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Matthew Woodward began his blog and YouTube channel in 2012, but his work in online platforms extends much further back. As a child, Woodward was developing skills in video production and website building. When he grew older, he started to work for corporations. However, these large organizations stifled his passions, leading him to quit and strike out on his own.

Since 2012, thousands of people have used helpful advice from Woodward’s blog to grow their businesses successfully. He provides SEO tactics and digital marketing advice. His techniques have been so successful that he has even gone on invited lectures to speak about his work all over the world. He has given presentations in Costa Rica, Romania, Spain, and many other countries.

A combination of free advice on his blog and paid services

Guidance in the form of video setups, office setups, SEO and marketing tools, plugins, and many other topics are on his blog. His blog links to many products that may help online business owners grow their enterprise and become more profitable.

While the blog may be a tad overwhelming, Woodward has a section where he boils down all his suggestions to the top three tools that he deems essential. This distinction can help people who are just getting started to know where to focus their energy. He also encourages his readers to comment on the SEO tools they use, creating a genuine community of users and entrepreneurs.

If you are looking for advice specific to your business and situation, you can hire Matthew Woodward’s team. The team has an abundance of knowledge and experience with SEO strategies to increase traffic and sales.

How Does Matthew Woodward’s Process Work?

If you are looking for helpful information from Woodward’s blog, then it is entirely up to you. You can determine the rate at which you want to access it. If you are going to hire Woodward’s team, the process consists of six main steps:

  1. Listen: Before doing anything else, Woodward’s team will listen to you to learn about your company and its goals.
  2. Plan: Once the team has an understanding of your business and its aspirations, it will devise a plan to get you there.
  3. Execute: After the team has developed and approved the project, they will help you put it into place.
  4. Report: Next, Woodward’s team will send you a report each month detailing the growth that occurred as well as areas that still have room for improvement.
  5. Improve: After seeing how fundamental changes have performed, the team may tweak the initial strategy to ensure that you see your desired changes.
  6. Support: Throughout the entire process, the team provides total support. If you have any questions about what they are doing or want them to clarify the reasons behind their recommendations, they will be happy to provide you with that information.

The best part about Matthew Woodward’s offerings is that he provides a substantial amount of information on his blog for free. If you seek personalized assistance specially tailored to your company, you will need to pay for those services. The specific cost will vary depending on the services you want and how long you choose to work with them.

When perusing Woodward’s blog, you should know that not every tool he suggests is free to use. While many are free to use or at least offer free trials, others are quite expensive. Although the blog information may be free, putting the suggestions into practice may cost you.

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