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Carl's Choice

So, you’re looking for an aged domain that would provide you with a solid set of high-authority backlinks, great SEO stats, and clean history? Okay, we’ve got plenty of those – actually, the Odys Marketplace only contains the top-notch aftermarket domains. But! How do you build out on them and then grow your sites, so they actually bring you revenue?

Carl Broadbent is here to answer at least some of your questions with his Expert Picks blueprints. He blasted 2023 off with a selection of 4 Odys domains in the Tech, Entertainment, Dating, and Business niches. Make sure to run through Carl’s recommendations below.

This 12-year-old domain with over 74+ unique referring domains is primed to get you off to a good start with your new website. Previously, it’s been used to sell and promote a browser-blocking software tool/App.

I would pivot the domain to provide helpful content for all types of browsers and search questions. You could also include information about Apps, new software, and product-related questions and searches. Tech and product-related search terms often have a large search volume and I know from previously working on a friend’s site how much traffic one good tech search query can receive.

There are also lots of potential to promote high-paying affiliate products and many have recurring commissions which is the holy grail.

What I would do:

  • Ensure the 3 highest links are pointed at active pages.
  • Start to build out a blog around related search and browser queries.
  • Look to build affiliate programs around industry products that people need to start their first online business.
  • Create content that offers advice in this field and has medium to high search volumes. Often these are competitive. But with this aged domain, I would want to test the strength and authority straight out of the box.
  • Start offering advice in forums and socials around related topics.

The amount of high authority links you’ll get with this domain is very impressive and would cost a small fortune to acquire yourself. I picked this niche as I love its broadness of it and yet it’s still narrow enough to stand out.

The topics don’t have to be as controversial as the former site may give the impression and there are trending topics that you could cover. Black history month is one topic you could cover and is trending up each year. There are so many things you could cover from open mic night to education, housing, and much more.

I see this as a helpful but also educational platform for someone with a passion to share their own story and help others.

What I would do:

  • Start to rebuild the brand and cover trending topics.
  • Update old pages and ensure links are active.
  • Start building a following on social media and leverage newer platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Maybe start a podcast and interview people for the AverageBro show? It’s a great way to create more backlinks.
  • I would also try to specialise a little in one area. It could be affordable housing or education. Both can be very lucrative for affiliates and advertising.
  • Create an active forum and get others to share the site and create a buzz.

First of all look at the high authority links in this domain. They are very impressive including Cosmopolitan, Huffingtonpost, and These three alone will give you the edge over many competitors.

Many will question that the dating or life advice niche is over-saturated, but I think it’s still huge room for a specialist dating site that shows all the pitfalls. Many will share and talk about the benefits, but I would flip that idea and go after information searches that most sites that are trying to sell you a membership don’t talk about. This niche can also be built and content is written by most people who have life advice to offer.

My target would be to create a dating website myself that is a membership-based or point them to the best dating site that has a high affiliate commission base (Ideally recurring).

What I would do:

  • Create a new blog section and launch with plenty of new content offering specific advice on dating and the pitfalls of doing so online.
  • Rebuild the theme and layout to suit a blog-style website and create a membership section.
  • Look at the backlinking profile and start an outreach campaign to increase the referring domains once there’s plenty of ranking content on the website.
  • Create new socials and jump on existing platforms and be proactive with helpful advice. Platforms like Twitter are perfect.
  • Think about a service you could provide or a digital product to sell. If you don’t want to go down that route look for the best and highest-rated dating app or service that has an affiliate program.
  • Try to make videos if possible and even a lifestyle vlog would be amazing.
  • There’s even the possibility of creating an app that rates dating services. Or provides information on live events like Speed dating nights and meetings.

This is an aged domain with over 130+ referring links pointing to it, stood out straight away as it’s a niche I was looking at doing myself last year.

The previous owners look like they had a few targeted topics that they covered, and I feel they are still relevant today. I personally know the owner of a similar site and after 11 years they are now making over $3000+ per day after speaking to them they told me they never run out of keywords and actually find more than they could ever write about. She also talked about the crazy RPMs in this niche which blew my mind. The return on some of the written content investment thanks to the high RPM is attractive.

There are endless possibilities with this one. Income would come from multiple sources from Ads, affiliate products, private sponsorship deals, digital assets to help new business owners, and even paid membership Groups.

What I would do:

  • Start off with all the usual technical stuff like holding onto the aged backlinks and redirecting any pages or recreating and updating them.
  • See which pages you would keep and start to produce digital assets and find new programs to promote.
  • Write as many helpful blog posts as possible and even consider targeting Google News and Discovery. Make sure you have all the technical processes in place first to rank on these platforms.
  • Look for collaborations in the business space and see if you can find contributors to the site to gain trust and E.A.T.
  • Rebuild the look and feel of the website so that it’s not as pushy on the sales to start with. Then after the traffic from organic and the possibly paid search comes in target sales more and more.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

You can’t run a business in isolation. That’s as clear as day. And the best strategy for building sites on Odys domains is to treat each one of them like a business. Brandable names, a bunch of great backlinks, clear history – all of these things are crucial. Still, if you don’t build healthy relationships with your audience, your potential customers, and your buyers, then they won’t do much good to your business. Focus on building, evolving, and reaching out to those looking for the services or products you intend to sell via your website. And if you decide to use one of the domains suggested above by Carl, make certain to look into his advice.
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