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When it comes to niche sites, one of the first things that comes to mind is Niche Site Project by Doug Cunnington. And no wonder – Doug’s been building them for a long time and quite successfully, so he always has some great stuff up his sleeve.

This time he came up with a selection of 4 Odys domains in the Tech, Parenting, Instruments, and Fashion niches, providing actionable advice for their prospective growth. It’s all right here below, so take your time to read the piece.

Even though this site was focused on stickers for MacBooks, there it has so much more potential, especially as the brand name is so broad. 

If you were the new owner of the site you could expand this in so many different directions, such as stickers designed to interact with other brands of laptops, lunch box stickers for kids, motivational sayings to give to friends and colleagues for different occasions, the list is endless. 

Just search, “stickers for” and let Google autocomplete tell you what people want to see. If you’re a designer yourself, great, if not, you can soon hire a designer through Fiverr, Upwork, or similar sites. You could also offer a, ‘designed for you’ service, for commissioned projects for organizations, events, and teams.

If you ever thought about creating a parenting blog or anything related to raising children, this domain is one to look ot. With this domain name, it lends itself to offering advice and guidance to parents. 

Finding a unique position in the parenting niche can be difficult. Kids’ meal planning, homeschooling, and generally raising children, etc have been done ad nauseum. To make this site work, you can come at it from a new angle: Danger! 

Well, maybe not specifically danger, but from a click bait and new coverage perspective, you could really capitalize on the dangers facing children and parenting.

You could look at topical information, which hasn’t already been covered in depth. Examples of this would be current online platforms and social media that kids are using, offering reviews, and advice on how to keep children safe on these platforms. 

This could take a darker turn as well — One of the most popular genres is true crime. You could cover stories related to true crimes. I’ll leave it at that, but if you look at podcasts, YouTube, and major Netflix documentaries, you’ll see a huge, huge market related to true crime.

Generally, you could monetize with display ads for all the informational based topics.

Once established, you could venture into the more ‘mainstream’ parenting topics. And you could branch out to product reviews, related to keep children safe. It could range from car seats to baby gates to online security apps.

You could reinvigorate this site for piano enthusiasts at different stages in their journey. There is no end of affiliate programs for people wanting to learn the piano, some are one-off payments, and others offer monthly subscriptions which lead to recurring affiliate income. 

You could even promote more general instruction like Masterclass. They have piano masters there, plus all the other classes as well.

With this domain, you could recommend equipment such as keyboards through to grand pianos, and associated accessories such as music and metronomes. 

You could also create guides for famous and up and coming pianists. You could have interviews with the up and coming performers, many of which have big social media followings on TikTok and Instagram. So they can share your post and interview on their platform and they’re happy to do it since they aren’t direct competitors or anything like that.

You could maintain a calendar of up and coming performances, potentially acting as an affiliate for these.

You could start off by rebuilding the pages that are home to some of the amazing backlinks that this site has, you don’t want to lose any of that link juice!

From here, you could pick one of the many topics that were previously covered by this site, whether it’s upcycling thrift store finds, couture advice for the fashion-challenged, mom life, or blogging life, stick to what you know.

Build out gradually in silos and ensure you exhaust every semantically relevant keyword before moving on to ensure you’re building topical relevancy. 

The niche is filled with informational topics that you can monetize with display ads. They can drive a lot of traffic but wouldn’t necessarily be a big money maker per visitor. But one area that would be huge is blogging and business advice. You would earn a lot more with those topics, even with display ads.

Plus, you could target products and services with affiliate commissions, such as:

  • Web Hosting,
  • Podcast Hosting,
  • Email Marketing Tools,
  • Online Course Platforms,
  • Courses for blogging, marketing, copywriting, video production, YouTube, freelancing, and anything that’s related to online business.

The nature of this site lends itself to be supported by video content, which Google favors at the moment. And Google wants first-hand content, whether it’s video, images, or the written word — Google wants real accounts by real people in any format.

Niche Site = Business

No matter how big or small your next aged domain-based site is going to be, the best way to pave the way for its success is treating it like a business. Side hustles are cute, no question about it, but they don’t last for long and drift away as soon as you make a quick buck. Treat your website like a business, take advantage of the Odys domain’s benefits, and solidify your revenue (and maybe even legacy).

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