Chris’ March Choice – Sports Apparel, Wedding, Music, and Gardening Niches

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So, this month we’re introducing a new expert, Chris Myles – blogger, internet marketing expert specializing in SEO, and host of the Blogger Evolution Podcast. He teaches beginners and experienced bloggers how to make money online through blogging, affiliate marketing, and other methods. Chris is an experienced niche site builder with a specific goal of generating passive income so that he can spend more time with his family. 

Discover his first selection of domains from Sports Apparel, Wedding, Music, and Gardening niches. Check the blueprints and choose wisely. is a brandable 2-word domain that is begging to come back to life. My wife has a business in the fashion niche, and thanks to her, I am more aware of the potential of the women’s activewear industry. In particular, the high traffic potential for display ads monetization and amazing affiliate opportunities. 

A colleague of mine in this exact space was getting, on average, $30 RPMs in 2022 on informational content, with some months as high as $37. Competitors like,, and are getting over 200,000 visits per month.

What I would do:

  • About 70% of the backlinks you would want to keep have branded anchors, meaning you would not have to spend a month re-creating content to preserve link authority. 
  • Since  formally was a woman’s activewear line, going after “best leggings for ice skaters” or “best leggings for hiking,” etc… will yield quick affiliate returns. 
  • Partnering with brands like Amazon, Fabletics, REI, and Lululemon will convert well. 

Also, partnering with digital yoga programs similar to YogaBurn has the potential to pay upwards of 30% per sale. As the site grows, you can branch out and cover women’s fashion more as a whole.

I sometimes moonlight as a DJ, and with the majority of the pandemic being in the rearview mirror, people are getting back to normal, and one thing that is bustling right now are weddings. 

Which is what caught my eye about A former wedding photography/videography company. Nearly every one of their amazing backlinks has a wedding-related term in the domain’s name and gets traffic which is great for a potential owner. 

Informational and instructional content about the wedding day would be the main play here which allows for display ads with decent RPMs as people looking for information in this space are spending money on wedding stuff. 

I would start off with a topic cluster going after wedding photography-related questions and make a play to capture email addresses for referrals to local brands like photography, DJ, catering, and venues. It would take a little negotiating with the local brands, but it would be worth it. is a really old domain going all the way back to the .com bubble in the late-90s. But all of that time has aged to perfection. has a lot of authority in the synthesizer space, and according to GoogleTrends, that is a totally evergreen niche. I wouldn’t expect a ton of traffic in this space; however, with a one-word branded domain, you should be able to expand to other musical tools and maybe even instruments. 

For monetization, be aware that synthesizers can get really expensive (I saw some as high as $6,000), which can seem like a good thing… but we want price points where people will make faster buying decisions to assure you get attribution in the affiliate’s cookie-window. 

I would focus on the moderately priced synthesizers (less than $500) and use affiliates like Amazon, Sweetwater, and GuitarCenter. I would not completely ignore higher-priced synthesizers, but understand the conversions would likely not be as consistent as more mid-ticket items in the sub-$500 range.

The worst thing about heleniums is that they are known as “sneezeweeds.” But the best part about is that Amazon pays 8% in Home and Garden. Amazon get’s a lot of hate for paying astronomically low commissions but not in this instance. 

Gardening is definitely a seasonal niche, but well-established and properly monetized gardening sites sell really easily and quickly, making a potential flip of the brand more appealing.  

What I would do:

  • After re-establishing select webpages based on incoming authoritative links, I would immediately go after the indoor gardening space. 
  • Build silo’s going after informational keywords, starting with individual flower species and soils to capture topical authority. 
  • The informational content will attract gardening enthusiasts, which opens the possibility for gardening-based subscription boxes using exit intent pop-ups, which can lead to recurring revenue. 

Gardening is a hungry market for people who love spending money on their hobby. After establishing consistent sales with an affiliate, contact the affiliate managers of those brands to negotiate higher or recurring commissions. 

Aged domains value will only increase over time

Building a business on a new domain or an aged one is an endless debate. However, it is well known that the real value of aged domains is shown in the indexing results. Tones of juicy backlinks, powerful SEO, brandable names and the history of the domain, are all important factors. At first glance, it may seem to cost more upfront, yet it generates faster results. Chris tested growing websites on several domains, and the results have already blossomed.

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