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Craig Campbell SEO is a Glasgow-based company founded by the man whose name it carries. Most of what the company does is training-based, providing clients with the ability to master SEO strategies. Though the company is based in Glasgow, Craig and his team have worked worldwide.

Though there are some services like SEO Auditing and Online Reputation Management, a large part of the business model focuses on training and classes. These are designed to equip clients with the tools to master SEO techniques and maximize their business, rather than relying on other businesses to do it. 

However, clients can hire Craig Campbell’s company to do white label SEO, wherein they do the work, and your business can “fill in the blanks” as needed. Craig Campbell has created a company with a range of SEO related options, but who is Craig Campbell?

The Scotsman who founded the company has been working in SEO for over 18 years. He recently became the top-paid Scottish businessman on YouTube for his channel, which has over 45,000 subscribers. His other top social media account, his Twitter, has over 120,000 followers.

He started out with a passing interest in SEO as a concept, learning from books and forums. After a lot of trial and error, he began to figure out what truly worked and what didn’t boost rankings and website traffic. By 2004, he had started SEO services for other people from his home office.

He briefly started a larger agency, complete with office space, before deciding that a smaller operation would foster closer relationships with clients. He took on fewer projects and delegated work to a trusted team, and that’s been his business model for years now. 

Craig Campbell frequently speaks at conferences and events to share his experience and tips. He travels the world to give these talks, and he says he enjoys it. He listens to others at these conventions to pick up more tricks to help his clients and grow his business.

Using Craig Campbell SEO

If you are looking for a company that will do all of the work for you and provides you with the statistics, this might not be the place to go. While the company does offer a service similar to that, others base their business model on that idea and have comprehensive packages for it. This is the service to choose if you want to learn how to use SEO. 

However, if you or your business is looking for something to teach you more about SEO and build the foundation for you to carry it on yourself, Craig Campbell SEO may be exactly what you need. The reviews from previous clients are very positive, and Craig Campbell is recognized as an expert, so you know that you are getting genuine help from someone with experience.

How Does the Company Work?

How it works generally depends on the type of service you need from it. To use the services, it comes down to contacting Craig about working together. If you are signing up for a training course, you will need to specify which one.

The courses can be for you or multiple employees of your business so that you can put together an SEO team. There is an intermediate and advanced course, with intermediate being the “beginner” course for learning basic SEO skills and understanding the key concepts. Prices vary by client and are determined during a consultation with Craig.

In general, like most agencies, you will need to discuss your website’s needs and goals. From there, depending on the services you require, the company will help you set up a plan.

What Services Can Craig Campbell Provide and How Much Does it Cost?

As stated before, the main service of Craig Campbell SEO is Training Courses. There is an intermediate and advanced course that can be taught to an individual or a team. In some cases, the company can travel out to teach the course in person or an online course. Aside from the training courses, there are multiple SEO-related services offered, including:

  • An SEO audit
  • An SEO consultant
  • Link building packages
  • Online reputation management
  • PPC management
  • White label SEO

Prices and content vary, so knowing what you need when contacting them is important. For the training, their online courses are priced as follows:

  • Intermediate: £199 + VAT per person
  • Advanced: £499 + VAT per person

For in-person courses, the price will increase, based on distance traveled.

Other services will vary based on your business and website’s needs and how much work needs to be done. When contacting Craig Campbell SEO, be sure to have a general idea of what you will need to get an accurate estimate.

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