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No matter how revolutionary your product or service is, it can be difficult to attract clients without a solid online presence. With all of the day-to-day matters you’re responsible for, you likely don’t have the time to dedicate to building your brand online.

It might be time to surrender this responsibility and hire professionals to help. 

There are hundreds of online marketing agencies who can take on the task, like Distilled.net. In this review, we’ll let you know if this company is worth hiring. We’ll cover the services it offers and information about the founders, so you can decide if it’s the right resource to use to grow your brand. 

What Is Distilled?

Distilled is an online marketing agency based in London. Duncan Morris and Will Critchlow co-founded it in 2005 as a web development agency.

Critchlow’s brother Tom joined the team in 2007 and drove the company to focus on paid and organic search services. 

Over the years, the company has added several departments to its organization to offer clients more comprehensive services. These various teams include Creative, Outreach, and Content Marketing sections. 

The online marketing agency has since expanded to include offices in New York City and Seattle. Currently, the company has over 60 staff members spread across the three offices. Distilled is recognized around the world for its large reach and well-rounded approach to creating digital content.

What Services Does Distilled Offer?

The company’s services are:

  • Consulting
  • Digital PR and Outreach
  • PPC

What Are Distilled’s Consulting Services?

Distilled’s consulting services are its most prominent ones. Through its expert advice, the company’s staff helps businesses thrive in the online world. 

You can break down its consulting services into the following categories:


When you recruit Distilled’s advice on SEO, you will receive actionable steps that you can take to achieve your business’s goals.

Clients often notice a drastic improvement in rankings. Distilled helps them create impactful websites that:

  • Speak to the appropriate audiences
  • Are technically sound
  • Display robust brand signals

Distilled can offer SEO advice to any business in any industry worldwide.

Content Marketing

Engaging content is an essential part of a successful website, which is something Distilled understands very well. The company works with each client to develop a unique approach to composing optimal content.

Enterprise SEO

B2B clients often have the unique challenge of making their websites customer-centric rather than organization-centric. Distilled takes the audience personas you identify and translates them into a series of search intents.

From there, the company will repurpose your website’s content to satisfy those intents. When necessary, it will also help create fresh content to meet your business’s needs.

From the onset of your relationship with Distilled, the staff will engage with you to increase collaboration and improve your enterprise’s SEO efforts. 

E-Commerce SEO

Clients with E-commerce sites also have unique challenges, as they have to draw traffic from all over to be successful. 

Even though every E-commerce client is different, their websites all face similar problems. The Distilled team is very knowledgeable on concepts like international targeting and faceted navigation. Through its vast experience in the industry, the staff can navigate these issues for various E-commerce sites.


There is no one solution to increase your website’s traffic. Rather, you need to implement an experimental approach that allows for fast feedback and incremental learning. 

Luckily, this online marketing agency offers just that through its platform called ODN. This SEO split-testing platform lets the company’s clients participate in ongoing experimentation with different SEO strategies.


Distilled isn’t all talk. Rather, it believes in accountable search marketing. Through its measurement services, it helps companies track the results of their campaigns. 

To support your campaign, the company will:

  • Identify analytics platform requirements
  • Design reports
  • Engage in tag management

What Are Distilled’s Digital PR & Outreach Services?

It’s often difficult to create newsworthy content that can grab consumers’ attention. Through its years of experience, Distilled has come to understand what kind of content journalists and major publications want.

The company’s PR team stays active during every part of the content creation process. It identifies angles and pitches stories to get your business’s site noticed. 

The company has received linking pieces of coverage for its clients on major publications like:

  • Huffington Post
  • TIME Magazine
  • Forbes
  • Mail Online
  • New York Times

Through its digital PR and outreach services, Distilled has created newsworthy, shareable content for its clients. 

What Are Distilled’s PPC Services?

A lot of digital marketing agencies focus on securing clicks for their clients rather than long-term customers.

Distilled differs from its competitors by helping its clients obtain loyal customers through PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. The company uses precision targeting and conversion tracking to attract high-quality customers rather than dead-end leads. 

The company works with the following platforms to offer its PPC services:

  • AdWords (including the Google Display Network)
  • Bing Ads
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

When you recruit Distilled’s PPC services, you don’t have to be restricted to one type of network. The company will implement a combination of display, social, and paid search networks to get your business the ideal results. 

What Qualifications Does Distilled Hold?

Distilled is an agency certified to use Marin Software, a tool used to manage and optimize ad spend. Distilled is also a certified member of the Google Marketing Platform. 

The staff uses its knowledge from these certifications to analyze its advertising efforts and meet clients’ unique needs. 

What Other Resources Does Distilled Offer?

Distilled has an informative blog filled with advice for website owners. If you provide your email upon visiting Distilled.net, you can receive updates about the blog posts and access to an SEO training video every month.

The company also hosts its SearchLove conference every year in San Diego, New York, and London. At this two-day event, global experts in online marketing come together to discuss strategies and techniques. You can get up-to-date on the latest news in topics like content creation and website optimization when you attend.

Is There Proof of Distilled’s Past Successes?

Yes! There are several case studies on Distilled’s website that are free to access. The company has served large-scale businesses like ThoughtWorld, Digital Sherpa, and Simply Business. 

In these case studies, you can learn about how Distilled navigates different industries to produce the same effective results time and time again. 

What Does the Distilled & Brainlabs Integration Mean?

Brainlabs is another successful digital marketing agency. Though they used to exist separately, Distilled and Brainlabs merged a while back. 

Distilled’s new collaboration has granted it access to more resources and data than ever before. It still offers consulting services but works with Brainlabs to offer SEO and paid media services under one company. 

Who Is Distilled For?

Distilled is for anyone who wants to get their digital marketing campaign off the ground. The company caters to businesses of all sizes and in all industries. 

The team’s wide range of creative and technical skills makes it well-equipped to cover all aspects of any digital marketing campaign. 

Is Distilled Worth It?

From our research and reading others’ experiences, we can confidently say that Distilled is worth it.

The only drawback to this company is that it doesn’t focus on one business size or niche. Rather, it caters to all companies. Some clients may view this lack of specialization as a drawback. 

However, we believe Distilled’s team is diverse enough to overcome this challenge. Its knowledgeable and experienced staff members have proven they can offer high-quality services to all businesses.


  • The company offers diverse services including consulting, public outreach, and PPC advertising
  • The company offers free resources to its readers including blog posts and SEO training videos
  • The company hosts an annual conference for business owners to help them optimize their sites and learn more about the industry


  • The company doesn’t focus on a particular industry or limit the types of companies it works for, which may be a drawback for some clients

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