Latona’s Business Brokerage Review: Everything You Need to Know

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The money-making potential of a popular website is no longer something that an investor can ignore. Tons of web domains make 7-figure incomes annually, some of them without ever pushing a particular product. Investing in a popular site can be a particularly advantageous process.

However, the journey to the top is a long and difficult one. Popular websites don’t take shape overnight, certainly not if you intend to make a considerable passive income. It can take years to build a website with the numbers required to create a sufficient income.

Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch.

Companies like Latona’s buy and sell popular domains. With their website brokerage, you don’t need to spend years building a brand yourself. If you have the financial means, you can start earning passive income almost immediately through the right investment.

Who Is Latona’s?

First emerging in 2008, originally under the name of Domain Brokerage, Latona’s oversees the sale and purchase of numerous highly popular domains.

Its reach includes:

  • Websites;
  • eCommerce;
  • Software-as-a-service businesses (SaaS);
  • Memberships;
  • Lead generations;
  • Portfolios.

Who Does Latona’s Serve?

The company caters to two key demographics. The first is the entrepreneur who wants to use a high-traffic domain for their business interests.

Entrepreneurs invest in websites for various reasons. They may seek the generation of a sustainable, passive income or promotion of their products. One of the most popular ways to generate passive income through these domains is to use affiliate links/sites.

The second demographic served by Latona’s is the opposite: website owners. To be able to sell popular domains, a broker must first purchase them from somebody. Half of what Latona’s does is acquire popular domains by purchasing them from current owners.

What’s the Buy-In Level?

There’s a wide variety of prices featured on Latona’s website with deals from four figures up to eight. They show no signs of slowing down, either.

Why Choose a Website Broker?

Website brokerages are an essential part of domain sales. Whether you want to own a popular website or are looking to sell one, entering a transaction with just anybody will likely result in a wasted opportunity.

Brokerages allow for mediation between buyer and seller so that you can reach the best possible deal.

What Does Latona’s Offer?

Above, we mentioned some of the various domains that Latona’s frequently purchases or makes available for sale, but what do these terms mean?

Working with a website broker isn’t quite as simple as buying a site and immediately profiting off of it. You have to understand, which domain type is most suitable for your intentions.

Latona’s has the following product types listed on their site:

Content Websites

One of the most common domain types purchased is content websites mainly due to the simplicity of their model. These sites make money primarily through ad revenue. A website with high traffic levels can incur a high rate of ad-clicks, which is a great way to earn passive income.

Domain Portfolios

Slightly different from other items on this list, domain portfolios are sites that receive high-traffic or presently receive frequent searches from browser results. The management of domain portfolios is a little more complicated than other products but can still be worthwhile.

Membership Sites

Being one of potentially the most financially beneficial platforms to invest in, memberships generally charge a lot more than ad revenue yields. These domains host content that requires a membership fee to view, generating substantial income if you can market the information offered well enough.

Software-As-A-Service Businesses (SaaS)

Arguably one of the lesser-known domain types but potentially highly profitable, SaaS domains are similar to membership sites. Both business models offer products in exchange for a fee. 

The critical difference is that SaaS exclusively refers to software sales. This software can include antivirus and cloud storage, but there are countless examples of marketable software.


In terms of distinct income routes, eCommerce is top of the list. These domains are the storefronts of the web, working to draw in as many customers as possible via high traffic. They may be standalone sites or operate via larger companies, such as Amazon or Shopify.

Understanding the archetypes in website brokerage is integral to succeeding with your investment. With little research, you can best identify which one suits your needs best and will provide the best long-term results. The amount of involvement required to generate substantial income varies from domain to domain, so don’t rush into a purchase.

Is Latona’s the Right Brokerage for You?

Here are some insights into the ups and downs of Latona’s:


  • High-End Listings: Sales figures of up to eight digits cement Latona’s stake in high-end domains. This higher scheme is evident in their valuations, too;
  • Diverse Range: There are various domains at Latona’s, allowing prospective buyers to purchase the domains most suited to their intentions;
  • Backed by Experience: Having been established since 2008, Latona’s has been in the game for over a decade. They know how to help you achieve the best results. They also possess a favorable reputation among business listings due to their longevity;
  • Helpful Search Tools: Once on the Latona’s site, you can search for listings based on price, revenue, and profit, among other criteria;
  • No Buyer Charge: Unless specifically requested by the seller, there is no buyer charge enforced by Latona’s on any listings.


  • Not User Friendly: If you’re new to the world of website brokerages, Latona’s site isn’t the most welcoming place on the web. It is outdated and takes some getting used to, which can hinder your progress;
  • Exaggerated Valuations: In the past, user reports have suggested that Latona’s may exaggerate some of their valuations, which can lead to misleading transactions.

Final Verdict

Latona’s succeeds in its pursuit of being a high-quality, high-end website brokerage. It has over a decade of experience supporting it and remains popular, with new listings added consistently. Despite its outdated site, the brokerage has maintained positive reviews from its customers, most notably due to the high professionalism exhibited.

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