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Consumers are growing more attached to search engines each year. It’s how they perform product research and gain insight into a brand’s credibility. This means you want your website to appear as high on search result pages above all else. 

There are plenty of SEO agencies and online marketing programs out there that claim to climb you to the top. However, you don’t have time to waste; you need to know who to trust.

In this review, we’ll be introducing you to, a service with plenty of high-profile clients behind its name. We’ll explain what it is, what it does, and whether it could be the SEO agency capable of taking your business to the next level. 

What is is a service that offers a wide range of online marketing plans and strategies to put you ahead in the digital sphere. It offers comprehensive and personally adapted digital marketing services to suit your needs. believes that all businesses are different and require different things. The team approaches each marketing campaign with personalization in mind. They will work as closely with your brand as you wish. They offer both a fully collaborative service and background operation depending on your needs.

All the team asks is that you’re there to answer questions when required so that they can accurately build your personalized campaign. How involved you are in the process is entirely up to you. If you want to make suggestions on content you know works well with your audience, you’re welcome to. If you want to sit back and only cooperate when requested, that’s okay too. 

What Does Offer? offers optimization tactics to boost your traffic, brand notoriety, and conversions. A combination of research, content marketing, technical SEO, and social media strategies drives its proven results. It may sound like utilizes a wide scope with its aims, but it all comes together under a unified plan suited to your requirements. 

Though its custom SEO packages vary greatly from client to client due to personal adjustments, there are some key components that remain consistent. Listed below are some of these integral elements for any successful campaign. 

Maintenance of Site Health

Many brands don’t even consider how search engine algorithm changes may affect their site’s efficacy. performs frequent checks for indexing errors or any manual actions that may prove detrimental to your site’s efficiency.

Page Optimization

Your pages need to be optimized. This doesn’t just relate to how they look or even how they function in terms of user interface; it all comes down to conversion. Which of your pages lead to sales most often, and which are increasing your bounce rate? investigates both of these issues and work to improve overall performance.

Competitive Analysis

To really get ahead, you need to know what your competition are doing. There are fewer industries more competitive than SEO, especially when it comes to keyword usage. analyzes your competition to provide only the most effective keywords in your site copy. 

Monthly Reporting

Perhaps one of their strongest features is accountability. Each month, will send you a full report demonstrating what the team has accomplished and how that’s affected your growth. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. 

Does Provide Web Design? offers insight into the best search engine practices but also considers your entire site. If you feel like you need an entire overhaul, can help with that too. It offers designers on hand to provide an entirely new site, fully SEO optimized from the beginning. 

It should be no secret that effective web design is key to customer engagement. It can make all the difference between achieving frequent conversion to actively turning clients away. The websites that designs are fully accessible across all devices and are hosted on a secure server. 

How Much Does Cost?

There is a wide array of price plans available depending on what you intend to use for. We’ve broken them all down for your assessment below:

SEO Campaigns

  • Local Plan: starts at $1750/mo, designed for attracting local business
  • National Plan: starts at $3000/mo, for nation-wide appeal
  • Enterprise Plan: starts at $5000/mo, for global e-commerce sites

Web Design

  • Classic Website: $5000, a fully optimized website that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use
  • E-Commerce Website: $7500, designed with sales promotion and conversion in mind
  • Custom Projects: plans priced individually based on developmental requirements

Content Production

  • Basic Content Plan: starts at $1500/mo, focused on advertising physical locations and bringing in local customers
  • Advance Content Plan: starts at $3000/mo, adopts a broader scope to target nation-wide or even international audiences also offers price plans for social media marketing, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization (CRO) which you can find via their site. The pricing plans are predominantly in the thousands per month. While it can be argued you’re paying for high quality advice, this may stretch the limits of many budgets.

Is SEO.Com Worth It? 

Is this really the best resource for all things SEO? Take a look at these pros and cons to help you decide:


  • Expert advice from industry professionals, with a proven track record
  • An enormous variety of plans and packages available to suit the needs of numerous businesses
  • Can assist with a pre-existing site and campaign or build a bespoke strategy from the ground up
  • The process is as collaborative as you desire, either entailing your full involvement or allowing the experts to do all the work


  • Though there are numerous price plans available, many of them may be too expensive for the average business. This is especially true for smaller businesses seeking significant growth
  • Some businessowners might not want to work collaboratively with the team and instead receive a website that’s ready to-go.

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