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Have you been putting everything you have into your affiliate website’s SEO efforts but aren’t noticing results? Performing SEO for affiliate websites can be demanding and daunting. Too much misinformation surrounds the most effective techniques. 

If you have grown tired of trial-and-error with your website’s SEO, Diggity Marketing offers test-based SEO services. Learn more about who Diggity Marketing is for and how this company can help improve your affiliate website.

What Is Diggity Marketing?

Diggity Marketing applies test-based SEO techniques for affiliate marketing websites. It is the brainchild of current owner Matt Diggity. He has a background in engineering and has applied what he’s learned to his current line of work.

His company provides premier customer service by producing results for its clients efficiently. Diggity Marketing’s techniques are tried and true. Matt and his team have experimented with what works best so that you don’t have to anticipate uncertain outcomes.

Diggity Marketing doesn’t limit its services to one niche or level of expertise. The company will work for SEO newbies, beginners, and experts alike. Matt and his team will also take on lone-wolf SEO specialists who are looking to become part of a broader community.

What Services Does Diggity Marketing Offer?


Diggity Marketing will create safe links and place them on real sites to increase your website’s traffic. Its SEO experts promise to:

  • Never use repurposed domains or PBNs 
  • Cover all niches
  • Never place your links on sponsored posts
  • Always use legitimate websites that generate real traffic
  • To get websites featured in guest posts, Diggity Marketing has spent years building relationships with website owners and bloggers. 

When you become a Diggity Marketing client, you’ll gain access to its custom dashboard. Here, you can look through niche, traffic, and price details. This easy-to-use display will allow you to find a posting site that will meet your needs.

Once you find your ideal posting site, Diggity Marketing will write the content for you. Its SEO experts will ensure that your link lands just where and how you want it to be. When you enlist Diggity Marketing’s link-building services, you can rest assured because of its money-back guarantee. If your links don’t get placed on websites with over 1,000 visitors per month, the company will issue a full refund.

SEO Outsourcing

Looking for someone to take over all of your affiliate website’s SEO? Diggity Marketing offers comprehensive, SEO outsourcing services. On average, the company increases website traffic by 110%. It does so through comprehensive SEO services, including:

  • Penalty Removal: Diggity Marketing can revoke both manual and algorithmic penalties on your website. On average, its experts require merely two to three weeks to fix these damaging marks. 
  • White-Label Solutions: Instead of trying to stay on top of the ever-changing SEO industry, Diggity Marketing will do it for you with its white-label solutions. 
  • On-Site Technical Auditing: Not every website will benefit from the same changes. To determine the most beneficial changes for your particular site, Diggity Marketing will perform an on-site technical audit. Rather than outlining everything wrong with your website, this audit comes with detailed recommendations and guides for making them.

SEO Coaching

Owner Matt Diggity offers one-on-one SEO coaching sessions to clients. He will work with individuals with no experience and veteran SEO specialists alike. His expertise lies in both competitive affiliate marketing websites and local SEO. Matt’s advice comes from the proven test results of high-ranking sites that he either owns or supervises.

As a client, you can expect to receive an actionable plan that will drive up your website traffic. Matt’s coaching services don’t end with SEO. He also helps clients improve their website’s CRO, or conversion rate optimization. This strategy helps your online business achieve optimal results in the long term.

The Affiliate Lab

If you have an interest in learning the intricacies of SEO, Diggity Marketing has created a course for sale called the Affiliate Lab. This course teaches website owners on how to rank on Google and earn a high passive income every month. It also covers how to flip a competitive affiliate website for 32 or more times its monthly revenue. 

The Affiliate Lab is a comprehensive course. There are no upsells, so it includes everything you need for one fair price. The time you dedicate to this course is up to you. Some website owners have gotten by with just four hours per week. However, you should consider putting more time into it to grow your affiliate website quickly. 

From this course, you will learn how to rank in competitive niches and monetize your website to its full potential. Plus, you’ll gain access to many helpful resources you can turn to if you get stuck along the way.

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