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You know what they say – lead by example and others will follow. That’s what we’re aiming for by doing the best we can, whether by providing our members with top-level aged domains or granting quick and high-quality assistance, as well as everything in between. And now, we’ve been joined by two new experts!

One of them is Carl Broadbent – a blogger, YouTuber, affiliate marketer, and Affiliate Gathering event host. Many beginners, who are just starting out on their site-building journey are inspired by his monthly income reports, detailed insights, and case studies. From now on, Carl will be one of the experts sharing their insights on and growth strategies for four selected Odys domains. Take a look at them below.

With the rise of platforms like TikTok and YouTube in recent years, video editing has now become extremely popular with not only young budding filmmakers but creators of all ages like myself.

I have had to learn the skills needed to produce video content which I have learned from blogs, courses, and YouTube.

Even social media platforms like Facebook are now monetizing video format and encouraging people who have built large Facebook pages to turn to video content and learn how to produce great video content.

Zoomtilt would give you that head start and help you rank content quicker which in return would give you some instant feedback on what’s working and what’s not.

With over 10 years of domain relevancy in this niche you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

What I would do:

  • Target people who are looking to monetize their Facebook pages and other social media platforms.
  • Look at previous pages published and replicate them with up-to-date content to ensure the authority links that come with this domain are not lost.
  • Look to produce digital content that can be purchased e.g. ‘How to monetizeFacebook pages course’, as well as complete equipment guides for beginner content creators.
  • Look to build affiliate programs around industry products like Tube Buddy, Canva and editing software.
  • Create a silo of topics to build upon and narrow down in the beginning to one or two topics in the video creation niche.
  • Offer free content to download and start to build an email list. A strong landing page with a good offer will create an income stream for years to come.

We have seen a constant rise in interest in niches like Couponing, Upcycling and other money saving topics and I can only see this gaining even more traction over the next few years.

It’s said that over 80% of homes in the USA have used coupons on a regular basis. Money saving websites and YouTube channels have seen an unprecedented increase in popularity which still continues today.

Swapping and recycling is a huge market now and this domain will give anyone wanting to capitalize on the increasing popularity can get a head start on the competition.

What I would do:

  • Recreate the most popular pages with backlinks, with fresh and new ideas.
  • Build a blog section and start to offer advice and money saving tips.
  • Test what’s still working and ranking by publishing 10-15 articles across different topics. After a few months look at the data and then target the Keywords/Topics that shows the best potential.
  • Monetization could come from digital products like: Meal planners, Printable To do lists and Children’s school projects, Directory or Marketplace for people to buy and swap items.
  • Create interest with Facebook and other social media platforms.

With the looming prospect that we could be heading into uncertain financial times and even a full-blown recession, many companies will do exactly what we saw in the pandemic: They will turn to online, digital business opportunities.

Shops and stores that will no longer be able to afford rising rents and overheads will look for cheaper solutions.

Desk and office sharing is something I have looked into and found it incredibly hard to find all the spaces in one place and listed in an easy to find format. for me would be an ideal lead generation website with affiliate programs for larger office rental companies.

It could be similar to a directory of desk spaces to rent. Think of TripAdvisor for desk/office space.

With helpful blog content and paid ads driving traffic to the website it could be a quicker process to build than many other websites.

In 2007 office sharing was unheard of, but today according to Forbes, 3.8 million people rent a desk or share an office hub space, and this is growing year on year by 4.5-6%.

What I would do:

  • Focus on lead generation and listings.
  • Create a paid membership program where people get emailed daily office spaces that become available.
  • Written guide on costs, processes, and legal standpoints.
  • Target new start-ups and contact local authorities and let them know about your service.
  • Build and monetize social media platforms like Facebook. It would be super quick with a small marketing budget on Facebook to target the right people.
  • Outreach for awareness and backlinks will be critical and should be easy to do if you offer FREE advertising of desk spaces to start with. In the future this could be your strongest revenue stream. Charging for listings.

Recent surveys say that 70% of all people questioned are more aware and concerned with Eco issues after the pandemic.

It’s safe to say that environmental issues are not going away, and people are searching more and more for information and ways to help stop the global impact that they make.

Rising tides and polar ice caps being one of the most searched topics.

There’s an increase in people seeking out information and guidance on all manner of environmental issues which a website like Bloom Centre could cover.

The words ‘Climate Change’ alone is searched over 2 million times a month.

With this domain you have a chance to cover many keywords that cover a wide topic within this niche giving you room to pivot towards profitable keywords and topics many people are not covering.

What I would do:

  • Rebrand and pivot the domain towards local eco issues and issues people at home can be a part of. Things they can do to help and play a part in improving the ecosystem.
  • Recreate or 301 redirect any URLs with high authority inbound links to a relevant page.
  • Monetize this site with display ads via Ezoic, Mediavine, or AdThrive. You might consider Amazon Associates affiliate programs alongside other third-party affiliate Programs for Green/Eco products. Ranging from High Ticket items like solar panels to eco-friendly dog poo bags.

Paying Attention to Detail and Devising an Effective Strategy

One thing to understand before building a website on an aged domain is that you should treat it like a business, rather than a side hustle. Because it won’t last. Every bit of information that comes with an aged domain matters and, if treated correctly, will lead to the results you want and hope for, and beyond.
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