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Ron Stefanski was born as the youngest of three children. He was the first person in his immediate family to graduate from college. He began trying to form online businesses back in 2012. Not unlike many fledgling entrepreneurs, Stefanski faced many failures before seeing significant success in 2015. 

Stefanski is also a college professor in Chicago, Illinois. His love of teaching and desire to help his students led him to create a portfolio of seven blogs and websites, six of which he still makes revenue from monthly. He enjoys assisting people to achieve success with online businesses and hopes that his blog and courses are helpful to aspiring entrepreneurs.

You can see photos of Stefanski today as well as photos of his childhood on the website. These images help visitors get a better understanding of the man behind the screen.

Spencer Haws, the owner of, states that Ron’s story is inspiring because it shows that a “normal” person can have enormous success building websites for niche audiences. Doug Cunnington, the owner of, states that he loves Ron’s transparency. OneHourProfessor has also been featured in several impressive business journals, including: 

  • Yahoo!
  • Small Business Journal
  • SPI
  • Business Insider

Is Ron Stefanski Transparent about His Success?

Just because Doug Cunnington says that Stefanski is transparent does not mean that we should just take his word for it. However, Stephanski is extremely clear about how well his company is doing.

Income Reports

Stephanski posts income reports on his website dating back to its beginning in 2014.  These reports allow interested parties to see exactly how much money Stefanski makes from his website each month. The reports break down the information into revenue, expenses, net income, and annual income. 

Stefanski reports thousands of dollars of revenue each month; however, he reported a significant loss for the first few months when he started. His growth shows that you must not be afraid to fail and make sacrifices, but you will prevail if you stick with it as he has.


Additionally, Stefanski is also transparent about how he benefits from affiliate commission. He has an entire page on his website dedicated to affiliate disclosure where he talks about how he makes a small commission for referring his readers to buy products. 

He states that this does not bias him because he has no incentive to recommend a bad product. If the purchaser returns the product, he makes nothing. He also talks about how if he were to recommend a bad product, his readers would lose faith in him. The fact that he is so transparent about his earnings makes many people much more apt to trust him.

Will Ron Stefanski Answer Individual Questions?

Yes! Stefanski loves helping people and is exceptionally open to answering questions. He states that if anyone perusing his blogs need advice or get stuck, they can contact him directly, and he will help them out free of charge. He also mentions that he looks forward to any questions his readers have and appreciates it when readers come to him for advice. 

If you have a question for Ron Stefanski while working on your blog, you can either send him a message through the contact form on the website or email [email protected]. If you choose to use the contact form, Stefanski just asks that you provide your first name, the best email at which to receive a response and a brief description of how he can help you.

What is OneHourProfessor?

OneHourProfessor promises to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about starting a blog. You can read blog posts about how to activate specific types of blogs. No matter if you are interested in creating a poetry blog, political blog, or anything in between, OneHourProfessor will give you tips and tricks so that you can reach success as quickly as possible.

If reading is not your thing, OneHourProfessor also provides a plethora of videos that you can learn from as well. If you want to take full advantage of these video offerings, you can subscribe to Stefanski’s YouTube channel.

The website features a page that collects all of the resources that Ron Stefanski recommends online business owners to use. The page provides information about the following products:

  • SiteGround
  • Thrive Themes
  • Thrive Architect
  • Aweber
  • Dragon
  • Shutterstock

On a different page of the website, Stefanski features reviews of many products mentioned above. He also provides articles that detail the best tools to use for various tasks. For example, there are articles about the best landing page builders and the best YouTube editing software tools.

Who is OneHourProfessor For?

If you are intrigued by the idea of starting your own blog and want to give it a go, we recommend checking out this site and seeing if the content resonates with you. We recommend starting with the blog “How to Start a Blog (Successfully).” This post details the ten steps you need to go through to go from nothing to a money-making online business. It will give you guidance on how to start any kind of blog. 

However, if you already know what kind of blog you would like to create, there’s also content for you on this site. You can choose a blog post tailored to that type of blog. Once you have got your blog up and running, you can come back to OneHourProfessor to check out some of the other videos and articles that cover particular topics that you may run into as you try to expand your business. 

How Much Does Working with OneHourProfessor Cost?

One of the most appealing things about OneHourProfessor is that most of its content is available for free. The website offers a free course for people who are new to blogging called IGNITION. This free blog has three main components:

  • Learn: Students will discover how Stefanski created his seven successful blogs. 
  • Understand: Students will gain an understanding of the steps they must go through to be successful. 
  • Follow: Students will find out how to use Stefanski’s process to start and grow their own successful blog. 

The course includes over 10,000 words of helpful advice from someone who has gained immense knowledge through experience. In addition to this free course, much of the rest of the website features are free to access. There are dozens of blog posts and videos that are all free to access.

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