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At Odys, we bring you domains with in-built SEO value, so you can develop full-fledged businesses based on them. But! We also give you all the tools to do it. Such as the Expert Picks initiative.

Shawna Newman of Skipblast has yet again picked four Odys domains in the Gaming, Art, Tech, and Food niches and provided her exclusive growth strategies for each of them. Why not earn money and do something fun at the same time, right? Give Shawna’s picks a read below.

While it’s not the right niche for everyone, sites focused on survival topics like shooting tend to do well as evergreen sites. The audience is very passionate about the topic and they spend a lot of money on gear, which is why I like the niche.

This domain has a relevant history with a focus on a shooting lounge. Sure, it was technically a virtual shooting lounge and restaurant, but I think there is still enough topical relevance here to build out a strong site in the survival niche covering things like tactical gear, shooting gear and tips, etc.

In my experience, this audience does not suffer from ad blindness- in fact, they seem to love to click ads. So, make sure that display ads are part of your monetization plan. For commercial content, you’ve got the usual suspect of Amazon affiliate links, but there are also a lot of smaller programs that convert decently in this niche.

Info products also do well with this audience. Once you see which content starts to resonate with your audience, sit down and come up with some info products that you can sell directly to them on your site.

This niche is also good for private labeling relevant products, if you want to add-on an ecommerce aspect to the site. And if you’re in it for the long haul, then you could build a private membership community for this audience.

Hobby topics always make great niches for sites because the audience likes to spend money all year long. While the broader crafting niche in general is always a good option, this domain lets you establish a strong foothold in the knitting niche. And it’s got some really great links (The Guardian, Fast Company) that you don’t normally find pointing at sites in the knitting corner of the web.

With a site in this niche, the best initial monetization angles are affiliate and display ads. And you can make really good money in the knitting niche with just those two methods. However, to really level up the site’s revenue, you need info products like ebooks, courses, paid workshops, etc.

The key for success in this niche is being able to ‘walk the walk, and talk the talk.’ This means if you’re not a knitter, then you need to hire subject matter experts to create your knitting content. Tutorials do really well in this niche for audience building, and are a natural way to funnel your audience to all those info products you’ll be creating.

This audience also hangs out a lot on Facebook, so I’d also create a free Facebook group to go with your site so that you can continue to funnel people to the site and sell them those info products. TikTok is another great way to grow a site in this niche.

If you’re interested in entering a more competitive niche that has really high returns, then I think this is probably the best domain for that on the ODYS marketplace right now. The history of this domain is in cloud computing and it has some insane links from places like Amazon, Capterra, Pearson, and O’Reilly. 

For this site, I recommend creating content on all things “cloud” and any relevant shoulder niches. This is everything from cloud hosting to cloud storage to software that is on the cloud. Building large topic clusters is the way to go here so that you can reach the target audience at all stages of the funnel.

In terms of monetization, I’d focus on high paying affiliate offers that have recurring revenue like hosting affiliate programs, VPN affiliate offers, and other relevant software products. A good secondary revenue stream could be display ads, but I think I would turn those off on the pages with the best converting offers cause what you really want from this site are those monthly recurring affiliate payments.

Depending on the type of content you create and how deep into this niche you want to be, there is always the possibility of creating info products (like courses) to sell to this audience. Though, honestly, I think those affiliate programs are going to be the real money makers for you.

I really like the food and recipes niche because it has such a low barrier to entry for an evergreen niche. We all eat and presumably most of us use recipes from time to time, which makes this an easy site to start on your own.

The history of this domain is for a bakery and it has some really strong links from places like the New York Times and Eater. And I think the domain name lends to creating a strong brand focused on all things baked/bakery. But don’t just stop at bread! 

I recommend creating content on all types of bakery items like pastries, danishes, cookies, and yes, bread. In addition to recipes, you can fill out the site with tons of relevant informational content.

While you’ll be able to earn some affiliate money from a site like this recommending things such as specific bakeware, I think display ads will be the primary initial revenue source.  And then every 30 to 50 recipes that you publish, you should package that up into a cookbook that you can sell via Amazon in both ebook and paperback to really boost your revenue. In my experience, the paperback recipe books sell like crazy around the holidays.

This is another niche where I recommend creating a Facebook group to go with the site so that you can easily funnel your audience to your site, and hopefully to those info products.

Build Passionately, but Don’t Lose Focus

There are so many means of making your business soar online beyond the conventional tools of boosting its search engine rankings (which is still important, though). Heed Shawna’s advice and, even if you don’t see any of the abovementioned domains fitting your particular cause, take the key ideas and apply them to any of your projects.

And, yeah, we’ve got over 900 domains in the Odys Marketplace. They’re spread across more than 50 industries, so there’s definitely something for you. Go on and check Odys Marketplace.

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