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Niche site guru is back in town with his selection of 4 Odys domains in Tech, Kitchen, Photography, and Gaming. One of the best things about building niche sites is that the community tends to be super helpful, but we, at Odys, decided to get some of the best in the game to handpick four domains each month and provide their growth blueprints for each of them, so you don’t have to search around the web for relevant recommendations, but instead have them all in one place.

Jamie I.F. from Increasing.com joined the Experts Picks initiative last month and is gladly sharing his advice. Considering his 7-figure portfolio of niche sites, he has quite a few words to say. Check it all out below.


The VPN niche is possibly the most lucrative in the world – most will have seen the eye-watering $150M acquisition of VPNMentor recently.

Not only does this excellent DR27 aged domain offer a fast-track route to the VPN niche, but existing sites like security.org have also created 8-figure empires covering digital security as well as home security and smart home automations, which securityfuse could also cover.

VPN affiliate programs are typically 30-70%, and I would fully focus on hitting long-tail VPN keywords, as well as creating social content about data security, online privacy and home security across less competitive platforms like YouTube and TikTok – and using these platforms to build a brand and funnel people back to your site and email list.

You’ve probably missed the boat to rank for “best VPN” – at least for the next couple years – but digital security in general is still a goldmine.


If you’re a photography hobbyist and have experience with a camera, I recommend this for a great brand site. I don’t think this one is suited to a beginner looking to outsource non-expert content as photography is a technical hobby, but for knowledgeable fans, this is a fantastic DR18 domain with links from authoritative seed sites like instructables.com to grow a passive income faster than ever.

You have standard options for creating informational content:

  • How to fix X troubleshooting problem
  • Why is X happening / not working

And for commercial content you can easily create content comparing popular DSLRs for lower-competition VS content, as well as alternatives content for popular models. There are a number of affiliate programs, including GoPro, Canon, Focus Camera, B&H, and more. 

A site like this could even expand into shoulder niches including drone photography (with affiliate programs for DJI), and photography editing (with recurring software affiliate programs, such as for Adobe or Capture One).


This is the perfect brand name and industry to build an e-commerce brand launched on the back of a successful content play.

For any coffee enthusiast, writing detailed and informative content on coffee (topics like locations, as well as different accessories like grinders, machines, etc) has serious traffic earning potential from display ads, and affiliate earning potential via coffee machines and accessories.

From here, I would be looking to launch an e-store, ideally with my own products, but you could also have an impact reselling existing brands. I would opt for a premium brand with high prices and accept lower sales for higher margins.

If you’re comfortable on camera, there is huge potential via video to build a brand to move from level 1 with content, to level 2 with a profitable email funnel system and e-commerce store.


It’s a great and evocative name – we’ve all googled the infinite ammo cheat on games growing up. 

Display ad traffic in gaming is comparatively easy to come by compared with some niches, but it’s less evergreen as new games release every week. So, a strategy focused on breaking news, popular game character tier lists, reports of glitches/issues, game reviews, and new game announcements would work well if complemented by a strong Google News push and social (ideally YouTube) focus.

You can also review gaming equipment to diversify income streams with affiliate income, and with access to one of the world’s largest hobby communities (literally everyone loves video games), if you’re a passionate nerd looking to game and write full-time, this could be an ideal aged domain for you.

Diversify and Be Creative, but Maintain the Focus

As always, it’s imperative to keep your head above water to see what you’re getting yourself into when starting to build a niche site. Odys domains are, obviously, a huge advantage with their history, SEO value, and backlink profile, but it’s just the beginning of your story. Heed Jamie’s advice to create valuable and relevant sites that would ultimately bring you profit. 

Meanwhile, if none of the domains mentioned above meet your needs, you should look through our full inventory of over 900 domains: Odys Marketplace.

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