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On February 24, 2022, the world changed forever after President Putin launched a full-fledged attack on Ukraine. Millions of people fled the war to other countries, including the Republic of Moldova, Poland, and Romania among others. Thousands more lost their homes. Hundreds of citizens lost their lives, including children.

One thing that has become clear in the past weeks is that Ukraine stands between the aggressor and the entire Western World. The brave and selfless soldiers and citizens, who fight Putin’s unbearable appetite for power and destruction, have become globally praised heroes as they face death each day of the so-called “special military operation.”

Odys stands for peace among all nations and against any kind of aggression. We stand with the people of Ukraine and, thus, want to let them know that we support them in every way possible, both refugees and those, who still remain in the country today. We have made a list of several reliable foundations that are doing a monumental job of providing all sorts of aid to Ukrainians to survive this crisis:

  • UNICEF – works on providing families with nutritious food and clean water, supporting child health and protection;
  • Doctors without Borders – conducts multiple activities in Ukraine, works with local organizations, healthcare professionals, authorities, and volunteers in terms of accessing healthcare facilities and medications;
  • UN Refugee Agency – provides emergency help to Ukrainian families, including financial assistance and resettlement opportunities;
  • Ukrainian Red Cross – focuses on humanitarian work, including doctor training and refugee aid among other things;
  • Voices of Children – provides psychological and psychosocial support to children that were affected by war;
  • The International Medical Corps – delivers primary healthcare and mental health services in Ukraine since 2014; currently raises funds to expand these services for those, who were affected by the current events;
  • Nova Ukraine – a nonprofit organization that brings aid packages to Ukraine that include hygiene goods, baby foods, household supplies, clothes, etc.
  • Global Giving – provides food, clean water, shelter, health and psychological support, economic help, and education assistance to refugees.

Every single person can make a difference by joining in and sending their support. If you didn’t find a foundation you would like to send your support through, you may want to check the Help Ukraine Super-Site, where you can find detailed information about the ways of providing aid to Ukraine and its citizens, including social media coverage, hosting and hiring refugees, donating, and providing various humanitarian aid among other things.

We’re all in this together. We’re all citizens of one world. 

Glory to Ukraine!

Odys Global Team

Odys Global Founder and CEO

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