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Shaun Anderson is the SEO consultant behind Hobo Web. He has worked in SEO for nearly twenty years, having started out in the advertising and marketing industry. Following his receipt of a young person business award in 1999, Anderson moved into website development in 2001. 

Some five years later, he co-founded the site Hobo Web, which he still works on to this day. Anderson’s primary role is employing the best SEO tactics for his client’s sites. He has worked with thousands of websites over the years, overseeing strategic and creative marketing to achieve their own SEO goals. All of this is done via Hobo Web.

What is Hobo Web?

Hobo Web is an SEO agency based in Inverclyde, Scotland (UK). Throughout their fourteen years of existence, they have helped thousands of sites reach their optimization potential. This includes hundreds of satisfied clients, who willingly give their own testimonies singing Hobo Web’s praises. 

A variety of SEO consultants work together to spearhead Hobo Web’s efforts. Their combined teamwork results in a solid portfolio of advice, all of which is kept on-trend with frequent updates. SEO is an ever-changing industry. Web Hobo recognizes this and so shifts their advice accordingly. You aren’t paying for outdated, stagnant information.

A total of 50,000 email subscribers presently enjoy newsletter updates from Hobo Web, which provides some insight into their popularity. There is a total of three SEO consultants that head Hobo Web. Shaun Anderson, Alan Muir, and Michael Bonnar. All three SEO consultants have an extensive background in digital marketing and finance.

Hobo Web is a service designed for any business looking to build upon their present site traffic and revenue. Whether you are an aspiring beginner or an intrepid veteran of SEO, Hobo Web has something to offer.

Many SEO consultancies run the risk of scaring off beginners through walls of complicated text. Hobo Web’s official site avoids this mistake entirely. There are multiple resources available for beginners, including a full introduction as to what SEO even is. Their online guides are easy to understand and explain themselves without convolution. 

One such guide, simply entitled ‘How To Learn SEO’, is entirely free and provides in-depth tips on what SEO is and how it can help your business grow. All Anderson asks is if you learn something, you share it. Given the many testimonials demonstrating its success from previous readers, it’s unlikely you won’t find something worth knowing. 

What Services Does Hobo Web Offer?

There are many services put on offer by Web Hobo. We won’t share the full list of their capabilities, but listed below are some of the beginning features you may be interested in.

Honest Feedback on Your Business Model

With Hobo Web, you’re getting the full SEO overhaul. It’s designed with business growth in mind. In the initial stages of their process, your business model will be given a full evaluation of what’s working and what isn’t. Whatever isn’t serving you or your goals is thrown aside, and then the real work begins. 

Honesty is part of their policy, as they state on their site ‘We will tell you if your current business model is outdated’. It may seem initially harsh, but in the long-term, this tough love may be exactly what your company needs to excel.

Professional SEO Consultation

Following a review of your site and your business intentions, you will receive a full consultation with one of the Hobo Web experts on how best to move forward. A plan will be drawn up and enacted over the coming weeks or months, depending on your preferred timeline.

Professional SEO Audit of your Website

Following the formation of a plan, Hobo Web will perform a full audit of your current site. This is to ascertain which methods you may already be using, which should be introduced, and how your current processes can be improved. It’s an integral part of Hobo Web’s approach.

Prioritization of Your SEO Tasks

Once it’s decided how your SEO practices are going to be implemented, it’s time to prioritize accordingly. This largely depends on what your business niche is and whether you’re selling a service or a product. There are numerous factors considered to build the best possible outcome.

These are just four of the twenty-six features offered by Hobo Web as part of their SEO services. We highlighted these four in particular so you could be given some idea of what to expect. The true experience is far more thorough. It’s clear that there’s a lot on offer.

Does Hobo Web Help with Site Design?

Yes. In fact, one of Hobo Web’s focuses appears to be site design. This is likely driven by the previous experience of the SEO consultants on hand. Any necessary web design improvements will first be identified during the initial SEO audit. 

This process usually begins by checking if your current site complies with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines or not. This is a significant first step. If your site is presently non-compliant, you may be seriously hindering your ranking potential. Hobo Web can help with that. 

Beyond ranking requirements, Hobo Web can also help with technical errors you may not even realize are happening. This could include:

  • Sub-optimal pagination setup
  • Poor indexation management 
  • Improper or suboptimal redirects
  • Broken links

If the only one on this list you understood was the latter, don’t worry, that goes for most of us. That is precisely why Hobo Web is such an essential for so many. They can take care of aspects of site building that, truthfully, many of us are simply unaware of.

Can Hobo Web Help with Content Creation?

Yes. Beyond performing audits and technical reports of your site, Hobo Web will also carry out evaluations on the content of your site. This might result in some more tough love but remember it’s all in the name of improvement.

Some content creation tactics you’ve doggedly held onto over the years may have to come to an end following evaluation. Hobo Web works to identify and remove any instances of keyword stuffing and hack tactics that ultimately result in unreadable content. 

Of course, it’s important to rank highly, but you need to have something worth displaying when customers arrive. Hobo Web helps to put you on the right track. They achieve this by optimizing and reusing content you’ve previously published in addition to helping you produce new, fresh idHobo Web Pricing

There is no singular price package associated with Hobo Web. Instead, they work with you based entirely on your own budget. Your aims are considered and Hobo Web devise an individualized plan especially for you. This is partly why they are such an accessible SEO consultancy. 

Pricing of any bespoke SEO plan offered by Hobo Web is deciphered via three factors:

  • The current state of your site
  • The history of your site
  • The aims you possess for the SEO project

Once all three of these are fully understood, work can begin on building your perfect SEO plan. Payments can be separated into weekly or monthly contributions, depending on what works best for you. Their flexibility is easily one of their strongest point.

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