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Sites built on aged domains definitely have an upper hand in terms of SEO value and search engine indexing, ensuring a quicker rise to fine search engine positions. Nevertheless, building a site, whether on a new or aftermarket domain always entails quite some work and understanding of things that should and shouldn’t be done.

Carl Broadbent, the founder of The Affiliate Gathering, selected 4 Odys domains that he believes have serious potential in establishing a viable business. They come from the Politics, Parenting, Home, and Beauty niches. Make sure to give it a read as Mr. Broadbent is a dab hand at creating profitable sites.

With world issues and politics, the way it is right now there has never been a better time to have you say.

After recently speaking to someone in this niche, I know how passionate people are about world politics and issues that can affect their lives.

News feeds and short content related to current affairs are one of Google’s favorite sources of traffic right now.

I recently witnessed a short 500 word news post by a very small website go viral and earn more than $12,000 from one article.

What I would do:

  • Target people on forums and social media and encourage them to have their say in the comments and even contribute with content.
  • Look at previous pages published and replicate them with up-to-date relevant information.
  • Create a forum within the website and allow free speech on all political topics. Easy to moderate now with plugins.
  • Create lots of small 300-500 word posts reacting to recent news.
  • You’ll need to be fast out of the blocks with these smaller types of news content but it’s very rewarding if you can make it work.
  • Possibly look at a membership model for the forum.

“I can honestly say… Mum blogs are still a great source of information for parents and readers. I know just from asking my wife who follows 3-4 mum blogs and reads everything they put out.

The key with this type of blog is to come across as naturally as possible. You can be a mum or dad. That’s not the issue.

Being relatable and honest with your information will build a brand and a strong following.

This domain will give you the head start you need in this competitive but highly rewarding Niche.

The information you provide can be financially rewarding but also life changing for some people which are worth the time and effort on their own.

This age domain covers a wide range of topic as well giving you the scope to test multiple keywords.

What I would do:

  • Ensure the top backlinks which this aged domain has plenty are still active and live.
  • Set up an announcement page and introduce yourself as the new owner.
  • Start building an email list from day one.
  • Online digital products could be a great way to monetize alongside ads. Printable products would be my first choice.
  • Build and monetize social media platforms like Facebook. It would be super quick with a small marketing budget on Facebook to target the right people.
  • Outreach for awareness and backlinks will be critical and should be easy to do as there are many parental blogs out there looking for good content.

I love the old content on this aged domain and I would personally start by seeing which articles I could resurrect and bring back to life.

The topics are endless for this domain as they have covered art, color, photography and working from home.

With over 480+ Unique RD’s this domain offers great value just from a backlink perspective alone.

You could use this domain and bring it back to life or redirect all these lovely strong links to your current domain in a similar niche.

Affiliate opportunities for this domain are great. Everything from hosting, Photography equipment, art supplies. It’s endless.

What I would do:

  • Recreate the most popular pages with backlinks with fresh and new ideas.
  • Build a blog section and start to offer advice on one particular topic which is a stand out from analytics.
  • Create clusters of content of 30-50 articles around the best performing keywords/topics.
  • Consider videos to gain traffic and monetization. Art and hobby videos do really well and are easy to create.
  • Start an outreach campaign as soon as the domain is live again. A good way to show Google you’re back in business.
  • Social media would be easy to build if you can create content for specific topics.
  • Try to find writers from hobby blogs or social media that can add some authority and credibility to the content and website.

Okay, so this is my wildcard of the expert picks.

This domain and niche could be classed as YMYL. However, I know the commissions for dental care are huge and with the current trend on topics like Teeth Whitening (See google trends). I know there’s huge money to be made in this niche.

The good thing is that you don’t need a lot of traffic to make money in certain YMYL niches.

5000+ pageviews per month of highly targeted traffic could result in hundreds of sales and with some commissions $300+ per referral or sale that’s good money.

Will authority be an issue? It could be if you were trying to be the top source online for dental care.

However, a few low competition keywords could bring in enough traffic to start earning high-ticket commissions.

Plus the domain name is pretty cool!

What I would do:

  • Find high ticket affiliate commission programs within the dental care sector.
  • Start to create blog posts targeting those items and local / small searches for particular products.
  • Build a strong relationship with affiliate companies that will allow you to use their media/images and data to create some helpful content.
  • Ensure the current backlinks attached to this domain are still active and providing authority.
  • Create a blog section and maybe re-establish the ecom store which was once prevalent on this domain with newer dental care products.

Quality Over Quantity

Having the potential such as one of the Odys domains at hand gives you an advantage over competitors if you follow one single condition: you understand the niche and develop your site according to the domain’s affiliation with it. Thus, take notice of the things mentioned by Carl and apply them thoughtfully to any of your current or future projects.

And, by the way, make sure to check out the full domain inventory: Odys Marketplace.

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