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In order to make your site into a full-fledged business, it’s imperative that you understand all the whys and whens of the asset you have at hand. Expert Picks are what you need to make the most out of any aged domain endeavor.

Mushfiq Sarker of The Website Flip strikes again with his surgically accurate growth blueprints for 4 Odys domains he personally selected. Make no mistake, this is the person that runs a website flipping business, so every word he drops counts. Check his advice below.

This site can be relaunched as a product review site for baby products. With many high authority links that are relevant to baby products, the link profile is highly relevant to the baby niche.

I would focus on creating buying guides for many different baby products, especially niche products with lower competition (e.g., “best baby monitors for twins”). A similar site on AdThrive site with under 100 pages reviewing baby gear receives nearly 30k monthly traffic according to AHREFs.

I would also add informational content about frequently asked baby questions with low competition. Millions of new parents each year are asking a ton of questions on Google related to babies.

Here’s what I would do:

  • Recreate the home page with links to the same category pages that were featured on the original homepage.
  • Publish buying guides on the original product category page URLs (e.g.,
  • Publish original content on a similar topic for any URLs with high authority links (or 301 redirect the URLs to a relevant page).
  • Publish buying guides on niche baby products based on keyword research.
  • Identify keyword opportunities for baby informational content with good search volume but low competition (e.g., “when do babies grow eyebrows” has a KD 0 and volume of 150).

Monetization would focus on Amazon affiliate links for baby products that have a commission rate of 3%. Display ads would be a good supplement to increase the revenue per visitor.

Eventually, you could reach out to baby brands that sell on Amazon to negotiate an additional commission for Amazon sales.

This site could be relaunched to be an informational site to answer frequently asked questions about voting, specifically for young people or new voters.

The domain name also provides a good opportunity to target keywords related to the age of 18. Some examples of age-specific keywords include “gifts for 18-year-olds”, “best [product keyword] for 18-year-olds”, “things you can do at 18”.

There are a lot of topics and questions around things that become legal or available when people turn 18 and are generally considered an adult. These topics include applying for credit cards, renting an apartment, getting married, joining the military, etc.

Here’s what I would do:

  • Relaunch the homepage to cover information about voting for 18-year-olds as well as topics related to 18 year-olds.
  • Publish informational articles answering questions about registering to vote for young people.
  • Publish informational articles about low competition keywords related to 18 year-olds.
  • Publish buying guides for gifts or products for 18 year-olds.

Monetization could be a combination of display ads on informational content and Amazon affiliate ads for commercial content like gift guides and buying guides.

This domain had previously hosted the first professional open network that provided influencers with a wealth of opportunities to build their social reputation, connect directly with the brands they love, and enhance their social shopping pages through passionate storytelling. With influencer marketing’s increasing popularity and the growing demand for influencer management platforms, this domain would be a perfect place to review influencer marketing tools, such as social listening, blogger outreach, and affiliate networks.

Here is what I would do:

  • Publish informational articles answering specific questions related to influencer marketing such as “What is micro influencer marketing?”.
  • Find influencer marketing tools with affiliate programs and write reviews and comparisons.
  • Publish listicles on topics like Top 20 [keyword] Influencers on Tiktok/Instagram/YouTube.
  • Publish guides for people who are interested in becoming an influencer on how to grow their audience, get sponsors, etc.

This site can be monetized easily with display ads, but the real earning potential lies in the affiliate links included in the review articles. Some of the examples of programs paying good commissions are LeadDyno ($73.50/month), Affiliate (20% commission on a recurring basis), ClickMeter (up to $891 for a single sale!). In addition, if you have enough expertise in influencer marketing, you can create a course for micro and nano influencers seeking to scale their audiences.

Formerly, this website served as a community resource for connecting musicians, fans, and businesses supporting independent music around the world. This is a great opportunity to create an authority affiliate site for reselling tickets to concerts and events.

Here is what I would do:

  • Look for location + keyword combinations that can be duplicated across many cities or states (e.g., best concert venues in Austin).
  • Publish listicle articles about indie bands (e.g. best indie bands of the 90s ).
  • Publish listicle articles about best bands from [city.] 
  • Answer common questions about popular indie bands (how did X get their name?).
  • Find low competition questions to answer about bands and concerts (e.g., “what do singers hear in their earpiece” has a KD of 3 and a volume of 400).
  • Create informational pages about new indie bands and let them know they were featured (to build inbound links).
  • The site can be easily monetized using display ads via Ezoic as well as affiliate programs such as City Pass, Show Tickets, and Vivid Seats. A good content strategy can exponentially increase the earning potential.

Define the Goal. Approach It Steadily

It’s not only what you build on a domain, but also how you do it. Having a clear understanding of what you want to create and achieve with the outcome will help you build a plan and evolve your project accordingly. This is what Mushfiq’s blueprints are all about.

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