Charles’ March Choice – Tech, Photography, Travel, and Sports Niches

Getting advice from the top SEO experts with a huge professional background is always inspiring, especially when your business starts to bring results when you implement the recommended strategy.

In this month’s selection of domains, Charles Floate has chosen four domains from the Tech, Photography, Travel, and Sports Niches. You can check out his fresh ideas and straightforward advice below.

A two-word, premium brand domain name that is perfect for creating monetizable content around hosting, servers, emails, or information around types of databases, such as MySQL.

With all of the backlinks going to either the /home.html URL or the index of the domain itself, you can easily leverage the existing links, which even include the likes of Wikipedia.

The more obvious monetization routes, like hosting affiliate are very competitive, but running display ads in this niche will have high RPMs in majority tier 1 countries and have a lot of easy keywords to pick up where user-generated content sites like StackOverflow, GitHub and Reddit are ranking already.

And with a name like “Database Nation”, you could even expand the site to have its own UGC areas that allow for future growth without your own input.

There are multiple monetization angles and opportunities with this domain. Still, I’d focus on getting the site to go “authority mode” in the DSLR camera space, a niche where customers can easily spend 4 or even 5 figures on a single order.

You also have a variety of add-ons, bags, accessories, and software for the cameras that offer even more topics to attract additional traffic and conversions that have even lower competition.

Whilst the domain does have some international links (German, French, Japanese, and Chinese) almost all of them are pointing at the homepage and use branded anchor texts, so you shouldn’t need to do any link cleanup or additional link-building campaigns around the domain’s entity.

The previous links should also help the domain rank internationally, so it won’t get stuck inside one of the Google TLDs, and you’ll be able to attract much broader ranges of traffic.

Almost all of the domain’s quality referring domains are pointed at the homepage, so it will be much easier to start the fresh site utilizing the previous authority than to recreate content or repurpose URLs. This should lead to the site ranking much faster based on the respectable levels of authority the domain already has.

I’d repurpose the original idea of the brand, utilizing a paid-for watermarked seal that you can sell to various travel and tourism organizations looking to get additional safety validation.

Likewise, healthy and safety training courses are a massive niche in the travel industry, so if you have the capabilities, you could look at offering your own or creating pages for various other affiliate offers in the space.

The domain was previously used as a score tracker for all of the games from a football team in Peterborough, UK, and has a phenomenal amount of Wikipedia and top-tier sports links.

I’d like to convert the site into a mixture of both sports and high-end fashion, with there being ample amounts of products.

Designer fashion and trends have all been growing massively over the past few decades, it’s no surprise then that the #1 richest man in the world is the head of the family behind Louis Vuitton. With many of these high-end fashion houses making their way into sport in recent years, you will have likely seen the Balmain or BAPE logos on jerseys near you.

Whilst it’s quite difficult to get decent commission rates, there is a huge amount of search volume and very high RPMs for this niche, so I would prefer to focus on display ads whilst utilizing news, guides, and customization keywords to potentially generate millions of visitors per month.

The sky’s the limit…

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