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Glen Allsopp is a highly motivated entrepreneur and SEO expert. He started his career at the young age of 16 when he launched his first website called MyDJSpace during MySpace’s popularity. This first project of Allsopp’s experienced moderate success, but he soon ditched it to pursue other opportunities.

When he was 17, he moved from England to South Africa to work for a digital marketing agency. As he immersed himself in his new life, he started a personal development blog called PluginID to document his experiences. 

He eventually sold PluginID for a respectable five-figure price and marked it as one of his first real successes in the online realm. Through his guest blogging method, he managed to find a gap in the market when it came to traffic generation.

PluginID was Allsopp’s way of sharing his personal experiences with the world. He also had another blog called ViperChill, dedicated to teaching people how to implement SEO practices and rank higher in search engine results pages. Allsopp struggled to gain subscribers to his blog, so he solved a second gap in the market: he created a plugin called OptinSkin that offered split testing for opt-in forms. 

Even though Allsopp experienced monumental success with his blog and plugin, he felt further pushed to pursue his SEO passion. He began to create SEO-specific regions for specific industries and regions. This project addressed the third critical gap he found in the market.

Within the last couple of years, Allsopp and two others founded, which he uses to communicate incredible business opportunities.

As passionate as Allsopp is about finding gaps in the market, he also has a passion for helping clients optimize their websites. It’s why he created another site called While Detailed focuses on actionable steps to improve search engine ranking, Gaps fills in the gaps, so to speak, by covering all the industry’s latest shifts.

What Is is a three-person operation that Allsopp and his team have built over the last several years. He shares profitable business ideas on his blog, paired with detailed action plans to help entrepreneurs begin their careers.

The blogs are highly digestible. They feature screenshots, charts, and headings that readers can quickly skim. The blog posts are longer-form pieces that take anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes to consume. 

Some examples of content readers can explore include:

  • The most profitable earners on Patreon
  • Success stories from mastering Google Algorithms
  • Case studies and insights from SEO industries
  • Risk factors from purchasing domain names
  • Building a high-revenue newsletter
  • Personal experiences about bloggers earning full-time incomes

If you have reached a creative block when thinking of a new business idea, is the place to go for inspiration. can also help you:

  • Make Money on Patreon
  • Launch a Startup
  • Start a Blog

What Is Detailed?

Detailed offers access to exclusive SEO insights and advising via an official private newsletter. It is a solution to the tired search engine optimization tactics that leave you directly in the middle of the herd with reader traffic. It’s what helps you to make an authentic connection with more clients. 

SEO innovator and Detailed founder Glen Allsopp has made it his mission to create meaningful change for companies worldwide with unique and cutting-edge search engine optimization tactics. Glen’s operation offers a wide range of services available for purchase digitally. Potential clients can easily subscribe to the newsletter by inputting their email on the website.

Glen Allsopp at Detailed is all about providing fresh tactics. He knows the digital marketing and SEO sphere is flooded with misleading information and strategies that were developed over a decade ago. Every digital marketing company is using these same tired tactics, and he believes it shows. That’s why Glen Allsopp has built a service on his consistent ability to innovate SEO strategies for a unique brand representation online.

In addition to a free-to-read blog, Detailed offers various valuable services available for a small fee. Detailed has four main offerings:

  • An SEO blog that currently hosts over 50,000 subscribers
  • Industry Rankings posted with updates every 24 hours. This feature ranks the world’s biggest blogs. You can view the top 50 of all niches or go directly to a specific niche.
  • An SEO extension is available that you can add to either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It will give users SEO insights with a simple click. Currently, over 10,000 people use this service.
  • SEO Blueprint is a class designed to teach digital marketers how to harness all the power of SEO. It is usually on offer once a quarter.

The vast knowledge and tools supplied by Detailed means that you are likely to find a topic or resource that will help your business thrive online.

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