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Merj is an up and coming digital consulting firm that claims to provide the world’s leading companies with competitive intelligence. They offer services to businesses ranging from SEO consultations to in-depth software analysis and improvement. 

But are these services worth it? Read our review of Merj below to find out.

What Is Merj?

Merj is a digital consulting firm that provides technical SEO services, analytics, and data mining. They also offer a free-to-read blog that SEO enthusiasts can read for the most up-to-date SEO information. Topics covered in their blog include:

  • Technical SEO roundups 
  • Mobile indexing 
  • Microsoft Excel

Merj has a wealth of information about a variety of subjects relating to SEO. Merj offers services to optimize the digital presence of businesses by tailoring software to digital processes. Their software solutions let them collect and solve various big data problems. They identify and solve problems within businesses to find the origin and solve the root of the issue.  

Should I Use Merj?

If you get the chance to visit Merj’s website, you absolutely should. Their blog offers several “Technical SEO Roundup” posts (in addition to their other blog posts) in which they discuss news and updates from the world of SEO. This includes news in developments from Google and Bing and even gives you links to further reading about the subjects they discuss.

When it comes to Merj’s SEO services, we recommend these for people who are struggling with digital problems for their business. If you’re a business that could benefit from organic search services, help with data strategy and insights, and digital due diligence, you should definitely use Merj. 

How Do Users Interact with the ClickMinded Platform?

Merj’s website is so vast that it can be difficult to navigate, hence find what you need. To use, you of course first want to go to their homepage. From there, you can select from various menus in the upper right-hand corner. Other than the usual “About,” “Contact,” and “Careers” pages, let’s talk about the most integral pages to their site.


When you’re on the homepage, you’ll notice a menu in the upper right-hand corner. Click on this menu and press the “Blog” button under “General”. This will lead you to Merj’s blog, in which they cover various subjects from their monthly Technical SEO Roundups to mobile indexing and Microsoft Excel. These blog posts are very informative and cover news and updates from the world of web development and SEO.

Best of all, these blog posts are free to read. We believe that free knowledge is the best knowledge, so you should definitely check these out if you’d like to stay updated in the web development and SEO worlds. 


One of their most unique features is Merjbot. You can locate the Merjbot page under “General”. 

Merjbot is a collection of web crawlers that provide insight into websites. The Merjbot helps Merj discover and analyze technical issues across websites. You can hire Merj to use their Merjbot for competitor analysis or Merj will use the Merjbot on your site automatically for one of their clients’ competitor analysis requests. 

You can inquire about using Merjbot for your business’s benefit by contacting Merj directly.

What Services are Offered?

Organic Search

The “Organic Search” page is an overview of the SEO services that Merj offers. Here, you can find out about these services that Merj offers, such as technical SEO, mobile optimization, page speed analysis, keyword analysis, and more.

Paid Media

Paid media allows you to build tailored connections with customers. This lets you present relevant products and services to them. Merj offers paid search, paid social, shopping, and programmatic paid media services.

Data Strategy and Insights

Market research, data mining, machine learning, competitor intelligence, and data structures are only a few of the data strategy services that Merj offers. You can find information about them on this page. 

Software and Technology

Their software and technology services will help your business discover software possibilities from data, improve operational efficiency, and simplify complex problems using the software. You can find information about this service on the Software and Technology page.

Digital Due Diligence

On this page, you can read about how Merj uses digital due diligence to help you either invest in companies with large digital presences or if you want to get a due diligence report before you sell your company. You can contact Merj directly through this page if you want to inquire about this service.

What Information Can I Find on Merj?

You can get so much information from Merj’s website, both paid and for free. This begins with their blog.

Information from Blogs

Their blog contains a multitude of information about various subjects, but the most interesting and comprehensive posts are their monthly Technical SEO Roundup blog posts. In these, they cover what has happened in the world of SEO and web development, mainly for Google and Bing. For instance, their August 2019 issue covered how Google had updated their support page on dynamic rendering, updated their testing tools, and changed how image search results are displayed on desktop devices. 

Their Technical SEO Roundup blog posts are quick reads (about 10-15 minutes each) and are excellent for those who want to stay informed about current news in the world of SEO and web development. 

Information from Services

Next, we’ll talk about what you can gain information-wise from hiring Merj for your business. As we talked about before, Merj has so many services that can optimize your businesses’ site and software. Their organic search services can give you information about your site’s SEO, keywords, and mobile optimization. Their paid media services let you build better connections with your customers so they become more loyal. 

Their other services like data strategy, software and technology, and digital due diligence all give you information about your site that you likely wouldn’t get if you didn’t hire a company that specializes in finding this information out for you. 

As you can see, Merj’s site offers so much free and paid information. 

Who Is Merj for?

Merj is for people who are interested in optimizing their businesses’ SEO and websites. Their free blog is for anyone interested in keeping up-to-date in the world of SEO and web development, especially if they are interested in careers with Google or Bing. 

The services offered by Merj are for businesses who are serious about improving their websites and services. Merj’s services are in-depth and can help any business succeed at getting their best digital footprint.

How Much Does Merj Cost?

As we said before, Merj’s blog is free to read. Their services, however, are not. 

Merj’s prices for their services are not listed explicitly on their website. You can, however, contact them directly for any price inquiries for services. On their “Contact” page, you just need to write in your name, job title, email address, company name, estimated budget, and a short description of what you need assistance with.

It’s worth noting that when inputting your estimated budget, you cannot put anything less than 5000£. However, it’s worth contacting Merj so you can let them know your exact budget if it’s less than this.

Is Merj Worth It?

We can say with confidence that Merj is at least worth checking out. Their free blog has such amazing information and their services are very comprehensive. If your business is struggling with its digital footprint, you should definitely try to check out Merj.


  • Free blog gives you plenty of up-to-date content about the world of SEO and web development
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • Services are comprehensive
  • Merj is easy to contact from any of their service pages


  • Prices aren’t listed explicitly on their website

Overall, we can’t find much wrong with Merj. They are a great company that can help your company set realistic goals for its website’s SEO and digital footprint. We recommend that you check out Merj’s website and inquire about its services. It doesn’t hurt to ask what they can do for your business!

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