the exact digital property, for which you’ve been searching.

In addition to filtering digital properties by type, you can also filter them by price, language, and average monthly revenue. No matter the type of digital property you want or what budget you have, you will discover an investment opportunity that’s right for you and your desired outcome. Use these search filters to your advantage so that you can uncover a digital property that stands out from the crowd.

Digital Property Price Range

Prices begin at around $200 and go up to several thousand dollars. Some websites might cost more or less than the average price. The quality of a website, the amount of monthly traffic, and domain age are some of the factors that impact the price of digital property.

Selling Digital Property on Trustiu

You must enter the domain of your digital property and give a description of it so that Trustiu knows what to expect before placing it on their marketplace. As you complete the web form, you also reveal the reason you are selling the website and how much revenue it makes each month. You must remain honest on the form because the Trustiu team will detect any misinformation that might be present, and this could harm your odds of completing the transaction.

Digital Property Review by Trustiu

Trustiu puts your digital property through a review and evaluation process before listing it on their website for people to buy. They need to confirm all the facts about your website before allowing you to move to the next part of the process. When they review a prospective website, they evaluate the website’s quality and confirm that the income potential you listed is accurate.

They also ensure that there are no harmful backlinks from spam websites or other negative search engine optimization factors. If Trustiu believes your digital property is legitimate, they tell you how much they think it’s worth and ask if you are happy with that price. Trustiu puts your digital property on its marketplace if you agree to the price and terms of the sale.

How to Profit From Trustiu?

There are plenty of ways for you to profit from Trustiu. As long as you put effort into the site and generate targeted traffic, you won’t have any trouble listing your website on the marketplace.

But flipping websites is not the only way you can use Trustiu to generate additional income for your business. If you are looking for another way to make money, you can buy digital properties that already earn revenue every month.

Final Thoughts

Trustiu is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of digital properties. You can buy or sell websites, YouTube channels and blogs.

Trustiu uses an effective vetting and review process to make sure deals on their marketplace are always transparent. They confirm the value and quality of any digital property they sell. Their expert team works with each side of the transaction to ensure a positive and beneficial experience for everyone.

Look over the website and decide whether it works for you, and you will likely be happy to discover a business opportunity with plenty of potential. When you transfer properties on Trustiu, you will pay an average of 10% in transaction fees.

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