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Jon Dykstra is the brains behind Fat Stacks and has been publishing niche sites full time since 2012. His niches relate to standard, everyday topics. There are no get-rich-quick schemes behind the scenes; he has achieved a tremendous amount of success over the past eight years and continues to build a loyal following.

His commitment to niche markets started in 2009 when he published informational and entertaining content through niche sites to generate ad revenue. The knowledge he has acquired over the years is now available through his site, Fat Stacks.

What is Fat Stacks?

Essentially, Fat Stacks is the culmination of everything Jon Dykstra has learned from cultivating niche sites. Through his monthly income reports, you can also gain live insight into his current growth and trajectory. Think of these reports as a real-time testimonial of the success you may achieve by following his courses.

A lot of this information is readily available without having to spend a dollar. Of course, greater access to Fat Stacks’ material comes with a cost, but the free information is still extensive and helpful. This is especially true for beginners who may feel unsure of where they should begin.

Can Fat Stacks Help Me Build a Blog?

Part of the free information provided on the Fat Stacks site is an extensive guide on setting up your first blog. It takes you through development and branding to boosting traffic and revenue, all the way through to generating content. 

Dykstra writes exclusively from experience. He owns 16 separate niche sites, 7 of which publish their earnings each month via his income reports. All of them earn thousands of dollars every month; some even earn $40K each month.

Can Fat Stacks Help Me Choose a Niche?

Yes, and it’s perhaps the most vital piece of information you can attain from Fat Stacks. Choosing your niche is immensely important. The wrong niche will lead to a live site that pulls in no visitors and, therefore, generates no ad revenue whatsoever.

Fat Stacks poses a variety of questions to help you choose a niche. It strongly advises you to curate sites that involve topics you are personally interested in, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Fat Stacks makes plain that it’s entirely possible to choose a lucrative niche to pursue over your passion; you just have to prepare to work harder.

Can Fat Stacks Help Me Make Money with My Website?

Yes, Fat Stacks’ mission is to provide you with the resources you need to make money from your website. You don’t just walk away with a few tips to keep in mind; you’ll have learned how to generate income from your sites based on the following:

  • Ad revenue
  • Affiliate marketing
  • The sale of products or courses

Preliminary advice on what these terms mean and how you can best take advantage of them is available free on Dykstra’s site. If you want detailed exploration of these topics, then the subscription courses are where you need to look next.

Can Fat Stacks Help Me Decide on Article Topics?

Yes. For this, Fat Stacks’ primary focus is keyword research. A significant part of search engine optimization (SEO) is finding the most frequently used words in internet searches for any given topic. The more of these keywords worked into your article or site copy (within reason), the higher your site will rank on search results.

Fat Stacks makes clear that significant keyword research should be the driving force behind your article topics. You need to be writing content that people want to read and can easily find.

Does Fat Stacks Offer Courses?

Yes, a variety of them. The most notable is titled the ‘flagship course’ and offers a unique insight into how Dykstra continues to achieve an excess of $50K per month from niche blogging sites. What is perhaps most refreshing about this course is its honesty.

Right off the bat, Dykstra emphasizes that though he’s achieved incredible success, his course makes no guarantees. Your venture into niche blogging might make you significant amounts of money, or it may make you none. The information provided by the course is a guide, not a miracle.

Initially, this may seem disheartening. However, it’s an incredibly good sign to indicate the integrity of the course. Get-rich-quick schemes simply do not work. Ever. To achieve significant income, especially significant passive income, it takes time and commitment. It also takes the right know-how. 

Throughout these courses, Dykstra also stresses that high competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Granted, it means you have to fight for attention, but it also means there’s something to fight for. He believes you can gain an edge over the competition through his courses by learning what tactics they’re using. You’ll be encouraged to think of new ways to gain customers and the traction you need to generate substantial passive income.

The courses Fat Stacks provides include the following:

  • The Fat Stacks Bundle: Unsure where to start? No worries. Dykstra has put together a bundle of a variety of courses to give you the best possible start. You can also buy each course individually to match your needs via the website.
  • Pinterest Mandate: This is your one-stop for all things related to Pinterest traffic, which should not be underestimated. Dykstra claims one of his sites alone generates over 300,000 hits from Pinterest each month.
  • Long Tail Deep Dive: This course is your introduction to long-tail keywords and how to intersperse them into your content. This includes finding the ones with the least competition and the highest possible returns.
  • Content Site Autopilot: As its name suggests, this course teaches you the fundamentals of designing a self-sustaining site: minimal intervention, full rewards.
  • Natural Link Building Formula: This course tackles the task of building links naturally, without having to pay or spend copious amounts of time building them ground-up. 
  • Display Ads Deep Dive: Here, you’ll learn how to monetize niche sites and blogs via the many display ads available on the market. Dykstra claims as much as 80% of his revenue is from the humble display ad, so it’s not to be dismissed!
  • On-Site SEO Deep Dive: Top to bottom coverage on employing the best SEO tactics for your site. 
  • Niche Exponential: How to build specialty blogs that continually drive traffic and, ultimately, significant revenue.

In addition to the listed courses, Fat Stacks also possess its own forum where you can discuss all of your learning with other subscribers!

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