Brendan Tully

Tech Industry Cover is a small blog website that talks about: 

  • Search engine optimization
  • eCommerce
  • Digital marketing
  • Website speed

It stays fresh with Brendan Tully’s updates, including new blog posts on current trends. The website doesn’t have many resources on it, and it only has one page of content, so you can’t get lost. All you can do is scroll on one page, read his blog articles, or click on links to his other sites.

If you’re trying to build and scale a successful online business but are having trouble, the website may offer some helpful information to troubleshoot and overcome challenges.

What Topics Does Brendan Tully Cover?

On, Brendan Tully covers all sorts of topics relating to online business. If you’re involved in eCommerce or want to improve the way your website ranks on search engine results pages, you may find helpful information on the site. We took a look at the most recent version of his website to assess what type of content is available:

  • Starting at Brendan Tully’s oldest blog posts, he begins talking about the basics of eCommerce marketing. This information is included via an audio link to a phone call that Brendan hosted with Sean from a company called Visible HQ. On the call, they talk about the basics of a strong online store.
  • After that, he includes a post about fixing common WordPress speed issues. It’s a short post with just a few recommendations. More so, this blog post serves as a home for extra links to content that covers the topic.
  • Then, there’s a post with a link to a video of Brendan Tully speaking at a marketing summit on the topic of eCommerce marketing at several profit goals, from five to seven figures and beyond.
  • The post that comes next is another similar post with a video link of Brendan Tully speaking on a podcast about the best strategies to increase search engine optimization. However, this topic was posted back in 2017, so the content may not be relevant any longer.
  • After a short post linking to other projects Brendan has worked on, he includes another link to his second podcast interview with the same host, this time covering local SEO strategies.
  • Finally, the most recent topic that covers on the website is optimizing WordPress speed optimization. This post includes an audio player where you can listen to Brendan speak with Smartbrand Marketing about different website speed optimization services. This post plugs a link to Brendan’s other business,

Though not a topic covered in any blog posts, the site also covers the other companies and projects that Brendan Tully has worked on or is currently working on. This is located on the left-hand side of the page and serves as a sort of navigation.

Are There Any Other Businesses Associated With Brendan Tully?

Brendan Tully is associated with many other businesses, which you can learn more about by clicking on the links to his other websites. To understand more about Brendan Tully as a person and what kind of resources/links his website includes, let’s look at the other businesses he has.

Search Engine Shop

The first other business Brendan Tully links to is labeled as “Achieve More Online,” but once you click the link, it takes you to a site called The Search Engine Shop. It’s unclear what the disconnect is.

The Search Engine Shop is an SEO company that hosts in-person workshops and offers one-on-one SEO consulting for thousands of businesses. The company primarily works with Australian companies but has team members working throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. He also includes a link with the anchor text “Melville Digital Enterprise Project” that links to the Search Engine Shop website.

Another site that Brendan Tully seems to own or be involved in is called Pareto ECommerce Blueprint. This site advertises eCommerce strategy services, including review generation, backlink boosting, SEO tactics, CRO hacks, click-through rate secrets, and a guide to website speed.

WP Alpha

WP Alpha is a managed WordPress hosting site for Australian-based sites that uses Australian servers to provide high-performing, high-speed, and search engine-friendly websites for businesses.

WP Speed Fix

Finally, WP Speed Fix is a speed optimization company that offers a site speed test tool and free site speed audits. The company has different speed fix services that customers can choose from based on their varied needs.

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