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Shawna Newman is the owner of Skip Blast, a site entirely dedicated to recording Newman’s site-flipping endeavors. It is also the conduit through which Newman shares all that she has learned throughout her years. Or, at least, most of what she has learned.

Newman’s career began in 2009. She claims this year was her first foray into ‘cubicle freedom’, something many office workers will undoubtedly be envious of. This is perhaps a central appeal of building niche content sites. It’s a legitimate way to generate significant passive income.

Newman’s approach to content site-building largely resides within a continuous process of flipping. This isn’t alluding to a gymnastic routine, but rather the process of buying and selling successful niche sites. With her course and the variety of information provided, Skip Blast aims to show you how to do the very same

What is Skip Blast?

On the face of it, Skip Blast is the central hub for documenting everything Newman does throughout her working process. Along the top bar, there are links to an ‘About Me’ page in addition to information on how to contact Newman. 

Alongside it there is a link entitled ‘My Toolbox’ which shows you top to bottom what Newman presently uses in her process. There’s also a drop-down menu of ‘services’ provided and, of course, a link to Newman’s personal course on all things SEO site-building.

What stands out the most on Skip Blast is the refreshing honesty and laid-back approach unique to Newman’s copy. There’s no pretense, and as you read your feel more as though you’re reading about a friend than a potentially intimidating SEO mogul.

In fact, Newman herself states that she is ‘not a guru’, but rather simply wants to highlight that women do exist in the SEO field and they’re earning ‘bank just like the guys’. With over a decade of experience propping up the site, Skip Blast offers a promising first impression.

Can Skip Blast Show You Where to Start?

Perhaps most interesting to beginners visiting Skip Blast is the extensive list of services Newman calls her ‘Toolbox’. There’s everything you could possibly need to begin featured there, including web hosts, site logo builders, keyword researchers, and content outsourcing.

Effectively, if you want to get into building niche content sites but don’t know where to begin, then with this toolbox you are provided a full map. Newman’s list even covers the VPN she uses when she’s working and traveling simultaneously, a testament to the ‘cubicle free’ career she now possesses. 

Does Skip Blast Offer SEO/Site Consulting and Coaching?

Yes. Part of Newman’s services offered through Skip Blast includes specific, one-on-one coaching through one-hour sessions. There’s only ever a limited number of them available, such is the dedication Newman provides. 

The best part? Newman states that if she can’t help you with what you’re struggling with, she will fully refund your money. There’s no scam here nor meaningless platitudes. Instead, a real commitment to helping you succeed from someone who knows how it’s done.

There are a variety of hypothetical problems that this coaching aims to assist with. Some of them listed on Skip Blast include:

  • SERP Dips: Has your site started falling down search engine rankings? Skip Blast can help you identify the problem and turn things around
  • General Business Anxieties: Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, embarking on this precarious digital territory can be unnerving. Through Newman’s coaching, you can come out with the confidence you need to get ahead
  • Competitive Analysis: You shouldn’t be spying on the opposition too much, but an eye on the competition is helpful. If you feel you aren’t keeping up with your competitors, Newman can help address why what they’re doing is working and why it isn’t for you

The coaching sessions are generally given over Skype, though there is also the option for full email correspondence if preferred. In these circumstances, Newman offers to record a privatized video answering any personal questions or concerns you may have.

There are many things Newman’s SEO coaching aims to tackle. It’s a generalized approach in which you are met halfway. Your specific problems are addressed with a full refund available if no conclusion is met. It’s difficult to imagine a fairer deal than that.

Does Skip Blast Offer a Course?

Yes. One of the central focuses of Skip Blast is the course it offers, entitled the Niche Authority Site Course. As its name suggests, the course endeavors to equip you with everything you need to build a highly profitable authority niche site. 

Part of the value of this course resides within who runs it. Newman actively pulls in six figures annually through her own niche authority sites. To prove this, monthly income reports are published on Skip Blast that indicate the success of each of Newman’s sites. This includes revenue, expenses, and how much content was published through them.

The course covers a lot of bases. There are seven levels in total, listed as follows:

  1. Before You Start
  2. Site Creation Basics
  3. Starting Your Site
  4. Monetization
  5. The Early Stages of Your Site
  6. Planning for Success as Your Site Grows
  7. Scaling Up a Successful Site

There are multiple sections featured within each level, all of which cover in detail everything you may need to know. The information is provided in a mixed-media format of both video and text, so you should be covered no matter what your preferred learning style may be. 

Newman writes that the intended audience for the course is anyone who knows a little about niche authority sites but requires a helpful lift. However, it is also made clear that those who are entirely new to niche sites will learn something valuable.

What Does the Course Offer?

What is offered through this course is a full road map of Newman’s process. Primarily, this includes taking an empty content site and transforming it into an authority site that can be sold for five or six figures. Alternatively, you could keep the site and earn up to five figures each month.

It is made clear, however, that results will vary. Great monetary return cannot be guaranteed simply by engaging with the course. Your own diligence must come into play. However, with the sheer breadth of information provided through the multi-level course, it’s clear Newman is committed to providing success. 

The course itself is only $39.99, which is astonishingly affordable given the prices of similar courses that often offer less. It’s a one-time payment that grants you full access to all seven levels of the course, forever!

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