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Dejan Marketing is a team of young online marketing professionals. They specialize in research, SEO, paid campaigns, strategy, and content marketing. They might be a small team, but they are powerful and have received worldwide recognition in the online marketing industry.

Is hiring this small online marketing team worth it? Read our review of Dejan Marketing and see for yourself! 

What Is Dejan Marketing?

As said before, Dejan Marketing is a small team of highly specialized young SEO and digital marketing professionals. They specialize in subjects like technical SEO, marketing, and advertising. They are the only Moz Recommended agency in Australia.

Dejan Marketing offers a specialized set of services related to technical and strategic SEO, including SEO and PPC. Their SEO services include designing and deploying SEO campaigns, as well as providing businesses with tools and methodologies for solving challenges. They offer in-depth PPC services as well (more on these later). 

Should I Use Dejan Marketing?

Dejan Marketing seems like a small but passionate group of people looking to share their talents with the world. For that reason, we recommend checking out their website. Their blog is free to read and has information on several subjects such as online shopping, guest blogging, and ads.

In terms of their paid services, you should use Dejan Marketing if you’re a business looking to pay another small business to help with your SEO and PPC. You can easily book a free meeting with Dejan’s team of top professionals to get insight into what they can do for your small business. 

How Do Users Interact with the Dejan Platform?

The great thing about Dejan Marketing’s website is that it’s very easy to navigate. Simply go to their homepage at and navigate from there. 


When you’re on the homepage, you’ll notice a menu in the upper right-hand corner. Click on this menu and press the button titled “Blog”. This will lead you to Dejan’s blog, in which they cover various subjects such as paid search, guest blogging, link building, content marketing, and SEO. The blog is free to read and, as you know, we love free knowledge. Navigating the blogs is easy, as each one has its own thumbnail and page.

Case Studies

As a smaller agency, Dejan Marketing has conducted a case study for e-commerce testing. This page is particularly interesting, as there are only a few case studies on this page. One of the case studies “help(ed) this brand avoid making an update which would have led to millions in lost sales”. In the other case study, they investigated how disabling brand bidding would impact traffic and conversion on their site.

Other case studies are smaller and relate to e-commerce, professional services, and finances. You can read the details about their case studies on Dejan Marketing’s website. 


Under the “Services” dropdown part of the main menu, you’ll find all the services that Dejan Marketing offers. This includes both SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click). 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Dejan Marketing offers search engine optimization services. You can read in-depth about these services on their SEO page, which contains an overview of their focused campaigns and support. Dejan Marketing deploys SEO campaigns based on data analysis and testing. On their SEO page, you can read more about the tools and processes they use to solve SEO issues for their clients. 

On this page, you can also read about their process for SEO. This process starts with a first meeting and an initial strategy session. Then, they retrieve data and detect opportunities. Finally, they design a campaign and present it to their client. You can read more in-depth about this process on their SEO page. 


If you navigate to their “PPC” page under “Services,” you’ll find more information about their offerings for pay-per-click services. They have different pricing tiers for this service based on what you need, as well as how large your business is. They also offer tools and software for download so you can navigate the world of pay-per-click yourself.

What Information Can I Find on Dejan Marketing’s Website?

Although Dejan is a smaller firm, they still offer tons of information both through their blogs and their services. Read more about both options below.

Information from Blogs

As said before, Dejan Marketing’s blog is a wonderful place to gain (free!) knowledge about the world of SEO and PPC. From being very simple to navigate to having easy-to-understand visuals and graphs in each blog post, Dejan Marketing knows how to hook you from the start with every post. Many of the blog posts spark from surveys, such as “Why do you do guest posts?” or “Why do you read online?”

In their blogs, which take between 5-15 minutes to read, the main point is summarized at the end of the post. This lets people browse blogs for hours, gaining information even if they don’t read the full blog post. There’s a wealth of information to be gained from these free blogs.

Information from Services

Dejan Marketing offers two main services, SEO and PPC. By hiring them for your SEO needs, you can get an insight into your website’s SEO strategy (if any). From the first meeting, you’ll get recommendations for aligning your goals and expectations to what you’ll need to do during the campaign. 

In terms of their PPC services, they offer both Google Ad management and Facebook Campaign assistance. With these services, you get expert account setup, targeting formulas, several ad formats, metrics, and analysis of campaign results. You can get so much information from this service, but it’s largely based on which pricing tier you select (more on this later!). 

Who Is Dejan Marketing for?

Dejan Marketing’s free blog is for those who are interested in staying up-to-date with the world of SEO, PPC, and digital marketing. This includes everyone from digital marketing college students to business professionals looking to learn more about how to improve their business. Best of all, it’s free so you just need to go to their website to start learning.   

The services offered by Dejan are best tailored for small businesses who need help with their digital marketing, SEO, and PPC campaigns. However, Dejan doesn’t just do small businesses. They can help any size business streamline their marketing and SEO practices!

How Much Does Dejan Marketing Cost?

Dejan Marketing’s blog is free to read, but their services are not free. 

Unfortunately, Dejan’s prices for their SEO services are not listed explicitly on their website. In their “SEO” section under “CTR Optimization,” you can request a quote for their CTR optimization services. 

The pricing for their PPC services is listed on their website under “PPC” and is outlined below:

  • Single-Channel – $500 per month – For small, local businesses and small adjustments/monitoring. 
  • Multi-Channel – $850 per month – Also for small, local businesses and small adjustments/monitoring. 
  • Comprehensive – $1500 per month – For businesses in multiple locations or moderately competitive industries.
  • Advanced – $2000 per month – For e-commerce campaigns and companies with rapid growth business models. 
  • Enterprise – $3000 per month – For highly-complex campaigns in large or worldwide businesses. 

All tiers of the PPC pricing include monthly reporting. Dejan Marketing also offers tools and software for the research and development of PPC campaigns.

Is Dejan Marketing Worth It?

Dejan Marketing’s website is worth checking out, if not just for the free blog then to inquire about their in-depth SEO and PPC services.


  • Free blog gives you lots of information
  • Tools and software for PPC campaigns
  • Services are in-depth
  • Small team means lots of personal attention


  • Prices for SEO aren’t listed explicitly on the website

Overall, we love the small-business feel of Dejan Marketing. They might be small, but they’re a strong team of people who are looking to help businesses thrive in terms of their SEO, PPC, and digital marketing. We recommend them to anyone who needs help in these areas.

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