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Michael Bereslavsky is the founder of Domain Magnate. He has been buying, building, and selling websites since 2004. Most of the sites he deals with are either related to content marketing or SAAS (Software as a Service). He founded his firm to help entrepreneurs enter the very industry he’s passionate about.

Bereslavsky is a respectable entrepreneur and investor in his field. He has a long-standing reputation for integrity and trust. During the years Domain Magnate has been in operation, he has partnered with big names like Flippa and escrow.com. He and his staff work with top players in the industry to ensure customer satisfaction. Bereslavsky and his team have completed over 300 deals, so you can rest assured knowing that they are very familiar with the website dealing industry.

What Are the Different Ways to Use Domain Magnate?

If you want to get in the industry of transacting websites, there isn’t just one profitable way to get started. Domain Magnate offers entrepreneurs three different routes:

Buying Websites

Domain Magnate operates many kinds of business websites and often puts them up for sale.  When you buy one of these sites, you will receive a quality asset that can bring long-term income. And, if you ever feel unsure of how to proceed with your new website, the firm offers ongoing support. 

The company has websites available in a variety of different industries. Some websites currently listed for sale feature guitar reviews, phone directory services, and health products. Browse Domain Magnate’s current listings to see the sites available to you.

Selling Websites

If you want to sell a website, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Fill out a form with Domain Magnate: To let Domain Magnate know you’re interested in selling a site, you will need to complete an online form. On this form, you will provide your full name, email, business URL, last month’s profits from the site, and your desired price. The firm will review your submission to determine if your site meets its criteria. 
  • Set up a consultation: If Domain Magnate likes your application, the team will set up a call with you to discuss more details about your business. 
  • Review Domain Magnate’s offer: Before sending you an offer, Domain Magnate’s senior manager or CEO will approve it. Once you get your offer, you can review it and determine if it is a worthwhile deal for you and your business.
  • Sign your sale agreement: Once you decide to close the deal, Domain Magnate will review the transfer process details. You can sign the sale agreement once you understand it. From there, you will transfer ownership of your site and receive the funds you’re entitled to. 

The firm’s team works efficiently to facilitate the sale of your site. It knows how to peak buyer interest and get the best possible price for your site. Domain Magnate has a large network of thousands of potential buyers, so you won’t be waiting around long for the right offer to come in. Domain Magnate will handle every part of the selling process as a full-service website broker, from negotiations to escrow transfers.

Investing in Websites

If you want to take a more hands-off approach, Domain Magnate lets you invest in websites. The company gives investors access to private deals that aren’t available in open markets. To offer investors the best experience possible, the staff reviews each deal carefully and performs thorough due diligence. 

You can invest through Domain Magnate in three different ways:

  • Buy Manage”: This option lets you own a business from Domain Magnate directly. The company will distribute ongoing monthly reports to keep you in the loop so you can track your business’s progress. 
  • Large fund: You can invest in the company’s large fund to participate in a diverse portfolio of deals. 
  • Private family funds: The firm offers private family funds for individuals who have bigger capital allocations.

Domain Magnate is very selective about who it allows into its pool of investors. It prefers investors who have high capital to commit. The firm also prefers that its investors understand the market. This way, it can deliver high value and returns to all of its investors. If you are interested in becoming an investor, you must fill out an online form through the firm’s website.

Domain Magnate helps new entrepreneurs break in. It encourages entrepreneurs to buy, sell, and invest in websites. The best part is, Domain Magnate only deals with websites valued at under $1 million, so you’re not competing with the higher-stakes companies.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Deal with Domain Magnate?

In most cases, you can close a deal with Domain Magnate within several days. This is much more efficient than other business brokers and marketplaces that can take several months. The exact timeframe will vary depending on the specifics of your case. However, you can trust the Domain Magnate team to work efficiently to close your deal.

How Do I Learn More About Domain Magnate?

If you are interested in Domain Magnate but are intimidated by the process of buying or selling a website, there is no need to worry. You can learn more about the service and the industry in general from Domain Magnate’s podcast. The episodes are hosted by founder Michael Bereslavsky and offer helpful advice on website buying, investing, and selling fields.

Listeners can tune in on various streaming platforms, including YouTube, iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, and Spotify. To ensure you will never miss an episode, you can subscribe to Domain Magnate’s email listing and get updates about the podcast.

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