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Purchasing expired domains isn’t necessarily new, but it has been gaining popularity. From seeking a shortcut to SEO success to looking to diversify your investments, buying premium domains with history has become a novel way to improve traffic and get a leg up in today’s competitive online marketplace. 

Each day, we receive inquiries from people of all levels of experience on how to purchase aged domains, where to find them, and what to look for. We decided that it would be helpful to provide a brief look at answers to questions presented by those starting out. This article outlines how you can drive traffic, improve ROI, and how to domainate with an aged domain. 

The four basics to understanding aged domains 

  1. What is an aged domain?
  2. Why is an aged domain valuable?
  3. Where to purchase expired domains?
  4. Things to consider when purchasing
  5. A resource for beginners

What is an aged domain?

An aged domain is one that was, of course, previously purchased. When an owner fails to renew it, the domain becomes available for purchase. The reasons for domain expiration vary––they’ve been abandoned due to a failed business or have expired because the owner failed to update their payment method. Alternatively, many domains up for sale have been intentionally bought with the purpose of being sold for a profit. This is known as flipping. 

Just like investing in real estate, each domain has a purpose, from an online storefront to a place to exchange ideas like a blog and a space to showcase one’s work. Whatever the intention, the site, like any property, will have a history with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Backlink profiles, keywords it ranked for, and traffic all play a part in whether or not the site can be useful for you. While these vary from site to site, each of these factors makes aged domains uniquely valuable and worthy of consideration. 

Why is an aged domain valuable?

If your business or employer is considering building a new site or blog, it’s worth considering a domain from Odys because it can save time and money. 

But why spend the time searching for an aged domain that may or may not fit your niche when you can purchase a brand new domain with less hassle? After all, there are millions of domains readily available that are cheaper. While purchasing a new site provides a clean slate to build upon, growing traffic can take years to accomplish. An aged domain provides advantage because its history has the power to quickly propel you ahead of your competition. 

When you purchase an aged domain SEO factors like a robust backlink profile, relevant keywords and previous traffic, can help provide a boost to your product or service’s visibility. As SEO and affiliate marketing are competitive fields, aged domains can be the fastest route to beating the competition. The value lies in the ability to bypass the need to spend years on link building and SEO. From the cost of employees or contractors building out the site for you to the time spent on your own to ensure its success––an aged domain can create the opportunity to focus on brand building and profits rather than site-building.

By using premium aged domains powered by SEO authority and contain high-quality backlinks, you can rank higher and faster. 

Where to Purchase a Domain?

Traditionally, those looking for a domain needed to use an auction or web service that provided a list of expiring domain names for sale. Once you had found one that fit your needs it took a bit of detective work to determine whether or not it was worth the cost. Research into its history, use, and potential penalties took time to discover, while it’s cost, was driven up. Once you decided you wanted to purchase, your main option was to bid on your chosen site. This often risked either overpaying or spending hours on research only to be outbid. 

Until recently, there were few options to discover, at a glance, what the history of your site was, and time was spent wasted searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack that fit your brand or business.

Unlike traditional sites, with Odys Global, there is a comprehensive breakdown of each site’s backlinks, history, and more. With a detailed cost breakdown and keyword list, you’re sure to find the site your business or brand is looking for within a few short clicks. But what should you look for when searching? 

Things to consider when purchasing

Purchasing a pre-owned domain can dramatically change your SEO efforts. An aged domain isn’t for everyone. And, at times its past can be more damaging than it is helpful. But that’s not always the case.

Proceed with caution. Most expired domain names have had several owners so it’s important to do your research. 

Use a backlink checker to ensure the links associated are attached to reputable sites, ensure that your site hasn’t been used for spam, and check the site’s domain ranking as well as its page authority. These are key indicators of its history. Do your due diligence to determine the average traffic coming through the site. It’s important to have a roadmap to your success. If the keywords match your niche but the traffic is low, it may be worth reconsidering.

Additional Resources for Beginners

This is just the beginning of your journey but resources are readily available for those seeking more. Additionally, don’t forget to follow us for weekly tips and the latest from global entrepreneurs who are using aged domains to create their success. 

When we began, it was our goal to partner with the leaders in our field who could provide users with the expertise that so many had expressed a desire for. Charle Floate is one of those experts with whom we have been proud to learn and grow with. His goal is to help businesses. He partners with brands and investors to help them become the best they can be. 

In his Resurrection Master Class, Charles provides a detailed roadmap to your site’s success. From uncovering what domain is perfect for your business to building traffic from its domain authority, you’re sure to learn a range of skills from this course. 

“The last thing you want to do is sift through to find the perfect domain”

Charles goes over everything from the basics of domaining, to an exclusive insider walk through of the invite only Odys Platform. He provides a sneak peak into how our sites are evaluated, a breakdown of DFY sites options and content packages. 

He describes Odys as “The safest and best domain marketplace” – Charles Floate 

Later in the course, Charles does a deep dive into rebuilding pages, CMS options redirects for acquired sites and other topics like SEO tools that can save you a ton of time. 

Resurrect your success by following Charles Float in his latest endeavor to change your world. 

Odys Global Founder and CEO

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