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Spencer Haws founded Niche Pursuits in 2011. Spencer has a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in Business Finance. He worked in business banking and finance for eight years at Wells Fargo Bank and Merrill Lynch.    

During his time as a business banker, Spencer worked closely with small business owners. This led him to realize his desire to start his own business. In 2005, Spencer began building affiliate sites. He went through a lot of trial and error before successfully learning about SEO and establishing an online presence.   

In 2011, he launched Niche Pursuits and quit his full-time job. He continued building niche sites for entrepreneurs. However, he also created a blog that helps entrepreneurs build their own websites. Aside from Niche Pursuits, Spencer has many other business ventures related to SEO. We will discuss these later on.

What is Niche Pursuits?

If you’re new to creating websites, the “Start Here” page is for you. The collection of resources will help you choose a business venture and get the ball rolling. There are resources for building niche websites, FBA businesses, and software businesses. On this page, you’ll also find tool recommendations. These tools will make your life much easier by streamlining your workflow and automating tedious processes.

The Niche Pursuits’ blog teaches you how to build your own website successfully. You can sort through tons of articles using the “Filter” button. Posts cover topics including: 

● Amazon FBA and e-commerce

● Niche business ideas

● Blogging

● Niche websites

● Product reviews

● Case studies

Posts are fairly regular and cover the industry’s latest happenings. They are well-researched and easily digestible. Spencer writes most of the articles, but you’ll also find posts by other experts (Christopher Jan Benitez and Shane Dayton, to name a few). This offers an insightful, well-rounded perspective on everything SEO.

The blog has many helpful articles. You can use them to learn just about anything related to SEO. However, the main attractions are the posts on how to build a niche site and how to build a blog. These articles serve as comprehensive step-by-step guides. They are chock-full of helpful information and feature a menu that lets you jump from topic to topic.

Niche Pursuits has a podcast that accompanies its blog. The podcasts cover the same information but are great for anyone who prefers an audio format. You can find the podcasts on Niche Pursuits’ website and YouTube channel.

On its homepage, Niche Pursuits prompts you to sign up for its mailing list. All you have to do is enter your name and email address. But, what exactly can you expect when you sign up? 

You’ll get regular emails about the industry’s latest strategies and news. You’ll also be notified of online deals for tools and software. Quite frankly, we don’t recommend subscribing to this mailing list. It’s just another platform that will fill up your inbox. You can get the same information and deals by just going to Niche Pursuits’ website. 

However, there is one exclusive perk that might be worth signing up for. You’ll get access to Spencer’s 10-part niche site training series. This resource can be super helpful, especially if you’re new to website building.

Niche Pursuits’ case studies follow Spencer’s projects. He writes about real-life instances of him implementing SEO and marketing strategies. Entrepreneurs can read these case studies to better understand the site’s processes and learn how to implement strategies themselves. Even better is that, through Spencer’s projects, they learn what mistakes to avoid. 

Can I Find Product Recommendations Through Niche Pursuits?

When you are creating a website, you need tools for hosting, conducting keyword research, etc. It can be difficult to find the right tools. You want ones that are effective yet affordable. Luckily, Niche Pursuits has an entire page for tool recommendations. You can find tools for everything from email marketing and product research to link building. 

It’s worth noting that some of the recommended tools are ones Spencer created. This can lead us to think that he’s failing to recognize other good products and just trying to plug his own. However, we’ll concede that there are many good product recommendations from other companies.

What Are Spencer Haws’ Other Products?

Spencer Haws’ other products include: 

●     Link Whisper. Link Whisper uses AI to suggest internal links that are relevant to your site. 

●     Long Tail Pro. Long Tail Pro generates ideas for blog posts and relevant keywords. 

●     Table Labs. With Table Labs, you can add beautiful Amazon product comparison tables to your website.

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