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Do you think that designing, launching, and maintaining a website will help you and your company get to the next level? Whether you’ve been thinking about it for a few days or a few months, you know that SEO is an essential part of online marketing. A high-quality website with appropriately used SEO tactics will help you gain an audience and attract customers. 

If you already have a website or are in the process of creating one, nailing SEO is a difficult task. Besides SEO, you have to consider the layout, graphics, use of video, and how the pages flow together to get your brand across. 

That’s where The Flux comes into the picture. The company offers SEO services to business owners that have too much on their plate and not enough resources to implement quality SEO. Here’s what you should know about this marketing company and whether it’s right for you.

What is The Flux?

The Flux is an SEO and marketing company in both Philadelphia and Miami. Nick Eubanks founded the business in 2015 and has helped the company grow ever since. He leads with a passion for search engine marketing and is in charge of many consulting projects as a result. 

It was originally named I’m From the Future and then became From the Future when it acquired WEBRIS and True Voice Media. The business works with over 80 clients crafting media campaigns and growing platforms.

The Flux prides itself on being a step ahead of the competition and pushing the SEO industry forward. Team members also build tools for clients to utilize and step up their SEO game on their own. You’ll not only learn SEO basics, but you’ll also walk away with practical ways to apply it to your site.

The team works directly with customers to build marketing campaigns and also releases free content on the official blog. 

Should I Read the Content or Purchase the Services on The Flux?

If you’re looking to break into the Miami and Philadelphia markets, you might benefit from partnering with this media company. Businesses that produce many products and always need marketing campaigns could also benefit from partnering with The Flux team. Those who have an in-house media team might not need the company’s paid services but could still benefit from reading the free content on their blog. 

You might wonder what makes The Flux stand out from other marketing businesses? The team focuses on high-growth industries and clients looking to quickly and effectively expand their customer list. The content comes from a team of over 40 individuals who are at the top of their fields. Look into previous work that the company has done to see if their campaigns suit your business needs. 

What is the Community of The Flux Like?

The Flux itself has a team of over 20 individuals who work as marketing engineers. Because the company acquired WEBRIS and True Voice Media, the employee count is up to over 40 workers. The team is spread out in Philadelphia and Miami. All branches work together to complete the marketing requests of their clientele. 

The company prides itself on sharing the industry secrets that it has learned via blog, conference talks, and published articles. Team members focus on building strong ties to clients and one another. The company stands by its principles of honesty, respect, and autonomy. You can expect to build intimate and long-lasting partnerships with these employees.

How Do Users Interact with The Flux?

From any page of the website, individuals can acquire a quote for the services they wish to invest in. If you fill out the contact form with your name, email address, company name, and other information, the team will promptly get back to you.

Be as detailed as you can in terms of the work you’re looking for and the monthly budget that you have allotted. After sending these specific details, The Flux marketing engineers will get back to you with a plan of action. 

If you’re interested in looking at content on their blog, you don’t need an account. You can scroll through the articles at your leisure and save them to your bookmark bar if you’re interested. 

What Info Can I Find The Flux Resource Tab?

Besides contacting the company to work directly with them, you can utilize the resource tab to garner information. The section is divided into five sub-categories that you can peruse at your leisure:

  • Blog: If you want to learn more about the SEO industry, The Flux blog tab is ideal for you. You can choose six specializations for your content, including analytics, content marketing, design, development, SEO, and strategy. 
  • Case Studies: For those who want to see examples of previous work that the team at Flux has accomplished, the case studies page is available. You can see the work they’ve done to improve clients’ SEO, paid traffic flow, content, and strategy development. 
  • Design Portfolio: The Flux designs or re-designs websites for companies. The company has done landing pages, cloud hosting platforms, and blog sites, among other things. You can check out how The Flux could help you spruce your website’s look on the tab. 
  • Our Tools: The Flux engineers constantly work to make the lives of their clients simpler. You can use their free link builder tool on the page. 
  • Webinars: Here, you can access video tutorials that break down key concepts in the industry, such as keyword research, organic traffic, crawl budgets, etc. 

Who is The Flux For?

The Flux’s services are made for those who need to improve their SEO, campaign strategies, or website.

If you’re a small business that doesn’t have an in-house marketing team, partnering with The Flux could benefit you. Plus, those interested in the SEO and marketing industries will learn a lot of useful information on the website free of charge. 

How Much Does it Cost to Access Content on The Flux?

All the subsections of the resource tab on The Flux website are available for free. All you need to access their tools and webinars is an email address and your company’s name. 

You can view the blogs, case studies, and design portfolio without giving away your information. If you want specific marketing work done for your company, The Flux offers a quote before committing. The price will vary depending on what you need to be done and your monthly budget. 

Is The Flux Worth it?

The free content can help you get started with SEO and marketing projects of your own. The paid-for content depends on what you’re looking for. Every marketing company has its pros and cons, and The Flux is no exception. 


  • A variety of free content – all you need is your email and company name
  • The team has plenty of experience in a variety of marketing projects
  • Easy to contact 
  • Work on SEO, website design, content strategies, and paid media, among other things


  • Based in America – only available in certain time zone schedules
  • Doesn’t have outright prices – need to contact for a quote before you see prices

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