Digital Exits Review: Is It a Good Online Business Brokerage?

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You might not realize it, but selling your online business can be a rather emotional process. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time researching an industry, building your site, and acquiring customers. 

Now, you’re selling it to some stranger. To make the sale worth it, you want to ensure getting the best price.

Many entrepreneurs looking to sell turn to online business brokerages. Website brokers value your business, find buyers, and help you get the best price for it. 

Here’s our review of Digital Exits, one of the many online business brokerages out there. We break down its process and answer FAQs to help you determine if this is the best brokerage for you. 

What Is Digital Exits?

Digital Exits is an online business brokerage. Its founder and sole broker, Robert Kale, founded the company in 2014. Since its inception, Digital Exits has completed over 100 deals all over the world.

Entrepreneurs enlist their services when they have decided to sell. They trust the company to handle everything from valuing their site to pinpointing the ideal buyer. 

Why Choose Digital Exits? 

If you’re selling, you should use an online business brokerage. Their expertise will take over the whole process, allowing you to focus on more important matters. And, they will help you get the best deal for your site. 

What Does Digital Exits’ Process Look Like? 

The process will vary from client to client, seeing as each one has a unique site and selling needs. Typically, the process looks something like this: 

Providing a Business Valuation

To sell your online business via Digital Exits, you must submit a request for valuation.

The brokerage will use your information to determine the exact worth of your business. This step is crucial as you want to make sure to list your site for the highest possible amount. 

Digital Exits’ valuation process is considered to be one of the most accurate in the industry. It analyzes the amount of risk your business has to buyers using 8 key factors:

  1. Age of your business;
  2. Niche;
  3. Net Profit;
  4. Competitors;
  5. Link profile;
  6. Business model;
  7. Website traffic;
  8. Growth trends.

Creating an Agency Agreement

The company does everything in its power to provide you with the highest valuation possible.

The next step is creating an agency agreement. This agreement outlines everything that the company will do for you in terms of the selling process. Entrepreneurs can feel at ease knowing that Digital Exits’ agreements are clear, concise, and transparent.

Finding a Buyer

Digital Exits doesn’t just provide evaluations. It also handles the entire selling process. 

The broker effectively markets your business by presenting it to its premium buyer network. It creates compelling executive summaries, which leads to interest among multiple buyers. The resulting “deal tension” ensures your site sells at top dollar. 

Digital Exits’ buyer pool has $668,270,000 ready to purchase businesses. The broker boasts several full-cash offers at the listing price, making it an appealing option for many entrepreneurs. 

Who Does Digital Exits Work With?

The brokerage works with clients in industries varying from pet products and custom golf equipment to software. So, no matter what industry you’re in, it can help you with the selling process. 

Note that Digital Exits only works with businesses with annual profits of $250,000–$5,000,000. If you fall out of this range, you will need to find another brokerage. 

Where Does Digital Exits Operate?

Digital Exits has successfully completed deals across the world. Its buyers and sellers are mostly located in North America. But it has also worked with clients from Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. 

This global experience is a major advantage. Having access to buyers across the world increases your chances of finding the ideal buyer. 

How Much Does Digital Exits Cost?

The good news is that, unlike other brokerages, Digital Exits does not charge upfront fees. It gets a percentage of the total sales price of your business. 

The brokerage will outline this percentage and other payment factors (what determines whether or not it gets paid, etc.) in your agency agreement. 

What Are the Downsides to Working with Digital Exits? 

For the most part, Digital Exits is a great online business brokerage to work with. It makes the selling process easy and ensures you get the best price. 

That being said, it has one primary downside: 

It Only Has One Broker

As we mentioned earlier, the company’s founder is its only broker. Their attention is spread out over several projects, meaning yours might not have their full focus. 

This can be a problem when it comes to single-broker companies. These don’t always have the resources needed to meet deadlines, get the best price, etc. 

However, we’ve found that Digital Exits is more than capable of handling its many clients. Its broker uses experience and expertise to successfully complete deals. 

Is Digital Exits a Good Online Business Brokerage?

Here’s a quick summary of Digital Exits’ pros and cons:


  • Works with buyers and sellers across the world;
  • Has successfully completed over 100 deals;
  • Has the experience and expertise needed to land the best price;
  • Has a network of premium buyers.


  • Only sells companies that profit in the between $250,000 and $5,000,000;
  • Only employs one broker.

Based on our research and others’ experiences, we’ve concluded that Digital Exits is a decent brokerage. Its services are bound to help you get the best deal for your online business. 

What If I’m Trying to Buy a Business?

Most entrepreneurs use Digital Exits to sell a business. The brokerage primarily sells to its network of buyers. After that, buyers are left to their own devices. 

This means that using Digital Exits isn’t ideal for building your own business from scratch. If you are looking for services that can help you achieve that, consider Odys Global that can help you kickstart your own affiliate site — click here to request access to the platform!  

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